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  1. Attended my first ever furcon! Pricey but it was definitely worth it!

    1. Wulfsbane


      Which one? Got any stories?

    2. TheRedStranger


      Find any fellow Sonic fans?

    3. Ogilvie


      @Wulfsbane Biggest Little FurCon up in Reno, Nevada!

      Quite a few funny stories but a lot of them were at panels and shouldn't be repeated in public!

      @TheRedStranger I saw a few folks with Sonic shirts, but other than that, pretty non-Sonic!

  2. Watching Ducktales after watching SatAM, it's so surreal to hear Jim Cummings' character once more bossing around one voiced by Charlie Adler

    1. Mike Arcade

      Mike Arcade

      Ahh the ironies of voice acting, Adler was great as Snively. :)

  3. After the Sly Cooper movie was revealed in 2014 and expected to hit theaters in 2016 only to disappear without a trace, fans were left anxious as to its fate. It turns out that fans of the beloved franchise are getting something else entirely: an animated TV series! The series will be produced by Technicolor Animation, which most of us will know for being the team behind the second season of Sonic Boom. We don't have any screenshots, teasers, etc. for the TV show just yet, but we do have a basic plot synopsis: " Sly Cooper follows the adventures of an irresistibly charismat
  4. Technically a thread for all things Dragon Ball, though I think discussion is going to be heavily geared towards Super. For those unaware, a new anime and manga series in the Dragon Ball franchise, Dragon Ball Super, has been ongoing for almost two years. It is almost up to 100 episodes in the original Japanese, with the English dub about 70 episodes behind. Dragon Ball Super spends about 25 or so episodes adapting the two hit animated movies, Battle of Gods and Resurrection F, before forging its own path and having a completely original storyline. The main premise of Super is that o
  5. The games all score in the 70s range on Metacritic (regular gamers rate them higher than critics, though), meaning they aren't Game of the Year, but they are fun for what they are and worth picking up if you have any spare cash. I tend to be happy with any game that is 70+, so naturally I'm quite fond of the Ty series. Besides, the best part about playing games that aren't perfect is you as a fan get to have fun pointing out all the bad parts (e.g. how Sonic fans are with Sonic 06's many flaws). This might not be bad a idea. I basically got into all these franchises by deliberatel
  6. It all started with an E3 reveal… Posing himself as someone who could easily usurp Sonic, Crash and Spyro (but humble enough to not dare challenge Mario), our little thylacine friend first emerged as a multiplatform title in 2002. Ty’s biggest quirk is his Boomerangs, or Rangs for short. Upgradeable as one progresses through the game, they can generate fire, ice, electricity, and a myriad of other powers, which are expanded even further in the sequels. These powers can be used to access new areas in earlier levels in order to collect everything the game has to o
  7. The CEO of the company making the Sly Cooper movie is teasing news around E3, and there's a rumor the movie is being replaced with a cartoon series. Hmm.

    1. Wulfsbane


      I think a cartoon series would be better overall. More material to use and more time to develop everything

  8. I injured myself (nothing serious) opening a can of soup, but I think that just made the soup taste all the more delicious. :v

    1. Ishapar


      I wonder why...

    2. Ogilvie


      @Ishapar Because a task being difficult just makes accomplishing it more satisfying!

  9. Am... am I dreaming? SEGA's community manager literally just answered a question on a livestream about whether or not Sonic is handsome. xD

  10. Discord, you okay there buddy? D:

    1. Wulfsbane


      Discord having issues again?

    2. Ogilvie


      @Wulfsbane Hahaha, yup! Going in and out for the last few hours...

    3. Wulfsbane


      See, while Discord is better than Skype in some aspects, when Discord has problems it take a long time to resolve

  11. I'm pretty interested to see if this is a plot point in some way. For all we know, maybe the whole cast got thrown into the future, which would explain how absolutely doomed the world was. I'm mostly assuming time travel due to the inclusion of Classic Sonic. The game is billed as not being a sequel to Generations, but I'm sure there will be a lot of overlap.
  12. Interesting to see the games finally try out the SatAM/Archie/Fleetway approach of Eggman already having taken over most if not all of the world. I think it's a safe assumption they will go the Fleetway route and have Sonic sent to the near future, allowing Eggman to take control of the planet in his absence. Given the militaristic logo, I'm pondering if this means that the rest of the cast have design updates to reflect a presumably bleaker world. Also. Delicious, delicious in development gameplay footage, now in high quality. ...the air raid siren in the backg
  13. It's been a few months and - I think I notice a lot more furry (as opposed to Mobian) avatars!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Ishapar


      Ha ha, Red!

      I think I like any art that is better than my own, which is just about everyones'!

    3. TheRedStranger


      Can only go up from here. :)

      Already has been to be honest. You have already made some good headway. 

    4. Ishapar


      Thanks.  I guess I should get back to it. 

  14. I'd be a thylacine, because thylacines are awesome. They're a marsupial but have traits of both tigers and wolves. Plus, in a world without humans, may as well take advantage of a species that probably would still be around if not for human settlement. They also have an extremely powerful bite. ...Mobians might not be too happy with thylacines after one beat Sonic up. ...never mind the fact Archie's introduced one lately and of course he's a supervillain, whee! Regarding Mobian culture and the like, I would presume they are fairly animist overall, like many pre-Columbian American cu
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