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  1. Make the stat boosts more accessible. An FAQ in the map would be neat, explaining how Fruit, Animals and Chaos Cores affect the Chao and what can happen to them. Animal looks can be toggled on or off for visual preference, Chaos Cores come with downsides to reflect their artificial nature. Make a form of Chaos Core like stat boosts that aren't as damaging but aren't as effective or fast to compensate. Therefore anyone breeding a Chaos Chao will always be tempted by the Cores and it becomes another challenge. The used character in the Garden has an affect on stat boosts instead of j
  2. I'm going to be honest, I thought the Zombots were handled pretty well. It's Shadow that's the major problem. I guess if anything I'd add in that eventually a sort of group leader would form and the Zombots would follow them, as happens in nature. So they're not just mindless and the gig's not over the second Zavok shows his Diet Bowser face.
  3. They're PDFs, now? Sweet. Chalk one up for preservation of old media! I'mma be honest, I wanna see more Sonic stories like this. SEGA are clearly down for it was the Tales of books exist, and there are plenty of good writers of fanfics, why not allow some more of those to be written but officially?
  4. Well first of all it's 100% Shadow who does it. Rouge is a thief but she's got enough heart to avoid murder. Sonic and co angrily, and rightfully, attack Shadow for the action. Because Shadow shouldn't be a diet Vegeta like Boom and IDW forces him to be, he actually loses against Team Sonic, Amy, Silver, Tangle and Whisper. Ultimate Lifeform or not, he's outnumbered heavily. and no that bit where he takes on a million Mephiles clones at the end of his story in 06 doesn't count Rather than kill him too, Amy places him on trial for the murder of Eggman.Sonic posits that Eggman, as th
  5. Yep, that is America aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall over. It's just missing the M16 jammed in there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4EomdfiBps
  6. Because those "defund/cancel XYZ" things are just hashtags, they don't work. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-54116606 This, though. This may actually be good news. For once.
  7. HEATHEN Though in all serious, the limited time window for even buying the thing is madness. I can only assume that it's for bumping profits in the last quarter of 2020 - odd considering they've been noted as richest company in Japan for 2020 - and get a rush of sales in a short amount of time to claim it "sells well". There's a physical cartridge as well but that's even more limited and has "scapler-bait" written all over it. Very very poor, as it's a black spot on an otherwise pretty good showing.
  8. Well this was a HUGE surprise this morning. It does, however...well, it has some issues we could discuss.
  9. I'mma be honest, there ARE some bootlegs I feel corner markets that the official ones don't. I mean, I get WHY they're not made officially, they're often niche items that would end up as them there dreaded "Pegwarmers". I mean, look at some of the figures pumped out for Star Wars Extended Universe characters, some of which are of notice or even common knowledge to a chosen few. But, show me a plush based off of Hyper or Dark Super Sonic and that's already more interesting than another batch of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow and Amy.
  10. That is menacing. Is that purges in the "kill everyone" sense, or...
  11. "As long as this, Deviantart, and Sonic 2006 exist, it will be very hard for the Sonic The Hedgehog movie to be the worst thing that ever happened to the franchise" I hate jokes like this.
  12. Sonic Dreams Collection is not a Sonic fan game. I hesitate to call it a game, strictly speaking. All of its content relies on old, outdated fandom stereotypes that do nothing but reinforce the prejudice against Sonic fans, and all for attention-seeking disguised as saying "clever" stuff about the fandom.
  13. I've certainly heard it's a mess, that's for sure. The writing has been absolutely abysmal. And that sucks, because I was absolutely happy to see a female Doctor. But now everyone's just gonna go "FEM DOCTOR BAD" not because of the absolute fools in charge of writing, but because Whittaker's Doctor is the face of that and peoples' perception doesn't generally go deeper.
  14. Ww2 guns, you say?! Oooh, I do like my some WW2 guns, especially the experimental ones. Behold, the Wimmerspeg Spz! Part Sten, part STG, all desperation weapon, it never got beyond the drawing phase outside of a few modern replicas and an appearance in the WW2 FPS, Call of Duty: WW2.
  15. It's different now, of course. I don't even remember if the last two Sonic games even GOT TV spots. I know Boom and Lost World did, but Forces and TSR? I'm not sure.
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