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  1. Unfortunately I believe KISS will be no longer touring as they had a farewell tour last year. They're alright. The live albums are better than the studio ones strangely enough. IV is the best one with the Melbourne Sympathy Orchestra
  2. Wanna know what Voldemort was supposed to look like in Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone? It's some nightmare fuel
  3. Beavis & Butt-Head are coming back to Comedy Central + Spin-Offs
  4. According to The Verge, Epic has lost 60+% of it's player base after Apple removed it from the iOS store and wants a judge to force Apple to reinstate Epic in fears of them not being able to recover from this. Well Epic, maybe, and I'm not a legal expert of anything, maybe you shouldn't have violated the TOS multiple times?
  5. In Back to the Future Part 3, Marty emerges from the bathroom after putting on his cowboy outfit saying "Clint Eastwood wouldn't wear this." Doc runs up to Marty asking "Clint who?" Marty then proceeded to tap the poster of Revenge of the Creature and responding "That's right; you haven't heard of him yet." Revenge of the Creature was Clint Eastwood's first film, although he's uncredited, and it came out in May 1955
  6. Yeah there's a few good subreddits that you could post surveys too. Give them a good reason they should be able to help you
  7. Here's a thread about little details and interesting behind the scenes stuff from films. Whether it's from an old movie or one currently in development. Here's the first one: In Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, early on the film when Peter Parker needs cash to buy a car to impress Mary-Jane he enters what essentially is a back-alley wrestling event. The main guy (Bonesaw McGraw) is beating up a local, unnamed guy. Bonesaw McGraw is played by the legendary Macho Man Randy Savage. In the scene we see him preform his legendary elbow drop from the top rope. Despite going to upstart Total Nonsto
  8. But that requires going to Hot Topic. RedBubble is usually a good one to get stuff from. Pop-Up Tee used to have a few unique ones but right now they don't have anything Sonic.
  9. Yeah but fortunately I got a place that's just as good about an hour away from me.
  10. Wow this update is... something. The darker theme is an improvement. Gah, I almost have to relearn how to do stuff on here. Not gonna lie, I actually like the smaller icon.
  11. I feel like that should stay separate as that can be used in other instances
  12. Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Reportedly, this was J. R. R. Tolkien's inspiration for the valley of Rivendell
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