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  2. I can't make an accurate judgement call on the reboot exactly, as I'd like to see a bit more to absolutely confirm it. But it seems very likely that this isn't a pure, return to form of Animaniacs. I mean Spielberg was the producer in the original run of course, and they did bring back as much of the original cast as possible. But I do fear that it has followed such trappings of this corpse called "social clamant". @TheRedStrangerOn that note, the awful ThunderCats Roar show got cancelled recently. I remember there was a Teen Titans GO clip with them with the apparent original Lion-O claming
  3. Said it before on Parler, but this is a Victory for Life. Let no one take that away from anyone. Also, if I may add, my acting has gotten a lot better over the years. I just...can't exactly perform well under pressure, or on the spot. XP
  4. @TheRedStranger Hey, I could Garden too...I've just never done it before. X_X On that note, I'd love to grow my own Watermelons, simply because those are great fruit and they are delicious. Could also save a lot of money if I grew my own potatoes too.
  5. There are a lot of favorites of mine. I do like the classics like the Plague Doctor, Old Man, SCP-999, and yes I do like SCP-137. I know you don't care much for The Statue but come on it's a classic. XP I can't exactly name all of my favorites (or Numbers for that matter), but one particular favorite of mine is the 001 proposal When Day Breaks. Really creepy end of the world scenario that doesn't just feel like a boring zombie trope. Also it's similar to how I think the Zombots should have been handled. The one up in the 5000s called EVEREST is really neat, feels like an older SCP. A mor
  6. I can vouch for that; I have a few friends who just happen to have Downs Syndrome. There's usually a summer camp for adults with special needs every year at Lakeshore. Normally a van takes the clients there, but there was one year that only 3 people from this area were going & I ended up driving them down there because my mother couldn't do it. Kathy (who passed away years ago) was a very social (and, yes, chatty) woman and Chris was barely verbal (lost touch with him & his familiy though); both had Downs Syndrome. The third was my brother, who has autism. I'm giving you all this
  7. The Independent (in the UK) reported that Soros' arrest was fake news: Several other outlets are reporting similar things: No, George Soros Wasn’t Arrested in Philadelphia for Election Interference [Snopes] Philadelphia for ‘election interference’ | PolitiFact [Philadelphia Inquirer] Was George Soros Arrested In Philadelphia For ‘Election Interference’? [CheckYourFact.com] Hmmm. Is it just me or do all of these reports sound -too- similar?
  8. Oh I was totally tomatoed out this summer. 🤪 Sadly I do need this. I lost someone with a green thumb this summer. I feel personally led to help his widow keep his garden alive next year. Any help like this is appreciated (won’t get it from sleepy fat cat @Mike Arcade). XP Anyways, Kentucky is an odd place for growing. Sometimes I am picking peppers all the way up into late October and early November. Sometimes it snows in September. Bet the pioneers had hell of a time. Noticed the foraging part of this, thought I would add this:
  9. Today is a very bright day for me. As you know, I have worked with disabled people all my life. I am not one of those twittering antisocial injustice whiners, I actually sweat and do the work of an activist, not just merely signal virtue for cool points. But today, I feel was worth a victory speech. This is a major victory for equality.
  10. I am going to merge this and the Thundercats one soon. This seems to be a broad topic. The political polarization of cartoons and the appropriation of certain IP’s for social agendas is sadly malingering and acute phenomena which knows more than mere singular vectors.
  11. Now in my youth, I was a Casual fan of the Animaniacs cartoons. I enjoyed the antics of the Warners, the hair brained schemeing of world domination by Pinky and the Brain, the misadventures of Buttons and Mindy, the reactions of people to Chicken boo, etc. I enjoyed the stream of Parody and Satire that flowed out of this show like sweet spring water. After the show’s Eternal reruns on TV ran their course I was surprised that they were going to bring the show back announcing the project in 2017. But as the years passed I saw news of characters such as Hellonurse! we’re eliminated due to th
  12. Rebel News (in Toronto) investigated Dominion and found empty offices. Also, Soros owns a stake in Dominion & there are rumors he has been arrested in Philadelphia George Soros ARRESTED for election interference, in federal custody {Edit: here's the relevant part, in case the article gets pulled: I hope it isn't just a rumor... {Edit #2 KingNight1111 tweeted a pic of the indictment; does this look legit to u, Red?
  13. Good riddance! Clownfish reported about that too. [Language warning! Mass s-bombs dropped by both Geeky & Kneon.]
  14. Rumble looks like a viable alternative to You Tube; there's even an app for it You have to sign in to see comments there, BTW. Trippin Brehenys reviewed Rumble here.
  15. Your "crazy uncle" sounds like my kinda guy
  16. LOL! Yes, gotta add that one 😁
  17. I wouldnt even call Animaniacs a kids cartoon. Plus, despite there being a ton of praise for the animation, VA, and the music, a lot of critics blasted the over-reliance on political satire.
  18. @WulfsbaneYou play the last one. @Sargent Beeler.Plays the second to last and the Washboard Bard as multiclass. Combing ideas make things even more rich and tasty. Just reference Reese’s for evidence. @Akessel92You literally have a major in the first one. So you. Perfect for the part. @ByTor, Prince of Ro’den- Dark is his son, to a tee. @SGT Rock Vox- Obvious choice for Coming of Middle Age Peasant turned famous adventurer. @WarTravellerGets stuck with the one dimensional Dragon-borne because he missed Session Zero. @Mike ArcadeYou get the hat and mannequin. Why? Be
  19. I agree. And now for something different... Why Cats Show You Their Butt, According to Science Isn't that the same for dogs too?
  20. If there is one upside about Sonic being a Japanese franchise (again, just one - given they trashed Satam), it’s that it’s safe from American politics and their cultural colonizers. You can see that in spades with the new Animaniacs, where they all but diefy Obama and Clinton and burn Trump at the stake...in a kids cartoon.... @Akessel92 even did some digging on the producers and found some seedy stuff. I am thankful that Japan’s media has not bowed to woke culture, or we would have a cringy transitioning “Soniqua” as a key figure in Joe Biden’s transition team in Sonic LGBTX. 😅 I thi
  21. I'm curious what Chuck would have done if he was given the chance to write a Batman movie
  22. ProtonMail seems to be a great alternative to Gmail! They offer free accounts; paid accounts have more features and storage though (not surprising) The Inbox has a very clean design & is easy to use. Also, it's very easy to report phising e-mails with the built-in tool.
  23. It looks awesome, especially if you love Perfect Dark.
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