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  1. One thing I would do is make it more relevant to the main game. I would make specific unlockables contingent to progress in the chao garden. A special prologue epilogue and ending for completionists would also be interesting. Perhaps something that gives more backstory for Sonic Adventure in detail and bridges Sonic Adventure Two and One.
  2. Only reason he ran. He knew he would not go far. He wanted to just hope to gather as much influence as possible to split the vote unless they gave in to his demands. Most of these people on that debate stage a year ago were that way, except the man himself that was ironically a Marxist. And that is 1800’s backwards economic worldview no one really believes in but freshman college students that still have a bad case of parental codependent psychology going on - government is merely a substitute dream mommy and daddy. Bloomberg could very get in a lot of trouble for this. And I highly
  3. That means it probably has some truth to it. Hollywood at that time was basically an industrial wrinkle in the still very Wild West. The younger gunsligners were not even gray yet. Hollywood was the exact opposite of its current economic poltical identity, but the nasty social aspects were already forming around its monopolistic power. It was fiercely libertarian because New York’s stolid protectionism over Edison’s patents over film cameras. American Film began there (and independent film festivals are still big there to this day), but Hollywood was the refuge camp for young people with cinem
  4. The sole goal of the federal government is to protect the people from foreign and domestic threats. Nothing more, nothing less. If funding goes to subvert that, it subverts it’s own purpose. Last DoJ we had was too busy getting innocent Mexicans killed via Fast & Furious to actually consider issues like this in Fergusson. Chicago, Detroit, and San Diego have had issues like these for years. It would be a remarkable incentive to add selectivity to federal funding. You cannot get money for X and Y, before you make positive progress in crime prevention, criminal reform, and local education. W
  5. Love to see your perspective on the three major Sonic Comics. The one from England, Archie, and IDW are radically different.
  6. It’s a deeply sad situation. I don’t want to play “I told you so” with these people. I feel immense pain for people who buy into the “progressive” worldview due to how regressive and inhuman it is. Every time I hear those airhorns and see those flashlights at 2:00 in the morning, I think of My brother Cheeze. @IronCheezehas nocturnal epilepsy, there are many people like him. @Mike Arcadewill tell you he has ASD - it’s like needles in the ear to people like him. Stuff like this can actually trigger dangerous seizures in people like Cheeze. I have had to take a druggie to court over willful hara
  7. Have you guys ever considered when people are trying to sell you snake-oil “immune boosters” like those salt lamps , that they are basically offering you an auto-immune disease? 😝
  8. Shootings soar in Portland after mayor disbands police gun unit. Gee! I wonder why? I thought people were basically good and we don’t need police, right? Geez...thought this needed to be put in strange news given how strange and bizarre these policy choices are. This almost feels like a parody. Another one lately from CNN: https://apple.news/A2fzTIjm7QgKNyi31j4eLRA Can anyone tell me how backwards this argument is...from a billionaire monopolist computer programmer known for his aggressive lobbying for corporate-socialist cronyism, who knows nothing about epidem
  9. You know the drill: What If Threads are about discovering the weird possibilities of alternating plot points. If you want to give your own full spin on an idea also look into the WWYD threads. These mainly explore stories in their context and how a single plot point changes things, Want for A Nail style. @WarTravellerand I have been discussing this one. Wanted to share: What would have happened in the Zombot arc if Shadow or Rouge successfully assassinated “Mister Tinkerer?”
  10. For those of you who watch too much Faux and Fake News in CNN. Don’t fall for the anchoring and availability bias. I disagree with the writer’s second argument. I think he’s not looking back far enough. The enlightenment was bloody and affectatious. Remember what radical atheists did to Nortre Dame ISIS style during the bloody years of the Revolution. It was radical and ironically extremely dogmatic. The Renaissance, Reformation, and Counter Reformation before this led to the “enlightenment.” Humanism started in Christendom, it was fundamentally spiritual starting with people willing to
  11. His recipe is genius. Those three stages of development blended together make a very full tasting sauce.
  12. Well. We are growing well lately with a lot more active members. I would like to keep this momentum! I would like to thank @Senior Bobbert, @KlayaThePitbull , @Sargent Beeler., @Alphamon_Ouryuken, @GBHPrime84, @SGT Rock Vox for contributing to this site. You have wonderful ideas and fun things to say. I respect you all for enjoying your work. If any of you all have other people that you would like to bring here, I would deeply appreciate it. And if you want to help improve this site to better serve you. Let us know in the brainstorm section. We appreciate your ideas and voices.
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