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  1. After the Sly Cooper movie was revealed in 2014 and expected to hit theaters in 2016 only to disappear without a trace, fans were left anxious as to its fate. It turns out that fans of the beloved franchise are getting something else entirely: an animated TV series! The series will be produced by Technicolor Animation, which most of us will know for being the team behind the second season of Sonic Boom. We don't have any screenshots, teasers, etc. for the TV show just yet, but we do have a basic plot synopsis: " Sly Cooper follows the adventures of an irresistibly charismatic raccoon, a modern-day Robin Hood, who restores justice to his city one theft at a time. Sly is aided by his two best friends, a muscular hippo named Murray and a brainy turtle named Bentley. Hot on Sly’s trail is Inspector Carmelita Fox, a morally upright cop with an unfortunate crush on the charming bandit, as well as a band of villains, each one more strange and colorful than the last." My assumption would be they plan on adapting the games, as the film was basically going to retell the first game's story, but the "his city" part puts that in doubt, as Sly Cooper is a franchise about committing heists all over the world. We'll have to see if he's still a world traveler, or if the plot will be focused on the city of Paris (presumably). Based on that single promotional image, I think it's a safe bet they're going to end up using the movie's designs for the TV series. For those of you who haven't seen the film's models, here is the trailer for the Sly Cooper film, which is presumably on hiatus for now: For longstanding fans of the franchise, two of the biggest issues were Sly's change in voice actor and the change in Murray's design. With the move of the show to TV, though, the odds of Sly's usual voice actor - Kevin Miller - coming back are high. It remains to be seen if Murray will keep his design. I will say though. When I said this show would be Sly Boom, I didn't expect it to literally be so!
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