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  1. Any one here paint and/or print miniatures?
  2. In the US if it gets rowdy in the halls democracy everyone gets mad. But in the UK there is a riot at the Capitol every day 🤣.
  3. After the popularization of the Schneider cut of Justice League, the re-edit phenomenon has finally ebbed from hardcore fans correcting crappy contributions to their favorite franchises, to a legitimate cinematic movement and art form. This has been so noteworthy culturally that many studios and IP holders are strongly considering capitalizing on this phenomena with refreshing experimental rehashing of classic movies, or as a fiscal stop-gap for undercooked blockbuster duds like The Last Jedi. What are your thoughts of re-edits? Should they be the new normal on streaming and even
  4. You may have more modalities of taste than sweet, sour, salty, savory, and bitter.
  5. You could really do a lot with Sonic themed card games based of speed and dexterity. Something mixing the slapping of Egyptian Rat Screw, or picking up of an object in like Spoons, and the quick shedding of cards in melds like James Bond and Speed would probably work well. Reaction cards could require special dexterity based challenges like grabbing an object like a plastic ring or chaos emerald. Rapid sorting of cards with each hand dealt being an Act that is then simultaneously play on multiple decks of challenge cards would be intere
  6. Got a lot of good back from this idea, so I will be making one for adaptations of the ideas here for the Art, Music, and Writing sections.
  7. Love how yours imply game mechanics and story as key factor, even in the goofy ones that would never be green lit by stuffy SoJ like Egg Powder Zone. XD The one with your friends being possessed is great because it turns the mechanics of Sonic in their head. Rushing through enemies here could mean you hit a good friend (or Amy XP) and lot of jumping over, sliding under, or using a doge mechanic like Super Smash bros aerial doge would be awesome to see. That you could employ stealth mechanics and twitch reflexes that make homing attack sequences actually challenging. @Wulfsbane
  8. I can already imagine creepy Joe Biden having a heart attack at this hilarious loophole. Shootie hands, the ultimate spoopy ghost gun. 🤣
  9. Oh! I know what you are talking about now. I thought they went by a different moniker than “original” though. *Checks link* To answer that, yes - they can easily fit. In fact, I believe any delving into the between area of Blast to The Past and Season One requires some form of series of mentors. Children just don’t learn how to hack, fight, and infiltrate, let alone sustain themselves and a hidden society all by their own. There are ten years worth of character and story here that Satam could have explored with more past-focused lore-heavy episodes. Here is the rub though, you basic
  10. I am a bit of a soft Satam purist and not incredibly invested into Archie. But I do have one strong opinion, X. Bunnie and Antoine do not have any chemistry. In fact in season two we see she has some deep deep frustration with him. In the episode with the nasty hyenas, he comes off outright mean and condescending to Bunnie, betraying contempt, perhaps due to her station. His creepo kissy fascination with “My Princess” Sally and disdain of Bunnie reveals some possible snobby prejudice. To keep to point, to fit in any relevant Satam context plots pertaining to their relationship would
  11. So I just thought of a total missed market for Sonic merch. Sonic themed lawn games. It would be real easy to slap Sonic on a board for lawn darts or Kan Jam. I mean there are a lot of Sonic Monopolies and board games. Why not some outside games for a very, very outside type of hedgehog? @WulfsbaneWhat do you think? Should we suggest it to their Twitter? Maybe we could invent one.
  12. Billions across the world today sing, and though it be in different tongues, they all speak the same song of hope and grace this Easter. He is risen, and, regardless of what we suffer from within or without, so too then shall we.
  13. How did they get that look? How did they get that sound? How did they make that song, graphic, or from where did that iconic idea come? Those questions are asked a lot by young developers inspired by past game design. Here is where we answer those general questions. When making a retro style game especially, to have verisimilitude, one must consider these resources and aesthetics in order to make a genuine product. There are many games out their that feign a nostalgic look, yet just don’t hit right. I strange mixed example of this would be Undertale. The sound fonts are from original
  14. Sega just cannot really capitalize on their products can they? I might be biased, but Cheeze would probably be better product design designer and marketing guy than whoever they have. XD And yes...he was a village burner when he had those sticky hands. I remember him slapping people in car rides after we left the local Mexican restaurant, where he bought let them from a bubble gum machine. 🤣
  15. Went into house to make a business call. And my husky stole my green tea... I had to con her back inside today with gum. For some reason Salena has always been obsessed with mint anything. She pouted and stomped in the yard. Then I told her I was going to give it to the cat...that works every time.
  16. What does Skynet and Adam Sandler have in common? @Mike Arcade
  17. “Ten thousand battle droids...they’re on steroids.” XD
  18. You remember the buzz about holographic tv’s before Covid? Any updates on that?
  19. I was there back then, and I want to see your ideas realized. As for character design, I really do recommend Z Brush. Personally for my music I use Logic X. But unless you want to plunk down for a Mac, you will need to get something else. Matt is a pretty successful music developer (he actually did intro music for Howard Stern of all people), I will contact him and give him his music setup. What are you looking to really “DIY” and what do you want to outsource? Music, design, and programming are very disparate skills, and it’s always good to get help with one developing aspect here
  20. It usually got me in trouble in college. People don’t like it when you can transcend ephemeral buzzwords and speak for yourself. XP Metal Gear Solid Five’s main theme basically speaks incredibly to that. [Mild spoiler alert.] Language defines your thought life, to escape that you must escape mere accepted social patterns and create your own words from the syllabus up to the book. Terms like “X privilege” and “relativism,” and “colonialism” carry an unproven and faith-based apriori philosophical baggage. Even terms like “white” and “black” have a unquestioned bias to a untestable worl
  21. The rules in the box are nowhere as good as our Homebrew. It’s actually called Fishing for Words. I recommend sharing them. The dice element helps players like Rob or Riley. If you have family or friends that have verbal disabilities, young, or just not that great with words, the dice and round elements do even the playing field a bit compared to the more option heavy scrabble. It’s lighter, faster, and a good transition to crunchier word games like Scrabble. Wits and Wagers is another great game that evens the playing field. Unlike Trivial Pursuit, you bet on who you think has the cl
  22. Yeah...I might need to handicap myself on that one. I was lovingly called Dictionary by fellow students in elementary school for a reason... I remember getting mad with my third grade teacher over having to use a dictionary ironically. I already knew all the words she wanted to teach me and that made me quite consternated.
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