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  2. Posting this one mostly for entertainment purposes:
  3. Lawyer Behind Cat Filter Explains What Happened on Zoom
  4. In The Simpsons Movie, you can see the ambulance Homer crashes in the 2nd season is still there.
  5. Only thing i've seen is some guy name Justin Peniston is one of the writers. His resume is... nonexistent as he's only written 3 episodes total between 3 series. So one a piece. However, that's kinda common in cartoons now-a-days as usually there's a collective and one person does one episode and then someone else does another one and so on and so on. Ian Flynn has said he's not currently attached to it but the way he makes it sound is that he's being considered or he has been in talks.
  6. I have always found right to work laws an interesting conundrum. I agree that Unions can strong arm people, even rape a man’s conscience by demanding funds that go where their higher-ups deem worthy, despite their own ethical standards. That is deeply wrong, regardless of the persons involved political opinions. Yet, it’s clear those laws can give non-payers special rights and benefits without pay, which is basically legal theft, and incentivizes dissolution of unions. Why pay when you can get the perks for free? Both fringe outcomes are blatantly troublesome economically and socially, and ea
  7. So interesting tidbit, Colleen O'Shaugnessey will voice Tails in any upcoming game. She will not be a part of Prime.
  8. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.deviantart.com/glitcher/gallery/60663876/sonic-retold&ved=2ahUKEwiUi62Eh4vvAhVwxFkKHf1UC1kQFjAAegQIBBAD&usg=AOvVaw3Ny8GCZGL9QWUjMAavFjzu I've been meaning to make this topic for awhile. The fan artist known as Glitcher has been making his own continuation of Archie Sonic, and I think it's the best Archie Continuation no one talks about. Trust me when I say that you must read this. The 4th issue literally blew me away, so stop reading this post and check this out now!
  9. From cow food to snack food...
  10. Gotta admit, it's a nice setup... Touring Glytch's Hacker Van
  11. Man Pranks People With Realistic Face Mask (and other cool random stuff)
  12. Random Acts of Kindness - Faith In Humanity Restored
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  14. I stumbled across annapantsu recently & thought some of her covers/collaborations were cool enough to share... Tavern Crawl (Twisted Taverns) 【a D&D original song ft. Runesmith, JoCat, Annapantsu + friends】 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmJpurnsH8k Your Turn To Roll - acoustic ver. (from Critical Role) 【covered by Anna + @Cami-Cat】 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmJpurnsH8k
  15. Posting this here because I thought it was funny What Do Ya Do With a Bernie Sanders? - "Drunken Sailor" Sea Shanty Parody by THE COG IS DEAD
  16. We got Episode 5 over a month ago, this time we got Tikal showing up! Also, we have an ol' Shadow VA returning...Jason Griffin! That's right, the planets have aligned and we have both Ryan and Jason in one place! Check it out!
  17. I read the same thing. Lemmie try to find it... *searches on "Amazon unionization vote"* Despite COVID-19, Amazon requests in-person unionizing vote for 'valid, fair and successful election' [USA Today] Amazon faces challenge amid biggest union push in its history [CBS News] {Edit: a friend of mine worked at an Amazon warehouse, but he quit because of conditions like that; said the pay wasn't worth all the crap they had to endure.} Stunning that Amazon’s groundbreaking union vote is in Alabama [Advance Local - opinion]
  18. What’s the news about Bezos the Bonehead and his malodorous attempt block Amazon’s unionization? I heard he tried to ban a mail in vote for fraud (though was ardently for one against Trump) . Postmodern relativist ethics at its finest, I guess, a thin excuse to hide malicious egocentrism. Come on...you know he looks just like him. 🤣
  19. Much cheaper than chives. Cut them up, wash them in a bunch, then and slowly dry them out on a really low heat for a while in a toaster oven or skillet, kind of the way you caramelize onions, and I am sure you could use them as a tasty garnish for potato soups, egg drop soup, just plain old scrambled eggs. I always found cooking or sweating them a bit is better than raw. It gets rid of any gamey tartiness, but breaking the carbs inside down into a tasty sucrose, just like when you caramelize any onion.
  20. I read about that somewhere, just don't recall where. As for Greenpeace, they don't care about peopel; they're just a bunch of idiots who want to control people (just like PETA) and they don't really look at facts or use logic If they did, they would realize that not all GMOs are bad. {Edit: we have some wild onions growing in the front yard; easy to see right now because the grass is brown.}
  21. And full of Beta-carotene. Actually Golden Rice has some of its genes. It’s being used to cure blindness caused by Vitamin A defiency in poor countries....It has helped a lot of poor people. ...and Greenpeace gaffes money from people while trying to ban it...because it’s a GMO. Even in the dead of winter, it’s fascinating how much we are provided, if we are willing to look with prudent eyes.
  22. Putting this here because it didn't really fit into any of the existing news topics & I didn't think we needed a news topic about lawsuits... Lawsuit accuses ERCOT, power companies 'consciously' allowing mass outages during storm
  23. Saiko No Sutoka is a japanese inspired indie horror game where you are being chased around your school by your teen crush...oh yeah and she is of course a yandere. Have fun you two If you want to try this game out for yourself https://habupain.itch.io/saiko-no-satuka
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