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  1. Been waiting to go out all day, for the rain to stop. Rain stops, I go out, heavens open. FML.

    1. Ishapar


      My region could actually use some rain.  The corn and soybean crops are pretty small for this time of the year.

  2. I don't think you're going to get many responses on that one, Mike.
  3. Welcome to the site, glad to have more people here. Also great to see another artist.
  4. Akessel raises a good point, but I think F07E knocks it out of the park in how they come across. A villain doesn't always do what they do out of malice. A great many villains do what they do for "the greater good (The greater good)" and are ultimately in the right, but end up opposing the heroes and causing misery because of it. The problem is that it was handled without a lot of nuance. Hamlin champions the cause to have Sally court-martialed, and in the very same issue was confirmed to be pursuing his own agenda. Now, if this had been kept off the table for a little while, until the characte
  5. It's broken again. Cursor is now jumping back to earlier text and deleting/typing over it.
  6. I saw a suggestion that he'd just be a multiplayer/co-op character.
  7. Because SEGA aren't doing what you wanted, they're making a smaller Classic game (Good!) and releasing it alongside a bigger Modern game (Good!) and shoehorning Classic-style gameplay into the Modern game to please the Mega Drive whiners (Bad!).
  8. I'll be honest, the trailer looked awesome... right up until Classic Sonic appeared. His appearance tells me that this game is going to involve "Because time travels" and I'm going to spend half my 3D game in 2D even though they're making a 2D game and could've just kept them separate. I brought this up in the SKype chat, but how long do you think it'll be before desperate fanboys take the grimmer setting and the tagline "Join the resistance" as absolute proof that the FF are definitely going to be in the game?
  9. At first I wanted to argue that the Council weren't exactly villains, but then I looked at the lineup: Rotor: Did the right thing every time but always got outvoted. Chuck: Basically lost his spine and just went along with the rest of the council, and maybe went behind their backs to do the opposite, but didn't have the guts to publicly oppose them. Dylan: Did nothing and agreed with the others. Penelope: DId nothing and agreed with the others. Rosemary: Seemed to be trying to screw the FF over for some reason, probably jealous that Nature vs. Nuture went the way of th
  10. Not sure how unpopular this one is, but hey, I'm testing the waters: Sonic 3&K is the best classic game, and it bothers me to no end that, outside of one level in Generations, it's been pretty much ignored by SEGA's nostalgia pandering, though the Sonic Mania teaser seems to take a cue from it.
  11. That would probably look really cool if SEGA hadn't been pulling the "IT'S STILL 1992, RIGHT GUYS!?" card since 2010. At least Tails and Knuckles are back, I guess? I mean, we've had no gameplay footage of them, but still? Also not liking the amount of reused assets. If they're intent on doing a rehash, at least give it a fresh coat of paint and make some new character art. I'm pretty sure that's the only image of classic Knuckles that they've got.
  12. For an update, the bug persists even when the tab is closed and a new one is opened. Why a comment box autosaves in the first place, I don't know.
  13. Double-header here. Trying to respond to a comment, unfortunately, after adding a quote, I couldn't type outside the quote box. I tried to refresh to take a different approach, only to see that either the old problem of the comment box autosaving and keeping the same problem is back, or it was never fixed in the first place.
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