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  1. Oi, how are things going?

  2. @TheRedStranger Don't worry, friend. I'm not mad on you or anything. It just came over harsh somehow. At least for me. That's all. I'm not sure how to describe it, and I don't claim to be a saint, but it made me sad to read it. No offence to you. Bro, that's a very deep topic. ^^ Maybe even a whole new topic to discuss? I think that I know what you're hinting at. The thing is, I must confess that I love more than only one kind of music, I love mainly Pop, Country, & Rock as genres, among others. I like Pop even much more than (Gangster-)Rap / Hip-Hop music.
  3. @TheRedStranger Thank you very much for the compliment. Sure, you can do a Top 10. I wasn't sure how to sort my Top 10, so I thought about to make a Top 5. Most of the bands which I like to listen to, changes from time to time, but there are indeed a few bands which I will always love like the ones from my Top 5 list. @ByTor, Prince of Ro’den Thanks for the list. I will check them out. EDIT: Okay: I already knew Soundgarden before. I think, Black Hole Sun was the only song I knew before. Rusty Cage sounds really nice musically, but I have to take a look o
  4. Please don't write something like that, TheRedStranger. Especially as a Christian. I love Kesha and Fergi.
  5. These ladies are looking pretty sweet in this video. Thundermother - It´s Just a Tease
  6. I could not find any fitting topic to write this and I wasn't sure where I could share my thoughts, so I just will share it here...

    I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and I wish everyone a happy new year 2018 with much Love, Health, and many Blessings of our dear God.
    See you hopefully healthy next year.

  7. I agree that Zootopia is pretty cool. In addition I guess that I can write that the movie has every typical important characteristic which everyone expects from Disney, as it would be an old school late 80s / early 90s cartoon with animals, but just animated mainly on Computers. Not to spoiler anything, but I can tell you, that the movie has it’s emotional moments. It’s made pretty cute, and it’s sometimes funny, and sometimes sad. Like ILOVEVHS already mentioned, there is a message about racism and that people should accept each other more, no matter who we are. It does not become
  8. @Wulfsbane Yes, sure. We are already friends at DeviantArt, but I must confess that I didn’t have much contact with her recently, unfortunately. I’m just not sure what exactly I should write to her, especially if she would reply to me with a question back what the interview would be all about? Because I don’t know what questions you would like to ask her in the interview. I personally would like you to ask her about the future of her voice-acting role regarding Sally Acorn in the animated fan series Sea3on among other topics. Maybe also how she sees the future of the US-American
  9. I hope that you can make an interview with Laura Blue together, and maybe she would also like to join here? Then Aaron Webber and Matt Mannhamer.
  10. Very cool remix of the old-school White-Jungle level, yeah!
  11. Happy Late Birthday there, sorry I missed saying it properly on your actual birthday.

    1. SallyAcornLover


      Hi there and thank you very much! :) Don't worry about being late. ;) It's alright. I'm just very happy that some people thought about me, anyway. ^^

  12. If you are interested into the music of Sonic Forces, then you should definitely check the following information out: There was a mini live concert with music from the upcoming game Sonic Forces with a few songs, among other songs there was also shown a new remix of Shadow's White Jungle level! Live from the Tokyo Game Show 2017. (2017.09.24) Playlist order: Park Avenue, White Jungle (2017 Remix), Guardian Rock and Fist Bump. DJ/Compositor is Tomoya Ohtani, vocalists Jon Underdown and Nana Hatori. Source: http://sonicunited.org/2017/09/24/sonic-forces-mini-live-f
  13. Happy birthday, SalLover!

    1. SallyAcornLover


      Hi there and thank you very much! :)

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