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  1. Maybe I will share the cow one... I will mull it over
  2. I had to- you threatened to put me in a nursing home (again).
  3. This was animated by our old friend Tim, who has the Dreamingcreek channel on YouTube: I'Onias_-_(with_sound).avi
  4. Hammerella is coming... Support here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hammerella-thundersmoke/coming_soon And just try to get that song outta yer head... "Hammeralla... Hammerella...."
  5. Robert interviewed John Celestri on his YouTube channel- and Celestri is the guy who worked on the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special Cartoon with Boba Fett. So, if you are into SW, then check that one out.
  6. Author David Lucarelli's mom was a cop in Philadelphia...
  7. Here is where to find Alterna comics: https://www.alternaaccess.com/ I would suggest Keith Gleason's all-age romp, The Mighty Mascots. Alterna comics are very affordable. The writers and artists are very approachable and fan-oriented. As you can tell, I am sold. I am not gettin paid to shill for Publishin' Pete Simeti, but if you like indy comics, I invite you to give them a try. Pete is also a great artist. I commissioned Pete to draw my icon, seen here and on my YouTube channel. If you buy Alterna, be sure to tell 'em ol' Rock Vox sent you....
  8. How about this for a strong female lead: David Lucarelli's Tinsel Town! What is it about? Here is the official description: "In 1915, Abigail Moore became one of the first female police officers in Hollywood. But beneath the glamorous surface of Tinseltown beats a rotten heart full of corruption, greed, and lies, and Abigail's about to dive head-first into all of it."
  9. Like old school pulp adventures and sci-fi? Check out Ryan Winn's Gods & Gears: Also, be sure to check out Ryan's channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqL4BKxLRftCYbhnfq6bGBw Tell Ryan that ol' Rock Vox sent you....
  10. Are you into comics? Back in April of 2020, I discovered Alterna Comics. In this thread, I will highlight Blood Realm, from Rob Geronimo: Also, check out Rob's YouTube channel, Geronimo Draws- he is an art professor and Comic book artist/writer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqL4BKxLRftCYbhnfq6bGBw Be sure to tell Rob that ol' Rock Vox sent you.
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