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  1. For a while I've been planning out this project, and now it's finally been updated: Sonic: Genesis Nexus You can read the story on the following sites: Fanfiction.net Deviantart Archive of Our Own I'm also still looking for co-writers, so if you're interested, please PM me!
  2. Sea Daggers (Desert Raiders): A group of Pirates that reside in the Sol Dimension. They have made a name for themselves by specifically targeting other pirates that harm the innocent, having gone toe-to-toe with Captain Whisker, Captain Metal, and various others. Nephthys the Vulture: The leader of the team, having lost her home after Boltbeard's Pirates raided it for Treasure, she founded the team and managed to disrupt his entire operation, stealing one of his ships as a result. She is responsible for leading coordinated attacks. Spike the Porcupine: He acts as the fi
  3. Here comes another post-SGW character: Eclipse the Darkling: During the war between the Black Arms and the Xorda, one of the Black Arms' ships just barely managed to get through the warp gate, crash landing near one of Dr. Eggman's bases. The alien proceeded to decimate several badnick forces before it was finally killed, getting Dr. Eggman's attention. Upon seeing the body of the creature, Eggman came to the conclusion that it would only be a matter of time before another invasion hit their world, and he needed to be ready this time. Utilizing the data he had gathered on S
  4. Thought up another Pre-SGW bio for a Post-SGW character: Phage the CyberCat: When E.V.E. hurled herself into the star, she truly thought that her existence had come to an end... what she did not expect was for the star to contain hundreds of Yellow Chaos Emeralds. The mystic nature of the Chaos Emeralds combined with her unique amalgamation of technology ended up transferring her conscience into the Emeralds. Her mind was forced into a state of suspended animation, not completely aware of her predicament. When the Emeralds were collected (along with the purple and other col
  5. Almost forgot about this one, I know it's technically not a character but its presence would be a major game-changer in the old reality: The Sky Patrol: By this point in the series, the Freedom Fighters NEEDED a battleship as an answer to the Death Egg. So, Team Freedom and Team Fighters combined their forces to easily overpower the remaining members of Battle Bird Armada and commandeer their airship. Upon bringing it back to New Mobotropolis, Nicole would use her nanites remodify the exterior of the airship and alter its appearance (Yes the cannons and main tower would stick ou
  6. While I get that certain fans' feelings on the new characters after the reboot are mixed, I would like to see ideas on how they could be handled if they were introduced into the pre-reboot continuity. What could be done differently with them? Would they have different lives and backstories? Well, I have a few ideas that I hope will get the creative juices for this concept flowing! ---- Axel the Water Buffalo & Thunderbolt the Chinchilla: Born in Efrika, these two grew up in an environment where their village was regularly harassed by the local gangs. The duo s
  7. Well for writing experience I have decent amount of fanfic under my belt, (at least 30), materialize we're still planning things out, at the moment we have a small prologue and half of the first chapter. We also have several google documents were we plan the overall story. I could PM you more details.
  8. He's the one who told me about this site, we've been going back and forth sharing ideas. I meant writing wise.
  9. I understand, it's a little more convenient when I'm using it, but I can get that it's not for everyone. On another note, do you know any more particular writers who would be interested in getting on board this project?
  10. Thank you for the offer! Do you by any chance have a Discord account?
  11. For a while I've been planning out this project, while also scouting out and trying to find co-writers... But I think I should start with the main premise: The story takes place in the Archie World: Post-SGWs Sometime after the Dark Gaia incident, things have mostly settled down, the world is at peace, and Dr Eggman has gone surprisingly silent in the last few months... However, that all changes when a Genesis Portal opens up, revealing an individual who looks exactly the Blue Blur himself; Zonic. The Zone Cop reveals that he needs the Freedom Fighters to help in a n
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