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  1. Please pardon the double-post, but I just saw this: Gravitas Plus: United Nations: A redundant body? I agree; preferrably replaced, given it's track record of not getting the job done. It's riddiculous that China has veto power within that organization -.-
  2. That's what it looked like 😜
  3. Called it! TFI posted this today: Japan and Korea are coming together to jointly take on China
  4. Persona 6 Might Use Unreal Engine 4 & No More KH Games for Switch
  5. I agree; and a disturbing lack of accountabilty has enabled corrupt local governments And speaking of accountability... Gaetz calls for bribery probe of Mike Bloomberg It's about time! Bloomberg belongs in jail -.- top comments:
  6. *nods* Agreed. And they are enabling evil; this is what happens when you reward bad behavior instead of punish people for it >.<
  7. DOJ names New York City, Portland, Seattle 'anarchist jurisdictions' that could lose federal funding *applauds Barr*
  8. Yeah, but unfortunately it's not. I posted this video in the Unrest & Protests thread, but it fits here too: *nods* They projected around 2 million fatalities at that time if we didn't lockdown the country. Now I wonder where (and how) they got that number.
  9. That's what it sounds like to me. Yeah, I think C.C. picked up some habits from Buster; she was raised with him. One time C.C. jumped onto the counter, found where we had hidden the dog treats my Hubby was using to train Buster, and knocked the bag onto the floor. Buster must have ripped open the bag because we found them both chowing down on the treats in the middle of the kitchen floor. It's funny looking back on it, but at the time we were mad at them & gave them a scolding as we confiscated the remaining treats.
  10. Microsoft to Buy Bethesda and Parent Company ZeniMax Media
  11. I didn't see a topic for this, so... Are there any more "secrets" that he did not cover in the video?
  12. Demon's Souls Remake Breakdown | Gameplay, Release Date, Criticisms, & More... Brought to us by VaatiVidya. Looks like it will be a PS5 exclusive.
  13. If this isn't weird, I dunno what is... YouTuber records himself pooping at Nancy Pelosi’s home as a form of “peaceful protest”
  14. Please pardon the double post, but this just hit TY: Suga set to become the Japanese PM Yeah, I think the CCP is gonna hate Suga more than they ever hated Abe
  15. What Does Kim Jong-un Want? Defector explains [video] TL:DW... 1) more time to develop better nukes 2) santions lifted North Korean Defector Exposes Kim Jong Un & China [video] Gotta give Yeonmi props for speaking up about China, North Korea & Kim Jong-Un.
  16. Don Bluth Launches New Studio To Usher In ‘Renaissance Of Hand-Drawn Animation’ I don't trust Netflix to do a good job with that >.< *sets Netflix's "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power" series on fire*😝
  17. cow one? Now I'm curious... Does this have anything to do with a game called Burgerwise the Clown?
  18. Wait...u can actually use Crystal Magic Weapon on the Moonlight Greatsword?? Dark Souls II: SOTFS - Unique Weapons With Special Abilities
  19. I just saw this... {Edit: YT suspended that account; why am I not surprised?} SHE PAYED THEM TO LIE - Kayleigh McEnany Goes off on Hillary Clinton after fresh emails expose her This comment pretty much sums it all up:
  20. I may have been wrong about the books coming out before teh Archie StH series; this book seems to be based on stuff from the very early (as in pre-Penders) Archie Sonic issues. Given that the Troll books have been out of print for over 20 years, there shouldn't be any problems dumping my scans here - and if there are, we can just unattach the attachment ... Wait, does this forum even allow .ZIP files? ... I'll check after I re-size & zip the scans. TStH-FSoM.zip
  21. I'll pass on that >.< They'll deep-fry anything in Texas That's how deep-fried Twinkies became a thing {Edit: thought this was really cool; a woman who escaped from North Korea years ago shaers her 5 favorite foods.
  22. You bet your power rings I do ^.^ Hubby & I both enjoy a good issue of Zorro; the minis that American Mythology Produtions publishes have more supernatural elements than earlier runs, but are still worth reading. They also reprint the original tales through thier "Timeless Tales" series. I still have issues of Prince Valiant (reprints of the Sunday comic strips) somewhere around here.
  23. And -that- was the real problem all along >.< Agreed. In SatAM, sometimes the bad guy (Robotnik) won; that was part of the series' appeal. Back in the 90's, that was rare; the good guys always won in other shows.
  24. I quite getting/reading those comics a long time ago, so that should tell you how unimpressed I am. Well, that and no Freedom Fighters = no interest on my part 😛 True, which is a shame because I know he can do better, because he -has- done better back when he was writing fan fiction. Editorial mandate was part of the problem with his Archie Sonic work, but his writing hasn't improved at IDW - if anything, it had gotten worse.
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