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  1. https://chao-island.com/ I'm bringing this topic back! The Chao website got a new site since then and now has some awesome downloads and mods you can use, beat it to cheap out the game (because whose got the hours to raise the perfect Chao for Emblems XP), to just expanding the fun you get from the PC ports! https://chao-island.com/viewer The 3D Chao Viewer (which you can download for easy use on anything) really got me thinking about these little Chimera Creatures again, because now you can see how they change and grow depending how you raise them. Or at least get the kind of Chao you
  2. Okay look, I like burgers and all, but there ain't no way would I go to a McDonalds where "we all float". I don't need to see your bathroom, I've cleaned places far more frightening places then that! XP
  3. Blood Realm sounds like a cool metal band, this series is all another favorite and major interest of mine from Alterna next to Gods & Gears. They really don't make comic books like they used to, where you can be trippy and awesome. Or have a real grungy type of art style or theme. At least you won't see that over at Marvel or DC, can't speak for other main comic book publishers, but still.
  4. That title is relevant to Hollywood no matter what year or decade, until California becomes New Atlantis anyway. XP Don't think I've gotten to read Tinsel Town yet, but it sounds very interesting.
  5. Gods & Gears is probably my personal favorite out of all the Alterna Comics. It's got a really cool premise, and if Hammerella is anything to go by, a blossoming expanded universe. I'd recommend anyone who loved old space sci-fi fantasy and Jack Kirby comics to check them out.
  6. Rock Vox has given me some copies of Alterna comics, and it's exactly how I remember comic books used to be like. Rather than pandering to a very narrow audience that doesn't really buy comics in the first place. Indie Comics like this, Cyberfrog, Bigfoot Bill, Earthworm Jim (yes, the creator has been coming out with a few comics lately), and Alterna are the real future of comics. Who knows, maybe we'll see some of these in the small or big (digital, since the film industry is basically dead) screen in the future, you never know.
  7. I've read all of Archie Sonic years ago, and while Ian was overall one of the best and most consistent writer in the comic, that's not saying too much considering the oddities of the comic before he came along. While his Iron Dominion Arc (the one with Monkey Khan) I thought was a pretty good arc, that was one of the more divisive arcs back then. Ever since the Reboot, it's sad to say he's gone through this constant cycle where since then, his story arcs are overly too long and then end at an anti climatic break neck pace. That of course, also applies to IDW Sonic as a whole, despite it's dece
  8. @IronCheeze Dig me some Mexican food, be it Taco Bell or Legit. It depends on the day really. I do like making Tacos myself, but as you know I love having mine very spicy. I put red peppers in everything I cook...or eat, whenever I can.
  9. They're Death Battles can be quite a mixed bag, and they obviously have their bias. In the first Mario vs Sonic fight, our blue blur won, yet he lost in the rematch for rather arbitrary reasons. There are matches that I do and don't agree with, but generally they are rather enjoyable. They've kinda built their own meme around Archie Sonic being extremely OP, which makes me think that Sonic will win this fight. Granted, the real question would be which force is more powerful overall, the Chaos Force or Speed Force? Because both heroes have their powers from those metaphysical planes. Still,
  10. Hope you don't mind @Sorzo, but I updated topic. Mainly because of this: That's right, the entire production demo OST has been found for the OVA! This is completely stellar, check it out guys.
  11. Rotor has got to be the most difficult character for me to articulate about, because the only amount of screen time he ever got was during Season 1 of SatAM. From what I remember, apparently a producer over at NBC didn't like Rotor and that was why he took such a backseat during Season 2. This could only just be a rumor, but regardless after he got pushed to the background the character never recovered. His treatment in Archie Sonic was abysmal, his only plot point was Rotor trying to get his family back from Robotnik's mind control alongside his entire race (for some reason, they were neve
  12. Honestly guys, really? I mean Pickle Sonic is great and all, but really. @TheRedStranger I can't believe you. You went on to make this topic...without mentioning the King of All Sonic Bootlegs! XD
  13. ...I'm not sure where I can exactly begin. Obviously I'm the one that started the topic, and I also have an extensive history in playing Sonic fan games since the Early 2000's. I never joined any sort of forums until the 2010's, but I always kept an eye on the Sonic fan community as a lurker. Of course there are all the good games stated in Antdude's video. Plus, I also started the SAGE topic to cover it's appearance every year. Needless to say, I love Sonic Fan Games. Sonic Before and After the Sequel, Sonic Time Twisted, any sort of 2D game before 2018 or so I've played. I have yet to
  14. Really cool stuff dude, really like the concept for Wendy. Way better then that Troll stuff used in the Reboot. XP I don't have any bios for the Archie Cast, but I do have an interesting idea or two. Thing is, for a lot of Post-Reboot Characters, a lot don't need to be changed all that much. Background would be a bit different, but most could fit in very well in either. Clove and Cassia: Much of their background is similar, however I'd like to think that they would recently join the Legion after Clove either couldn't afford treatment for Cassia, or the current state of the world
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