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  1. While I get that certain fans' feelings on the new characters after the reboot are mixed, I would like to see ideas on how they could be handled if they were introduced into the pre-reboot continuity. What could be done differently with them? Would they have different lives and backstories? Well, I have a few ideas that I hope will get the creative juices for this concept flowing! ---- Axel the Water Buffalo & Thunderbolt the Chinchilla: Born in Efrika, these two grew up in an environment where their village was regularly harassed by the local gangs. The duo s
  2. https://retroreadingtime.com/series/sonic-uk/ I found the Sonic books published by Virgin, and created by three authors under the pseudonym Martin Adams. I remember talking to the site owner some years ago, and I'm glad to see that every Martin Adams book is now available online and archived. I can delve more into what these books have, but I also have to check them out personally as well.
  3. https://retroreadingtime.com/series/sonic-us/ Here we are again, once more let's all give a big thanks to Retro Reading Time, for they have preserved another series of Obscure Sonic Books. This time from Troll Publications...who I have no idea what else they did. More importantly, they did a series of Books in the US for Sonic, all of which loosely based on Archie Sonic to an extent. But, all of it based around Mobius, Sally, and the Freedom Fighters. I believe one of them even have a book about Bunnie. But don't take my word for it, you can download them on this site right now and check
  4. From Sonic Games that were made from the ground up, what are your favorites and most noticeable ones you've played?
  5. Welcome to The Next Level, Genesis Does what Nintendon't, this topic is for the Sonic games made for Sega's hit console! The Sega Genesis (also known as the Sega Mega Drive everywhere else) broke the stranglehold Nintendo had internationally over the game market, though while it did well it's thanks to the Blue Blur that made it a true hit. In here you can talk about all the Sega Genesis games Sonic has had, this also includes Sonic CD as well. So if you want to start discussions about the games that started it all, please do so. A few days ago, Sonic 2 had it's 27th Anniversary. It's
  6. https://hiddenpalace.org/Sonic_Month_2019 Welcome one and all to another Lost & Found topic, this time we cover the famous betas that are found throughout the years for multiple games in the Sonic Series. Of course the history of Sonic Betas is vast, starting off with the discovery of what is known as the Sonic 2 Beta found by Simon Wai. Lately however, those over at hiddenpalace.org has found multiple betas. We now have newly discovered betas for Sonic 2, Sonic CD, Sonic Chaos, and Sonic 3! All these new discoveries deserve to be talked about, so check them out and let us know your
  7. One of the creators of Sonic 1 & 2, Hirokazu Yasuhara, spoke at the Poland game industry conference Digital Dragons and revealed never before seen concept art and maps of Sonic 1 and 2, showing and completely confirming the concept of Sonic 2 originally having time travel aspects. This was wonderful to finally see, and it shows just how far they were considering Time Travel as the base concept for Sonic 2. I always figured that it was a brief consideration with only Rock Zone as a mild footnote for it as a plan but I'm so glad to be proven wrong. Just go
  8. https://www.nintendoenthusiast.com/upcoming-sonic-audio-drama-unites-an-all-star-voice-cast-of-fans-and-pros/ Stop the presses everyone! A new audio series is coming out from Emi Jones. Most noticeable thing? Mike Pollock is gonna voice Eggman for this fan series...and Ryan Drummond returns as Sonic in this fan series for the first time since Sonic Advance 3! I'm excited to see how this turns out.
  9. Welcome to the long needed WWYDD of Sonic the Comic! Where we ask what exactly it says on the title, how would you handle certain things in UK's Sonic Comic, so even if you're familiar with it or not let's see how this all goes Boomers. Coming from The Red Stranger he asks this, How would you handle this Psychotic Incarnation of Super Sonic?
  10. So recently I brought myself a small challenge regarding a Rom hack and realized this would be great for topic! This for issued challenges among ourselves and others, mainly for fun. So for any Classic Era game if you have a way to playthrough the game and let's see how you stack up! The challenge that inspired this run is for Sonic 3 Complete, it's something I call the Classic Sonic Run. You see, in the hack you can set it up so that Sonic can play like how he did in Sonic 1/2 and Sonic CD (both Original and 2011 version). Along with that option in the menu are ips patches where you can se
  11. While the list for this selection is small, it's nevertheless important to include. The 32-Bit Sonic games can be discussed about here, from Knuckles Chaotix to Sonic R. Sonic 3D also gets to be mentioned again as it came out later for the Saturn. With this topic, we have all the Classic Era games covered! Let us know if you were one of the rare few to experience these games and how they were.
  12. This is a topic for unused and obscure Sonic Music. Recently, GameHut on youtube has finally managed to start releasing Sonic 3D's Demo Tracks which he tried to a year or two back, but due to the weird legality behind it couldn't until now. So for Sonic Music that is not well known or was never used in games and such, post your findings here! I've got a few posts I can do regarding the Masa Demos and obscure mid 90's tracks. Have fun!
  13. Before the announcement of Sony's Sonic movie, there were earlier attempts at producing a cinematic feature film for Sega's blue hedgehog like MGM's movie project, Hurst's SatAM movie project, Penders' Archieverse movie project and maybe even some other attempts. It would be interesting to find more informations about these cancelled theatrical productions. I think it would be cool if somebody could find stuff like scripts, treatments, concept art and more. What do you know? What do you think?
  14. A few months previous, Sonic Youtuber Sonicguru put out a sort of poll asking people what they thought the best characters in all of Sonicdom were. Now that the votes are counted up, he's making a list of videos to see who placed where and why. And I will add them all to this page, one by one, as the days go by. Now, to avoid the page being littered with mounds and mound of video links (all of which are fairly massive and slow browsers to a halt and can't be resized because, well why the hell not), I will just have them as that, hyperlinks, with spoiler-text you can highlight to see who t
  15. I was made aware that we didn't have this topic, which is odd I thought we already had it. Well this is where we can all talk about our Sonic Collectibles and Merch, even stuff that hasn't come out yet. So what do you guys have and what's coming out everyone, let's see them here.
  16. So the founder of Travellers' Tales/TT Games and one of the developers of Sonic 3D Jon Burton in his spare time is making a Director's Cut patch of the game so it can run smoother and overall better than the original game in his spare time. Already from the video below you can see there's been some great progress and changes already made that I think you'll guys like, any of you excited for this new revision of the classic game? Let us know. Also I'd like to recommend you guys his youtube channel this video is on, GameHut, as it shows a bunch more prototype footage of
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