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As a sort of sister thread to the Music-themed "What are you Listening to?" thread, this is where you share any odd, inspiring art that you may find across the interwebs and show it in front of everyone present, as well as showing why you think it may be inspiring. I'll start;


Basically, an artist took a bunch of typewriters, disasembled them, and then reworked the parts into non-fuctional guns. It's a good message on how weapons could come from anywhere, how a gun is a machine like any other, and a good way to look at the beauty of a firearm while removing the lethal element. Some are even based off of actual designs, and indeed a few of them look pretty steampunk-y. well, more steampunk-y than most examples of steampunk weapon mods where people just paint NERF Maveriks brass-coloured and jam cogs overwhere...

Anyway, yes! Art! What inspiring art have you come across today?

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