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  1. I coudn't resist working up this little parody. For anyone who doesn't get the reference:
  2. How in the world did I miss this topic?! Almost everything I write about or use for RP stuff, and even my dualing fursonas, are all based on my dreams and characters that I've either been, or encountered (often repatedly). I have enrire multiverses of dream content rattling around in my head. Hence, my tendency to reference the "Omniverse" (this encompases every possible and impossible reality, except for Heaven and Hell, which are beyond the limitations of Creation). Most of my dreams come out sounding like old-school action movies. That's where Rick Tyger the character/fursona came
  3. I've been looking forever to find this song! The internet keeps wanting to redirect me to Thomas Rhett's songs (no offense against another good singer, of course).
  4. I channel-surfed into an episode of Billy The Exterminator on A&E. Got a couple of funny quotes that kept me watching: and
  5. I discovered this thing in an article on Cracked about weird sea creatures. It's a deep sea jellyfish. Looks a lot like something Vlad would like imitating on a larger scale on land during Halloween.
  6. Good news! I got my grandpa's computer. It's got a dial-up modem, so I can take it home and be online there, instead of just when I'm here at my mom's house. I tested it out and it works just fine. It's not quite as fast as my computer, and will need a bit of updating to get it up to spec, but once I get my stuff on there, It'll be ready to take home. So, expect to se a lot more of me this summer.

    1. Ishapar


      What model is your grandpa's computer?

  7. And now for something a little less cute... Sic 'em, Jed!
  8. They're on their way to the glue factory.
  9. Mvto (pronounced "mah-toe"). That conveys a heart-felt "thank-you" in Muskogee, as in if someone gives you an unexpected gift, or a nice compliment. It's literal meaning is "All is well with the Muskogee". And yes, I'm learning Muskogee and Cherokee, because those are what make up my DNA. It helps to feel a connection with my ancestors.
  10. Just now checked again. Still says I'm not allowed.
  11. Combine with this and you've got a fist full of awesome! And we're getting the right to shoot down drones over our properties in some counties, despite the FAA's objections. Take that, Skynet!
  12. Hey. I got some more details posted in an edit to the D.U.E.L. story. Let me know what y'all think. Chapter 2 will be an explanation of things that aren't too clear in the first chapter. I figure that a little character interaction before the main story is a nice angle. It reminds me of the storytelling of many and older show (mirrored in some recent remakes). If anyone has questions, voice them and they will be answered. The story itself has been a work in progress for the past year, in with me bouncing some ideas off of an artistic individual outside of the Sonic fandom.

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