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  1. @WarTraveller I gotta say my favorite is the mosin nagant with the AK-47 stock and magazine, with the red dot scope. 🤣 Check out the literal bolt-action with the AK mag at 0.47.
  2. Little did he know, his horrible helicopter accident would give him the power of shootie hands!
  3. I bet you were. Glad to spend time with you now though.
  4. Glad you are followin' yer dreams, Logan. Liked your video. Thought it was neat. What kinda genre are you thinkin' of?
  5. Whoever thought that a brick phone could stop a nine-mil? Look how thick that case is! Who would though any phone case at all could stop a 50 cal. 😅
  6. I would try to skate board in the low gravity of Mars. You know, experiment. I would totally nail all those hard tricks then. 🤣
  7. Looks like something that wants to kill me in Fallout. Speaking of which:
  8. Hey @Akessel92 - Red told me you have a diploma in history. How hard was to really maintain and shoot black powder rifles in the early 1800's? How did they account for the steps to reload, while keeping a constant fire rate for rifle men back then?
  9. @Mike Arcade Hey Mike...it's your theme song.
  10. I am fan of Ford GT's and Chevy Pick-ups. I really appreciate the sleekness and how they run smoothly. The ones I like the most are soft-tops. Nothing beats a convertible. When you get a convertible you can push the top back and enjoy the rush of the wind, or leave it be and simply be slick and cool and go, real, real fast. But not too fast - don't be like poor Paul Walker. I am not a fan of Ford pick-ups. Always thought they left you dead in the road. When I was younger my dad had one and it always quit on him and left him on the side of the road.
  11. If I had a time-machine like Bobbert I would give myself some good advice and tell my 13 year old self to be mature around the women you date and avoid dip (tried it once and it was gross). It would be cool to go back to the western days and see what it was actually like. It would be cool to meet Billy the Kid (hopefully wouldn't try to rob me blind).
  12. Here's my Steam if Y'all want to play with me: beeler155 Soon I am going to get the new co-op game with Jason Vorheese. Looks awesome, especially the retro-outfit DLC. For now, if you guys like Sniper Elite Three or Left 4 Dead just send me message.
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