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  1. First and foremost - you gotta love the atmospheric music, designs, love and effort put into this film and it's subsequent lore. The plot is simple and solid at its foundation yet innovative beyond its core concept ("slasher in a haunted house"). It brought horror into the cold confines of space without jumping the shark. The blend of serious dystopian sci-fi (a hard-sci-fi version of Lucas-style "dirty-space") and horror gave us a frightening form of futuristic horror that helped bring the film out of the cheesey mire of prior B-movies that tried to mix scifi and horror (including its comical prototype Darkstar). Basically the anti-Starwars of its time, it paved the way for a grand and meaningful view of space with its rich themes about corporativism, the duplicitousness of technology, mistrust, and humanity's possible promises and dark pitfalls beyond our earth from a more macrbe perspective of solid sci-fi scary story rather than a futuristic take on high-fantasy. It was a significant evolution in film and open the door to popularizing many of the dystopian, neo-gothic, and technically-rich design styles of people like Ron-Cobb and H.R Geiger, who arguably would even influence the artwork and backgrounds of works like our forum-favorite Satam. It would also rocket the genre of sci-fi-horror to help later give us films like John-Carpenter's The Thing, the Borg from Star-Trek, and games like Dead Space.
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