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Found 6 results

  1. Knew these existed, but finally found them online: http://www.milkcapmania.co.uk/Wackers/812-Sonic-the-Hedgehog.html http://www.milkcapmania.co.uk/World-POG-Federation-WPF/Canada-Games/63-Kool-Aid-Sonic-The-Hedgehog.html http://www.milkcapmania.co.uk/Wackers/1094-Sonic-The-Hedgehog-Auchan.html Kind of a real Blast to the Past.
  2. Hey there guys, so I was stumbling around regarding info on AoSTH for a certain Writer Royale topic when I discovered this obscure piece, it's from Milton Knight who if you don't know worked on AoSTH. In fact he designed the iconic AoSTH Robotnik that continues to live as a meme to this day. I found this on his website and since you could technically call this a lost episode of sorts I thought I might as well post it here, I'm not linking his site as it has some rather dubious content on there. So everyone please enjoy and let me know your thoughts on this episode that could have been, but was
  3. In the next line up of Sonic Reconstructed we have...AOSTH!?! How is this possible you may ask? I DARE YOU THAT'S WHY!!! @_@ But seriously I do think this show does have some merits, it's completely insane but hey it's also really fun, like a cracked out version of Road Runner cartoons, that being said let's begin. Why didn't Robotnik make more badniks for his SSSSS Squad like Scratch, Grounder, or Coconuts?
  4. We enter some crazy territory as we open up a WCHBD for AoSTH, what if things ended up quite differently for this syndicated cartoon? Well let's see here... What if Katella was my successful and made a name for herself, would that effect other episodes and make her a recurring character?
  5. What is your favourite episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog?
  6. Another in the popular series, WWYDD! Start with a story element make it your way, although we should say "story" loosely here anyway, as it's AoSTH. But despite popular belief, it does have it's own canonical story , and even had a few recurring and returning characters. With that say, let's begin! How would you handle AoSTH Sonic, whose probably the most good guy and paragon Sonic of all?
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