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  1. Hello I’m Alex. It’s great to see another Archie sonic fan. Welcome
  2. Well I’m curious of the particulars? Platformer?RTS? FPS? Also, what’s the story Of the game itself?
  3. Now for some lore which I will prompt in the spoiler section. the origins of the titans Now comes defining titans pure titans are Eldians, an ethnic group of humans or sometimes called “subjects of Ymir” whom are transformed from human form into titans through the injection or ingestion of Titan spinal fluid. They can range between 3 meters to 15 meters in height. they can regenerate damage to their bodies but any damage to the nape of the neck or a decapitation can kill them. titan shifters are from the same lineage as pure titans but, the are far more intelligent and ca
  4. Alright @Nagolwhat are your thoughts on Attack on Titan? As for my thoughts. I found it a fascinating show. Granted it’s brutal, bloody, violent and excruciating visceral violence in visuals. But yet, it has everything for entertainment family bonds, comradeship, triumph and betrayal, but most of all passion and drama. (And also some toe tapping music especially in the intro) So the series begins with Eren Yeager, his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman and his friend Armin Artlet living in the Walled kingdom of Paradis, supposedly the last settlements of humanity due to the sc
  5. The sky was lit ablaze with tracers and crackles of Flak along with the falling and burning wreckage planes and zeppelins. On the deck of one of the flak guns located on top of the battered airship, Schwaben, the captain of the ship an anthro German Shepherd by the name of Thörsten Schaeferhund stood with his men as they fell around him. His grease and blood stained uniform and flight coat rumpled from the wind outside as his iron cross medal glistened in the sunset. He stood and looked on as a boarding party charged towards him and his fallen comrades, guns blazing. He pulled his pistol from
  6. As for me I am a fan of SCP-682 (the unkillable reptile), 049(The plague doctor), 999 (The tickle monster), 4217 (Bismarck), 294 (The coffee machine), The infinite IKEA, 3288 (the aristocrats) and counting. some of them I can see a ton of stories alone. @Nagol I have thought of creating an SCP for the wiki or at least have a few notes: designation SCP-[redacted] Aka the red ledger. class: EUCLID Subject is a leather bound ledger book written in red ink later tested to be found to be blood from several different subjects. The ledger is written in different la
  7. Now in my youth, I was a Casual fan of the Animaniacs cartoons. I enjoyed the antics of the Warners, the hair brained schemeing of world domination by Pinky and the Brain, the misadventures of Buttons and Mindy, the reactions of people to Chicken boo, etc. I enjoyed the stream of Parody and Satire that flowed out of this show like sweet spring water. After the show’s Eternal reruns on TV ran their course I was surprised that they were going to bring the show back announcing the project in 2017. But as the years passed I saw news of characters such as Hellonurse! we’re eliminated due to th
  8. Unfortunately, it’s already getting bad press much like how GAB was...
  9. I enjoyed the sonic dash the most. I had initially just about all the characters unlocked in the early versions.
  10. Fiona Fox: I think she wold be decent as an anti-villain. She could be slumming it with Nack the weasel’s sister, Nic. I mean they could be recurring characters in arcs with Nack, Bean and Bark as competing mercenaries.
  11. In the DC universe yes. Also, in the Flash TV series too. An evil flash from an Alternate universe named Zoom stole the speed of other Flashes. Comic wise... I believe so, note I haven’t read the DC comics as I don’t know where to start on the old comics and the new series has like with most mainstream geek media has had the SocJus rot set in.
  12. Personally I would recommend pre-SGW content along with the early Sonic universe issues. I need to look into what issues again as it has been awhile.
  13. Yup. So were networks of animation and anime too. But now they show a bias.
  14. Now this is a prime example of the desperation the Nazi German military was in in the waning months of the war. German arms manufacturers made equipment like the Volkssturmgewehr assault rifle, the MP-3008 and simplified versions of Mauser 98 rifle made by Mauser, Walther, and Steyr. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/MP_3008#/media/File%3AMP_3008_Sub_Machine_Gun.jpg https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkssturmgewehr A lot of these weapons are crudely made and of poor quality throwing quality and Over-engineering the traits of German weapon manufacturing standard. tho
  15. For accounting steps to load and reload black powder, it was often drilled into those who used them. First primer or percussion cap, next load barrel with powder, ram with the rod down wadding so the powder is sealed in the barrel, then load the ball in with the rod, take rod out, aim and fire. it was quite difficult to clean and maintain as you didn’t clean them with what we have today. They used brushes made with wood and animal hair. Shooting i don’t think was the difficult part, shooting accurately was the problem.
  16. Hmmm... a turtle friend of Sonic with metal and cybernetic parts... Tommy?
  17. Happy birthday RedAuthar

  18. https://youtu.be/pSImzrDAKC4
  19. Ah yes. The German Vampir sight was quite the interesting device. The infantry device required a thirty pound battery pack to power the device. There were other devices for the use on machine guns and an upscale device for use by panther tanks and a 60cm spotlight slapped onto a hanomag sdkfz 251 half track which allowed both infantry and tanks to work in tandem in night attacks. The soldiers that used these devices were called Nachtjaegars or night hunters. The vampir infrared sights appeared in use late in the war and were sparingly amongst the Wehrmacht but the bulk would be in the hand
  20. Indeed. speaking of UAVs, how about the granddaddy of them. the TDN-1. A pilotless aircraft having the ability to carry 2,000 lb bombs or a torpedo. However, it would be relegated to second line service and be used as a flying target aircraft for pilot training.
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