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  1. If I was a Sith Lord I'd probably trip over my own robes and kill all my stormtroopers accidentally with my light-saber. I confuse all the other Sith when I would stick with a blue light saber. "Cuase it's my favorite color." 😋 Cheeze would probably try to Jedi mindtrick people into goofy pranks. He'd be force lifting people on roofs and into lakes. Only imagine how many fart jokes he would make with the power of the darkside. __ I like how the new Halloween theme has an older sound to it. The piano sounds creaky and deep. I think it fits an older Micheal very
  2. I feel like the new Sonic movie is something you can enjoy as a kid and an adult. But there are many movies are not like that. Dear White People is an example I don't like. Making a whole story about skin color makes me uncomfortable. When I was little, I watched a lot of Looney Tunes, that has jokes in it that make me laugh just as much today. So stupid they took this guy's gun. You really can't have Sam without them.
  3. Couldn't that cause a time paradox? Be a shame if you ended up causing people to keep forever shipping Sonic and Amy instead of Sonic and Sally. The butterfly effect is scary. 😑
  4. Oh cool! They have the movie design in my size! Might put that on my Christmas list. Winks and nudges to all my friends. 😄 https://www.hottopic.com/product/sonic-the-hedgehog-halloween-scary-fast-trio-t-shirt/14526990.html?cgid=tees#q=Sonic the Hedgehog&start=1 Cool color scheme! Like the graphic cross-hatches for shadows, makes it feel like its moving. Sonic dressed up as Dracula is clever. I'd hate to be chased by a vampire that could go very fast. Don't think even Red could outrun that, and he in track and field. @Mike definitely wouldn't make it. Think he's glued to his couc
  5. Happy Halloween! It's comin' soon!

  6. I watched the Duke's of Hazard when I was real little. It's sad that anyone would want to take it off the air. I feel like stories are actually getting less diverse nowadays. When I was a kid people respected people, and racism felt like a thing of the passed. I feel people try to see it everywhere, and are obsessed with it now. My first childhood kiss was with a beautiful black girl behind the garden shed. 🤣 Remember when I let my dad know, he just laughed. "Oh now you tell me." 🤣 I wish people were more carefree again. They are just so uptight now. I use to watch the old 70's cartoons w
  7. That's real funny. Who know you could steak with a cheap mirror. 🤣
  8. I just feel into a glitch, in Sonic Racing: Transformed. It's in the Afterburner level. I somehow clipped through a wall of a destroyed boat and got caged inside. Thankfully, the game automatically fixes it if something like that goes too long. Still ended up in seventh place to tenth place though. Oh shoot! 😒 I wish I got that in the game! I'd come in first place! 😝 @SGT Rock Vox@Sorzo - I tag you guys to share some glitch stories.
  9. Sad to hear about the loss of Judge Ginsberg. I don't agree with her at all, especially about self-defense and issues about baby's lives. Cancer kills too many, it took my mother away. I would not wish it on no body. Pancreatic cancer is suppose to be one of the most painful ones. I think Amy Barret will be a better justice. I really respect her adoptions of poor children, and how she values lives. You can't really can't be fighting for equality and then throw little lives like those away. I think she may be different than Ginsberg in the way she does things, but she will do better at a
  10. It's funny how much beautiful fantasy places are inspired by real life. New Zealand has basically inspired not just the Lord of The Rings movies, but also Narnia's films too. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2015/dec/03/star-wars-abandoned-tunisian-locations-in-pictures @Sorzo Tattoine still exists to this day in Tunania, North Africa. It's tourist hotspot. Which is good, because there ain't nothin' else there but dirt an' dust! 😅
  11. I went to By-water Orchard and Pumpkin Patch in Georgetown Kentucky the other day. It was really worth going. I went there once on a tour to see how they grow pumpkins. Learned a lot. Help watch the kids in our church group, got a bump on my head for all my trouble. Went down a slide with @KlayaThePitbull nephews and got smacked with the lip of the closed tube-slide. 🤪 At this age, I prefer the country store and the hayrides. Bough a peck of Joangold apples, and sugar free apple butter. Corn Maze is really fun, especially during the night tour. I think @IronCheeze has already talked about our
  12. I just really started playing the games! Really like them. I came to the Sonic fandom later in my life. I am no kid, and been adult for a while, but Sonic is so, so for everyone. It has a lot for everybody, and so many different versions of its stories. It's you guys who actually got me into it so much. It started with the multiplayer games, which are real fun, by the way. There are lot of friendly people in the fandom, happy to bring you in. Being invited to the new Sonic movie by @Mike Arcadeand @TheRedStranger really got me into the other stuff more seriously. Just starting to watch the car
  13. If I had a time machine, you would want to see the future too. But I'd really like to go back and time and see the early discovery of America. During the Christopher Columbus days, and see the early Caribbean. I bet it's not the way the history books nowadays says it is either way. Yeah, I think a lot of that stuff has been politicized and taken out of context, either way. The natives don't sound like they were very great to Columbus and vice versa all the time. We all make mistakes, especially in groups. I'd love to do some genealogy and see my ancestors, see what made me me. My great,
  14. I just played through the first grand prix on Sonic All Stars Racing: Transformed. It was fun. I like the changes between vehicle types. I like the car to boat parts the most. It's pretty neat weave around in the waves, then jump and drift on all four of your wheels back into a car. Still trying to get a hold of the plane parts, because up is dowards and the down is upwards. Red says that how it is to fly an actual plane. There is a way to fix that, and if you have trouble you can use fly assist. But that won't help me get better, so I am learning how to do it normally. Really love the music.
  15. I think Sega should make official plushies of these, because people will pay for it. There is ones I'd like to see that I have not seen a lot of, like there are no Archie ones sadly, but I have not even seen Sally one ever, and I was around in the 90's to remember when she was popular. They are really missing out. I think fans of the old cartoons would love to have one of Antoine, Sally, Rotor, and Bunnie. And you could even do their different modern costumes with these same molds and bodies. It would be cheap and easy money!
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