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The Scribes' Studio

Where we hone & refine our creative vision and craftsmanship. All writing prompts, artistic exercises, and general collaborations are done here. This is the sacred place of self-improvement.


  1. The Writer's Nook.

    The Fun, Free-for-All thread where you can post writing prompts, short stories, improvs, mad-libs, etc.

  2. The Artist's Atelier

    Challenge yourself with zany artistic prompts, serious studies, and thought-provoking tutorials. This is the place to hone your handiwork and doodle to your heart's content. (Judgement free - regardless of developing skills)

  3. The Game Factory   (354 visits to this link)

    Have an idea for a hack? Want to appreciate game design on a deeper level, perhaps learn a bit about programming? Then, welcome to the factory. ;)

  4. Voice-Acting Booth

    A place for people looking to expand their range, and sharpen their chops at the Art of voice acting. Or, a place to find and audition for a fan-dub or any audio fan-work.

  5. Sound Studio/Auditorium

    A place to post and discuss everything to do with audio; this is the place dedicated to learning, collaborating, and making music: artist-centric of course.

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