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  1. To contact me about a commission, please send me a private message on DA
  2. First in a series of short comics based on Tumblr Incorrect Quotes. This is a lot more low-quality than I usually do, but hey, it's a Quickie.
  3. Inktober 2017 Day Fourteen: “Fierce” i’ve never actually drawn the Werehog before so this felt weird
  4. Inktober 2017 Day Twelve: “Shattered” i really wish that Sonic Underground had amped up the family angst i mean there was so much potential y’know
  5. Inktober 2017 Day Eleven: “Run” sorry for the bad quality this one was kinda rushed
  6. tooniphile-art-blog Manouge Smooch ((i actually really love Manic x Rouge i think it's adorable))
  7. Inktober 2017 Day Six: “Sword” Redraw of this comic panel. (I’m thinking of coloring this one after Inktober is over)
  8. Inktober 2017 Day Four: “Underwater” Poor Sonic
  9. Inktober 2017 Day One: “Swift” (yes i know i’m trash so sue me)
  10. @Wulfsbane I'm honestly not sure... A comic would be cool, but I'd have no idea where to start, really. I've playing around with the idea of just making a new Tumblr blog and posting all my AU ideas for it there, but I'm still not sure. Glad you like it, tho!
  11. An out-of-context scene from my Sonic Underground AU/ reboot(?). Sonia is not pleased with Manic’s previous living arrangements… (You'll also notice I changed up my version of Sonia's colors from the last time I drew her. Maybe that one could be an alternate outfit...? These colors look better.) what even are backgrounds
  12. I have just started a Tumblr art blog! Go check it out!
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