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  1. I'm working on a bunch new videos. So far I have a few more Dead Rising videos out on my channel if you would like to watch them. I'm going to have three indie horror game videos out by two or three weeks.
  2. I plan to do more randomized Zelda later. I'm looking forward too Twilight Princess randomizer but its still really rough. The only one that is complete besides OOT and MM is Windwaker, and that one is my least favorite Zelda title.
  3. Dead Rising. One of my favorite titles to come out during the glory days of the Xbox 360. I remember playing this in High School and nearly tearing my hair out from how stupid the AI is in this game. Serious, its bad when the zombies seem smarter than the people. Anyway this is my first Spooky Dookie of the season, meaning my first horror game I will be playing until after Halloween. This one comes with a challange, I will be rescuing every survivor.
  4. Ink Ribbon, a well known Resident Evil Let's Player played it on his channel. I figured, why not play it myself lol. RPD simulator I stumbled on by pure accident.
  5. Leon's Grand Slam, I don't know what is with me and wanting to play games about my favorite characters in strange circumstances but I think I'm developing one with Leon themed games. I think I'll create a playlist about Leon being put in all these weird circumstances. This game is odd and not for everyone. Be careful if you decide to make a video on it, it has a lot of copyrighted material. I just put in my own copyright free music which has become a staple in my channel.
  6. This one came to a shock for me. Not because of the game but because this was the first video on my channel to blow up. I know it isn't in the same light as blowing up like Pewdiepie did or Markiplier, but to get over 130 views in less than two days when I was only averaging 10 on a lucky day....Man this was a shock that took me by surprise...Okay enough about me. This game is Delta-Gal, a indie game created in the likeness of Megaman Legends. Delta-Gal was hard to get a hang of controlling wise but after I got a handle on it its super fun to kick off of trees and run through the streets like
  7. Sonic Dreams Collection is a combination of multiple different Sonic themed video games under the guise of being Sega backed games that ended up getting the boot. Its an odd one and I don't recommend it for true Sonic fans who have a hard time seeing the IP of sonic used in a parody. I still however had fun and came to enjoy my time with my person made Sonic OC character *Sexy Outfit Julia the Immortal Princess Hedgehog*tm I see why you guys enjoy making your own characters now.
  8. I'd be lying if I said Lifeline wasn't hard to get through but I felt like the journey was worth it (even if it felt like a crawl the entire time). A little backstory about this game, it was released in 2003 for the PS2 and its newest hardware add-on the PS2 Mic.
  9. I post every Monday Wednesday and Friday. From one Zelda fan to another thank you for your support. I'll have to get your brother to help you install a Zelda randomizer, I think you'll have a lot of fun with them.
  10. I love Nightmare Before Christmas. I have so many fond memories of watching it during the holidays and singing along to the Jack's Lament and Sally's Song. My least favorite Disney movie has to The Little Mermaid. It just never really float my boat.
  11. One of my absolute favorite games to get a remake Resident Evil 3. However, does it live up to the hype? Well if you read my review on it on this site then you know already lol. Here is the link anyways.
  12. "What even is this game?" Was constantly on my mind as I played this game. Its a very interesting title but its fun none the less and its inspired by my favorite meme to come out of the 20's. Hope you all have as much fun watching it as I did. On a side note Youtube's AI that is in charge of finding copyright content has a thing out for me (Que terminator music)
  13. My very first Let's Play and also a game that saved my life. How can a video game save someones life especially one knee deep in the controversy of possibly driving a child to suicide? Well, the exact opposite ironically enough. Doki Doki Literature Club was the first game I played in 3 years. After my father past away from cancer, my mother attempted suicide 2 months after my father died and was comatose for 5 months. I was a living wreck and was going bat guano. But then this little indie game came along and allowed me to really analyze all the horrors of my reality (See what I did there?) a
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