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  2. I was thinking of making a 3D design section for the site.
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  4. I used to paint 'em. Why do you ask?
  5. While filming the Howler bit for Chamber of Secrets, Julia Walters lost her voice for an entire day because she was yelling so loudly
  6. Okay, so this is...a weird one. Ever heard of the Caretaker? A 20-year music project by one man, and his magnum opus...is this. Everywhere at the End of Time. A six-album, six hour, utterly devastating trip through the deteriorating mental state of someone with Dementia. It is haunting and terrifying...and its early stages are stuck in my head. It's, actually stopped me from sleeping some nights. Just seems like the kind of thing people on these forums like; something to just discuss for hours. Or, many posts. It even has fan-made tribute albums like Nowhere at The Millenni
  7. Any one here paint and/or print miniatures?
  8. So who has been playing Pokemon Snap this week? Double the song double the fun right? Or was it double the song double the suicide rate??? Whoops! Anyway I've been working on animations this week. Its weird how animating is both easy and hard at the same time. My body made me have a break this week by getting sick but I'm still chuggin along. Game is coming along and I got a new short animation project in the works. Our little pika pal here is going to be in it. This song is by Solkrieg- Lavender Town Dreameater Remix and the beat drops harder than Blue's dead radicate. 200
  9. Apparently, this is actually a thing... Binging with Babish: Tortilla Chip Sombrero from Despicable Me 2
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  11. I agree. And there is clearly a big demand for them; check this out - Toy to order. Princess Sally Acorn
  12. At this rate, despite several rumors that have been said over the past few months, I'm not expecting anything until next year. Just seems to be the most likely scenario to see what next year holds, but with the 2nd movie it should only bring further interest in the series.
  13. Indeed, and better yet...how about a Sally and Bunnie plushie! I mean really, do they not want money? It's cool that fans of IDW Sonic get a Whisper plush, but still It's sad that characters that have been apart of the series for over 20 years haven't gotten any new merchandise.
  14. https://shop.sega.com/collections/sonic-apparel There are some cool Sonic clothes on the US site, any some cool stuff on the UK side @WarTraveller?
  15. NEWS... sort of. So by the looks of it we wont be getting any new games in 2021. Trailers are still plausible. Honestly, given how badly covid had hit Japan, this does not surprise me one bit. I know last year they were supposed to talk about and announce stuff every month but after the first lockdown started that quickly went away. A lot of stuff probably got derailed and some of the developers might not have had the ample infrastructure or support to effectively work from home. Given that Japan is currently on lockdown number 4 a lot of stuff got pushed back
  16. Dozens of babies with spina bifida spared paralysis thanks to 'mind-blowing' surgery in womb [Sky News]
  17. *checks other topics* There's one for rare merch, one for clothing, one 1 for bootlegs... Hmm, I'm surprised nobody started a topic like this before. I think I could make some room here for a Knuckles plush...
  18. Hi everyone, here I am once again to bring you another Sonic topic. Considering we don't have one for figures, plushies, cups, and anything else, this is where we can put them! Got some news too to start us off. https://tailschannel.com/sonic-the-hedgehog/merchandise/whisper-the-wolf-mephiles-emerl-part-of-upcoming-great-eastern-plush-line/
  19. In the US if it gets rowdy in the halls democracy everyone gets mad. But in the UK there is a riot at the Capitol every day 🤣.
  20. Pirate paintings! ( in progress)
  21. Dunno how many of you have been following the "right to repair" movement, but Linus describes it rather well here. BTW, Apple is notorious for being against right to repair
  22. Food Theory: We Are RUNNING OUT of Ketchup! (McDonalds) Several of the comments explained the Taco Bell thing; here's one:
  23. I got frustrated today because one of me videos got eaten by sony vegas. Literally looks like garbage now, so I decide to make this to lift my spirits. I've been working on character design and flushing out the world space for my creations. I decided to make a funny little video of me putting a brain into my creation. At least the unedited rough draft of my creation. I've got a good selection of my characters made and will be working on making a character trailer soon. I'm going to be more open about what my game is about and what my goals are from now on. 2100432776_BrainInsert.mp4
  24. https://tailschannel.com/sonic-the-hedgehog/merchandise/sonic-the-card-game-officially-announced-for-september-2021/ Box art revealed and the set of playable characters are revealed! Team Sonic, Amy, Shadow, and Blaze!
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