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  1. Apparently, this is actually a thing... Binging with Babish: Tortilla Chip Sombrero from Despicable Me 2
  2. I agree. And there is clearly a big demand for them; check this out - Toy to order. Princess Sally Acorn
  3. Dozens of babies with spina bifida spared paralysis thanks to 'mind-blowing' surgery in womb [Sky News]
  4. *checks other topics* There's one for rare merch, one for clothing, one 1 for bootlegs... Hmm, I'm surprised nobody started a topic like this before. I think I could make some room here for a Knuckles plush...
  5. Pirate paintings! ( in progress)
  6. Dunno how many of you have been following the "right to repair" movement, but Linus describes it rather well here. BTW, Apple is notorious for being against right to repair
  7. Food Theory: We Are RUNNING OUT of Ketchup! (McDonalds) Several of the comments explained the Taco Bell thing; here's one:
  8. There are several YouTube videos about using bread to make pizza. Here's one: One guy made his own pizza sauce, but I can't seem to find that video. I should have put the URL in the text file {Edit: Madame Tita used hotdogs on hers
  9. Hmm, I know that whenever I can't smell (usually due to a sinus infection) it definitely affects my sense of taste Found this & thought it was interesting enough to post: Fast And Clever Kitchen Tricks To Help You Avoid Cooking Fails Why did I never think of making ramen w/egg this way before? *smh*
  10. MARVEL'S SHANG-CHI Official Trailer (2021) Release date is (supposedly) Sept. 3
  11. Bill Gates support for 'bonkers' study of dimming the sun is 'grossly irresponsible:' [Fox News] Bill Gates Will Have to Wait a While to Block the Sun [Yahoo News/Popular Mechanics] Even RT thinks he's nuts... Sweden axes Bill Gates-funded Harvard experiment aiming to DIM THE SUN to fight climate change amid outcry from activists
  12. Am I correct in assuming this topic includes natural dissasters? 'Huge' explosion rocks St. Vincent as volcano keeps erupting [Phys.org] On the ground in St Vincent as volcano ‘destroying everything in its path’ [Channel 4 News] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIV8IYoHyz4
  13. Surfshark appears to be a good alternative to ExpressVPN or NordVPN.
  14. Linus turned his Diamond Play Button into a Gaming PC.
  15. *nods* I vaguely remember that. Do you remember which issue they were in? {Edit: nevermind. I should have payed better attention while going through the wiki Their story ran in StH #142 & 143}
  16. French Police Are Investigating an Interlocking Ring of LEGO Thieves
  17. 12 Biggest Discoveries of 2020 Got Hardly Any Attention https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxjIT6lkPCk From Mars to dinosaurs...
  18. Pay-to-win models, which seems to be dominating mobile games these days, have always made me salty. Raid: Shadow Legends is the poster child for games in which spending money is the only way to compete with other players. There's a great article about it over at The Gamer - Raid: Shadow Legends Is Absolute Trash And We're Not Afraid To Say It
  19. Quantum computing may be able to solve the age-old problem of reasoning [Tech Republic]
  20. Happy Good Friday!

  21. We wouldn't have speedruns like this one, in which EasySpeezy abuses a glitch: I tried speedrunning Shadow the Hedgehog and the edginess physically hurt me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ER0wuna3T7g 🤣
  22. Good "Game Theory" video that addresses misleading moblie gaming ads.
  23. Cat Loves to Play With Snow Brought Indoors By Owner {Edit: Stray Cat Decides To Work At A Car Shop And Greet Every Customer
  24. What Really Happened During the Texas Power Grid Outage? Okay, so it wasn't just wind power that failed...
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