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Found 5 results

  1. This thread is to discuss, recount, and revel in all your favorites seasonal/holiday moments! Thought is was fitting for the upcoming autumn and Halloween season to open this thread up. Any of you have any specific ones to share?
  2. I made one of these for holiday movies, thought I should make one for TV shows. I will start off talking about Halloween and spooky-kooky stuff, because its so close to Halloween. So...What do you like better? The Munsters or Adam's Family?🎃
  3. Hey guys, what's your favorite Halloween movies? My favorites are the Halloween series, Beetlejuice, first Casper movie, and Hocus Pocus. I like both funny-scary and classic slasher movies. One of my guilty pleasures is Madea Boo. My favorite part is where Medea punches the clown up in the attic in the face, same with Hatti getting decked. "Heck no she just punched me like a dang dude." 😅
  4. ERMAGERD it's Christmas again! Guess that means I have to celebrate it! And I will do so, with this rather neat little story I cooked up. I apologise if it's a little...rushed, but I didn't start it until the first of this month, so...yeah, didn't have a lot of time. We'll be doing this by chapter, one a day, until Christmas Eve. Ready? Here we go! This Story will Contain: Scenes of Violence Some scenes of a somewhat sexualised nature A plot taken mostly cribbed from Payday 2 And a lot of Anvilicious Crimbo warbling Chapter 1: HudHox Perry Martin Presents.
  5. [Moderate Language] [Idealogically Sensistice Content] ----- This is a short piece I've done for my Non-fiction class. This event happened about 5 years ago, just a few months before graduating high school. Anyone may read it and if you have an idea to make it better, by all means share away. Just note that this is a first draft and is pretty rough. -Nagol JonesTheNote.docx
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