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  2. https://www.deviantart.com/spinosaurusking875/art/Handsome-Hedgehog-854604479 Ahh yes, a hint of that sweet Green Hill Red. 1991, a good year. XD
  3. MASHED CARTOON MUSIC VIDEO COLLECTION Sonic Mania Ultra: Emerald Escapade starts around 3:30
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  5. Ooh, been meaning to find a new Sonic story to read to get back into the fold.
  6. @Akessel92and @WarTravellerand @Wulfsbane I think this will be right up your alley. Hope to see you give Alpha some feedback.
  7. Another Mashed video: MASHED REMIX: ULTIMATE CARTOON INTRO SONGS I kinda agree with that; that part still made me laugh tho 😁
  8. Yeah, most repair shops have a policy which states that if a customer doesn't pay for repairs & claim a computer within 90 days, it becomes property of the shop. This is typically done out of necessity, whether it's to be able to refurbish the computer and sell it in order to recoup losses or to legally be able to dispose of it. With that said, Hunter Biden's old Macbook has come back to haunt him & his pops 🤣 EXCLUSIVE: Giuliani Shows New Hunter Biden Evidence ON AIR! | Louder with Crowder To think that the FBI was just sitting on this evidence during teh im
  9. For a while I've been planning out this project, and now it's finally been updated: Sonic: Genesis Nexus You can read the story on the following sites: Fanfiction.net Deviantart Archive of Our Own I'm also still looking for co-writers, so if you're interested, please PM me!
  10. Yup, love the Jojo Series. As it's titled, it's quite bizarre, especially in terms of outfits in parts 4 and over, but the first three parts are easy to get into.
  11. @Mike Arcade He’s the guy you need ta talk to in that regard. 🤣
  12. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2. 9.5/10 Synopsis: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 & 2 re-made and remastered for modern consoles. The entirety of the game re-textured and rescaled up to look just a great as any major game out today. What I liked: Exact 1 for 1 remake of the first two games, with expanded goals for the Pro Skater 1 levels. All the original skaters are in the game, all the levels are in the game with some getting expanded, all but three of the original songs from the original games are in the game (Unsane – Committed from THPS1, BlackPlanetMusic (feat. Alleylife) -
  13. More news courtesy of NTD's China in Focus Secret middleman who allegedly helps Hunter Biden with China exposed; Unexpected snow hits China [video] They didn't mention the parts about Uigher abuse and the "spy watch" though.
  14. This is a great idea ^.^ I doubt Red needs this, but I'll drop it in case anybody else has a use for it *drops a link* The Ultimate Guide To Growing Tomatoes: A List Of Tomato Growing Tips And if you don't have room for a garden, you can grow 'em in containers. 5 Tips for Growing Tomatoes in Pots
  15. DEA has been keeping eyes on that corridor: DOJ, DEA crack down on I-75 “drug pipeline” Columbia County deputies make huge drug bust on I-75
  16. They have been making huge sweeps lately. Expect stuff via I75.
  17. Dunno how many of you are familiar with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure & will get this, but... Sonic JoJo: Sonic vs Shadow
  18. As far as I'm aware it's kinda a "if you wanna participate turn the lights on" deal this year like normal. Haven't heard much.
  19. Some -good- news is being reported for a change... DEA makes historic drug bust in Southern California According to KCAL, about 3 tons of drugs won't be hitting the streets - Nearly 6,000 Pounds Of Methamphetamine Seized By Los Angeles DEA Agents In Nationwide Operation To Disrupt Cartel ‘Transportation Hubs’
  20. We don't really do that around here. I mean, my area's not been hit that badly by COVID, but we're still on alert so there'll be no parties or trick or treating. Or there WILL as humans are a stubborn bunch and put personal pleasure before the saftey of all but OH WELL. At the moment I'm just posting a story me and a friend of mine were writing for Halloween.
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