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  1. Everyone, I've got some big news! Thanks to Sonic Lore Database over on Discord, I've obtained what appears to be the Complete Collection of the Sonic Manga, published by Shogakukan. That's right, all the Japanese Originals are now available to you or anyone that's curious on what it holds. This is the same series that Amy and Charmy originally came from. Along with other characters that were designed with the assistance of Sega of Japan themselves! This is truly a monumental moment for all Sonic fans, and if any of you can read Japanese or know someone that can translate them, let us know. What secrets does this long dormant series hold? Let's find out! https://t.co/ZUBRFtEsEd https://t.co/HO54u1bj0X https://t.co/TUeQ1RTSGH https://drive.google.com/file/d/13O04Yv7bhLuLPk4pFfSS0mQYtB5l9BA-/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AznOPSlMf3CSxrujwThQqnUyUXP51SNE/view?usp=drivesdk https://t.co/tIticzlisn
  2. https://www.nintendoenthusiast.com/upcoming-sonic-audio-drama-unites-an-all-star-voice-cast-of-fans-and-pros/ Stop the presses everyone! A new audio series is coming out from Emi Jones. Most noticeable thing? Mike Pollock is gonna voice Eggman for this fan series...and Ryan Drummond returns as Sonic in this fan series for the first time since Sonic Advance 3! I'm excited to see how this turns out.
  3. Here we are, the main Cancelled Sonic Game that every fan should know, the significance of Sonic X-treme is far more important then you could possibly realize. It doesn't matter if you're an SoJ, SoE, or SoA Sonic fan, because it's seemingly inevitable doom shook and changed the foundation of Sonic and it's fate as a series forever. It brought about SoJ taking back control over Sonic in terms of the games, stunning SoA Canon to only that of the Archie Comic, and with that led to the path Sonic is on today. Not only that, but Sonic X-treme's legacy, content, and even it's story has effected the series and games to this very day, if you look closely like I have you can see the grand picture of it and how it all comes together and realize the truth of the series...but I'm getting ahead of myself here, we need to look into Sonic X-treme and it's development before I can show you just what I'm talking about. Hope you're ready, cause it's going to be a bumpy ride, trust me I don't have a driver's license. ACT I: From Mobius to Mars The development of Sonic X-treme and it's legend didn't start off as X-treme, they couldn't have imagined the amount of work and struggle could have gone into this, but the pressure of this game can be felt from day one. You see, as Sonic & Knuckles was being developed Sega didn't want Sonic to lose momentum in the eye of the public, Sega's US branch Sega Technical Institute was given the task to make the next big main title after Sonic & Knuckles was released. How it started off at first though is quite different then what you would expect, in fact much like Sonic Spinball they once more used the background of a much different from the Sonic World of the games. http://info.sonicretro.org/Sonic-16 That's right, the original version of Sonic X-treme was a SatAM based game that was being developed! Would have taken place on Mobius, had Sally in it and presumably had other characters from the show. Now why didn't this come out however we can thank Yuji Naka of all people. It's been said that upon seeing this he gave the project a "thumbs down" and thus this pitch of Sonic X-treme ended up not being picked up. http://info.sonicretro.org/Untitled_STI_Sonic_Game So the in-between moments after Sonic-16's unfortunate rejection and Sonic Mars is quite sketchy, but suffice to say they once more pitched a slower paced game that you see up above, this pitch was made before Sonic 3D was ever developed, this too just like Sonic-16 was also rejected. Afterwards however the saying 3rd times the charm would be true in a sense as it's 3rd incarnation would be green-lit... http://info.sonicretro.org/Sonic_Mars Sonic Mars, originally developed for the Sega 32X was that charm, the only one of the 16-bit era to be green lit this one was developed a lot more then previous pitches. A script regarding the game play, story, and playable characters we're all developed and they managed to get something working with it. The initial plan is that Sonic has to venture to a place called Mirco Mobius that Robotnik is trying to take over and has also kidnapped Tails, Knuckles, Sally, and Bunnie, all of which would have been playable including newcomer and rival to Sally for Sonic's Affection Tiara Boobowski (known as Cyberoowski at the time). If this material got out this would have put more power and narrative to a more SoA/Mobius Canon, however none of this was meant to be. When Yuji Naka got a glimpse of their work at one point he could only sake his head and state, "good luck". Internal Conflicts came ahead as lead designer Michael Kosaka and game director Dean Lester, what sort of conflict and such details aren't known but regardless this lead to Kosaka leaving in 1995, soon after that with no lead designer an inexperienced Chris Senn was given the job as lead designer, at the same time some big changes were coming with the Sega Saturn in tow development for the game was transferred over to it and sadly in turn all SatAM elements were dropped as well, sadly Sally and Bunnie as well as Mobius didn't make the cut, leading to several different game and stories being pitched as it slowly start to take form to what we know of it today, however at the cost of a more SoA canon. Sonic Mars was no more, during this transitional period several story pitches were made, eventually only one would be selected along with a new title for this game, known as Sonic X-treme. Much like Sonic Mars however it would have a troubling development, much more so then whatever conflicts Kosaka and Lester had... ACT II: The X-treme Factor http://info.sonicretro.org/Sonic_X-treme After a troubling development cycle, Chris Senn was given Kosaka's job as lead designer despite being inexperience and never having this sort of position before. Despite that work went by quick to develop the newly titled Sonic X-treme as the Saturn was being released with development spilt into two teams, one by Chris Senn and programmer Ofer Alon who developed the main game with the world and levels while the second team lead by Chris Coffin who made the engine for the boss fights. It seemed like everything was set in stone as both teams were watched by developer Mike Wallis, both smaller teams were meant to make things easier but in turn made things much more difficult with much confusion and miscommunication between both teams. Ofer's engine was originally developed for the Macintosh, however to make things much easier and to develop it for the saturn it was switched over to the PC. Now their gameplay worked just fine on the PC, just as how it was suppose to, however when they attempted to port it to the Sega Saturn was not great, the earliest ports having the game's frame rate around three to four FPS. With a bunch of delays in internal strife once more prominent Sega decided to bring in outside assistance. A new company known as Point of View were brought in to help development for the game, however as it turns out this only made development even worse. They took over programming for the game, originally they were meant to port Ofer's work to the Saturn what ended up happening was Ofer being demoted. Both Senn and Alon were rather livid about this as POV became another component to Sonic X-treme and making things somehow even worse then before. POV basically started from scratch by porting an older version of the game engine to the Saturn, they had just as much difficulty as Alon did in turn. What became the catalyst for Sonic X-treme happened in March of 1996, with Sega of Japan representatives along with then president of SoJ Hayao Nakayama. Time was not on their side, for Chris and Ofer nor POV were ready for this, however Chris and Ofer had much more work on their engine and along with POV both were going to show what they have. In a twist of fate however Chris and Ofer were late to the meeting,when SoJ got there all they saw were POV's work. Needless to say Nakayama was furious at their work, he essentially threw a hissy fit at POV's results unaware of Chris and Ofer's Engine and work. He told STI to make the rest of the game like what was shown from the Boss Engine. Chris got there earlier then Ofer but couldn't delay them, thus SoJ was gone by the time Ofer got there. Due to Nakayama's irrational decision the main gameplay of Sonic X-treme was no more, rejected. With a Christmas release near by and Ofer's work dropped the situation grew bleaker and desperate, SoA looked upon the engine of Nights into Dreams as a last hope, however once more SoJ would prevent this effort as well... ACT III: The Condor's Call, Naka's Deception In a last ditch effort CEO of SoA at the time Burnie Stolar asked Sega if they could used the Nights into Dreams engine as Sonic X-treme Team was desperate for tools, an engine, and very short on time. Luckily for them they got the engine and were quite adapt with it quickly learning how it works within two weeks. This last ditch effort to make Sonic X-treme was known as Project Condor, however this effort proved to be in vain as another piece of SoJ once more prevented the game's completion, this time coming directly from Sonic Team. Yuji Naka became aware of their endeavor with using his engine to make their game, rather then being sympathetic with their cause despite telling this team once before "good luck" he was not happy that they were using his work without his permission and threatened Sega that he would quit if they continued their work with the Nights Engine. Because of SoJ once more, Sonic X-treme was once again brought back to square one. Chris Senn worked tirelessly to make the game a reality, living in his office, sleeping in it, working night and day as the end date grew ever closer. The strain of the project became too much as he was told by Doctor's on August of 1996 he had approximately 6 months to live if he kept this up, and so Chris Senn dropped out of the project, they weren't going to make the dead line. In the end Sonic X-treme was no more, despite one more shot at making the game only for the PC that attempt was also rejected. Chris and Ofer's work would never be released, the game was to never be made, The nail in the coffin was Ofer, sick of his treatment by the company, left Sega and never looked back. Thus brought an end of an era. ACT IV: Hidden Mythos: The Truth of Sonic X-treme We know all this, I mean you can see the links and read the story yourself of how it all came to be, but what's not talked about when it comes to Sonic X-treme is it's story, all the lore that was developed during it's creation that seems to be ignored by all, even the most hardcore fans can barely recall what was going to happen in-game. So what was going to happen, how many stories could there possibly have been? http://info.sonicretro.org/Sonic_X-treme_storylines Quite a number of them, Sonic Mars aside there we're 6 other pitches alone regarding Sonic X-treme each under a different name. Now in the beginning I mentioned this "truth" regarding Sonic X-treme, that applies to the story as by reading them you slowly realize this, Sonic X-treme became the basis for many Sonic titles after it's cancellation. This crosses a bit more into speculation, but you too can see the lines connect. In the pitches known as Sonic Saturn and Sonic Doom, both have the common theme of the Master Emerald end up breaking and releasing an ancient evil....MUCH like that of Sonic Adventure 1. While the takes on it are slightly different the inspiration of it can't be ignored, I would go so far to say that Sonic Team saw this script and took inspiration from it to make Sonic Adventure. Though Sonic Doom's ChaosDoom does things quite differently then Sonic Adventure's Chaos I'd say there's more to it then that, notice the name ChaosDoom...could it be that ChaosDoom itself became the inspiration for Black Doom and The Black Arms? ChaosDoom seems more alien in a few ways then Chaos is after all. Enemies and bosses who use elements are few and far between within Sonic after X-treme but are around such as Chaos and Iblis of course, Blaze and Zeena could also be argued that they are "Element Keepers" in a way. Lastly the final story line for Sonic X-treme is very much like Sonic Colors with planetoids being taken over by Robotnik and aliens called "Mips" instead of Wisps. And lest we forget how similar the gameplay's esthetics are to that of the game Sonic Lost World, I would go so far to say Sega and Sonic Team have used Sonic X-treme's concepts throughout the years sparingly, which isn't that big of a claim as companies do use older works from time to time and make something new out of it, in Sonic X-treme's case I would say that is in fact the case. The Truth is even to this day Sonic X-treme and it's concepts have been used and seen throughout the years, while we were all unaware of this the whole time. It's because of Sonic X-treme and it's cancellation that this has come to pass, that we are where we are today due to this game's Lost Legacy. ACT V: Aftermath. After everything we've seen what more can we say? Sega of Japan and Sega in general seemed to have had a bias to the project from the start, why even give such a project to STI in the first place? Why did Sonic Team not make any Sonic game during that era anyway? Sonic Team as far as I know wanted to take a break from Sonic, hence why we saw games like NiGHTS into Dreams and Burning Rangers, that's my reasoning on why STI we're given the go for the next big Sonic game. Could things have been different had any of these games came out? Would SatAM be more prominent had Sonic-16 been made without Naka's vote of no confidence? Could Sonic Mars make the Sega 32X a hit? Had Senn and Alon made it in time could have Sonic X-treme be saved? Who can say, we may never have those answers, around that time during the Saturn Era meant that SoJ slowly took control back from SoA and took reigns on everything. This transitional period I'd say not only doomed Sega's Console endeavors but Sonic X-treme as well. It seemed like SoJ just wanted everything while breaking SoA down despite how much success they had, such a discussion is a tale for another day. What can be said is that Sonic X-treme should never be forgotten, as all of it's story in it's development and lore should be known so that future generations can learn from those mistakes, because had it been completed as intended we could have had a much different Sonic then we do today. I don't know if Sonic X-treme would have been that good of a game had it come out but I would have liked to see a world where it got to be on store shelves, on PC, in Sega Re-releases. Some fans have attempted in remaking Sonic X-treme over the years but nothing but only a few demos have come out from it, we have gotten concept art, music, textures, and a bunch of work from it though, we may never get all of it or Oler's Engine, we may never get the whole story from everyone's perspective even. But we must keep it's legend alive, alive so that fans everywhere can know what happened and what could have been. http://info.sonicretro.org/Sonic_Saturn http://info.sonicretro.org/Sonic_Xtreme_Compendium I didn't mention Sonic Saturn because I believe it to be some sort of form of Sonic X-treme, but it's details on that are extremely unclear even to me, it seems likely though. Chris Senn for the longest time had a site dedicated to giving fans the knowledge and what he had on Sonic X-treme during his time on the project. The site got show down years ago but it's content is available for download and pieces of concept art are all around online. Sega may have wanted you to forget about Sonic X-treme, but I won't let it be forgotten, and I'm glad I wrote this topic down for everyone here. Thank you for your time and have a good one. So with that all said and finally done, which of these incarnations would you guys have liked to seen and play, Sonic-16? Sonic Mars? Sonic Doom? Sonic X-treme? Let me know your thoughts and views everybody, keep X-treme alive!
  4. Welcome to WWYDD, this time regarding everyone's favorite swan song to Sega's Hardware life...the Dreamcast. Specifically that of Sonic's brief time on there and the games made around this era, so what could have been different for our favorite blue hedgehog in this era? Well let's see here... How would you handle the whole "Faker" plot that got Sonic captured by GUN at the beginning of SA2?
  5. Welcome to the another edition of WCHBD, today we'll ask how our favorite ivory box the Dreamcast could have gone along with the Sonic Series as a whole. With that said let's kick things off with a rather particular one I've wondered in my life. What if the Dreamcast used DVDs for storing their games instead of their own disk format?
  6. Well it's finally here, the 2nd 3DS Sonic Boom game from Sanzaru Games is out now and despite some worries and them not working on it for months on end it looks like it turned out quite well, getting multiple decent to good reviews! So with that said, have any of you gotten to play the game? If so or not, either way what are your thoughts on mixing Fire and Ice? The answer to mixing them is Water BTW. XP
  7. Sonic has gone through a lot of incarnations throughout the years and yet while made in Japan, never really took off well no matter what Sega did, however that's not to say they didn't try, as there is one incarnation rarely mentioned but not well archived, that being obviously (aside from the Sonic Novels) the Sonic Mangas. Now when it comes to Sonic and that popular format of comics known as Mangas, there are 3 known main incarnations, one being the promo Manga for the first Sonic game, one being made post Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, then of course there are the stories of Nicky Parlouzer and Sonic. http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/Sonic_the_Hedgehog_Story_Comic http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/Sonic_the_Hedgehog_(manga) http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/Dash_%26_Spin;_Super_Fast_Sonic!! *Warning: Sonic the Hedgehog Story Comic contains Strong Language* In these links here, particularly with the first link, the comic is translated into English, and oddly enough contains some strong language as the end result of the translation. The Story Comic is an adaption of Sonic 1 and is meant to promote the first game, similar to the effect of the American Sonic Promo Comic. It's quite odd and surreal and you have human girls with fake animal ears and noses, Scrap Brain for example has it's beta name Clock Work Zone even! It's interesting to see how they marked Sonic's debut in Japan. Dash and Spin is a Gag Manga, made around 2003 post Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, there isn't really a story and it's just completely nuts with crazy expressions and jokes that don't translate well honestly, as far as I know only 1 or 2 stories of Volume 1 are translated into English though I might be wrong, I looked into this one the least honestly. Now the 2nd and most well known of the obscure Sonic Mangas are the ones with Nicky Parlouzer, an alter ego for Sonic the Hedgehog whose identity as Sonic is unknown even to himself. Most famously enough Amy Rose and Charmy Bee made their debut in these Mangas albeit in a completely different way then how they ended up translated to the games. This gave Sonic somewhat of an origin story aside from the Mary Garnet Story (which was actually told at the end of the Story Comic, and brought back for the 10th Anniversary SA2 Collectors Edition), in one story Nicky asks his dad Paulie who Sonic is and tells him that Sonic once saved his life, not only that but the person that found him safe after the plane crash was his future wife Brenda, giving Sonic a possible Mystical Origin, as vague as it is. You also have Eggman under the name Dogman in public, Parents for Nicky along with a sister (Sister Sonic? XP), a bully that tries to go out with Amy, all having misadventures with Nerdy, Shy Nicky trying to believe himself only to end up turning into Sonic and saving the day, having no idea he was the one who turned into Sonic. There are rumored to be around 10 or so stories minus 2 known Special Books as listed on the 2nd link, and even then it's not known or confirmed if that's true, there could be more or less even, that's how obscure the mangas are, somehow more obscure then the Novels. The Mangas do not deserve to be forgotten, they should be archived and yet they have been withheld to those who found them and translated to English, while the translated have been down for years, the only evidence of the Nicky Parlouzer stories are those put up on Youtube. Spin and Dash only has a few stories translated into english, and thankfully a full translation of the Story Comic is available on the Sonic Wikia. However the Original Scans of all these Mangas have not been seen in a long time... This I feel is something to be rectified, if you or anyone you know have the original scans please let us know, we can't let these Sonic Stories die off as they answer some long lost questions and possible origin stories to Sonic the Hedgehog, until then please post your thoughts and possible leads as we hope and shall discover this fascinating history of Sonic, and remember to believe in yourself like Nicky!
  8. Deep in the heart of the Mystic Ruins sat the long-abandoned Final Egg, a base structure used to construct one of the Doctor's greatest weapons, a cannon capable of inducing a Supernova. The device had been destroyed a few years ago, when the ship carrying it self-destructed, but there was no reason why he couldn't rebuild it in time.As it was, the base was too obvious once it had been located, and Eggman had abandoned it long ago, leaving most of its contents where they were. As Sonic had attacked alone, he didn't take much with him, and simply returned home. The only thing missing was Metal Sonic, which remained active among the mad human's forces. However, it had not been the only robot in storage there. Finally, many moons after the location had been left, the final backup generator ceased to function. Systems all over the base went into shutdown, machines grinding to a halt, terminals going dark, and the second stasis container failing. The figure within slumped into its metal harness, servos groaning after years of inactivity. It shifted, visor lighting up in gold and crimson, straining as a bright crimson flash erupted from its body.The cylinder shattered, glass and metal exploding outwards, shards peppering the walls. The harness incinerated, the droid slumped to its knees, head bowed. Its fists clenched, as it began to rise, placing one foot under itself, pushing its body upright. It stumbled forward, reaching out to brace itself against the opposing cylinder, which had once housed its older, smaller brother. It looked up, slowly taking in its own reflection.Its head shaped into three streamlined quills, one at the top and two at either side, with a few smaller ones in between. Its face was expressionless, a single visor-shaped optic sensor, and a smooth, mouthless muzzle. Mecha Sonic stood himself upright, the engines in his back firing up, launching him through the ceiling. After so long, he finally hung in the night air, gazing out over the ruins below. The energies of Chaos rippled through his body, as it began to flow through him once more. A few warnings flashed up on his visor, a informing him of lower power levels, faulty parts, and various other maladies. Those would have to be fixed before he could get anything else done. Turning away from the sky, he rocketed off into the night.***Two years later, the North PoleReginald Marshall was a soldier in the Egg Army, holding the rank of sergeant. Currently, the bulky form of the Mobian horse stood on the lip of the Death Egg's hangar, looking down at the icy cliffs that the station had embedded itself in. The shield was down for maintainence, so the door had to be guarded. What exactly his laser rifle was supposed to do to a Freedom Fighter aircraft, he wasn't sure, but the Doctor was firm in his assessment that they would not need rocket launchers, and he wasn't about to argue. He'd seen the fate of those that disappointed their Master, and he was determined not to share it.He shivered, not just from the thought of it, but from the cold. Even wrapped up in his multiple layers of winter clothing, the Arctic desert was a far cry from his familiar, warmer climates in Shamar, but he'd been chosen for the "honour" of Death Egg duty, and he wasn't going to refuse that either. Things like that made him wonder about the words of his Egg Boss. Nephthys had told him that the Freedom Fighters were a dangerous group, and in opposing Eggman, prolonged a war that would see the end of life as they knew it, with the doctor laughing triumphantly. And yet, he somehow doubted that Princess Sally would shove her friends into tiny, pitch-black boxes, unable to move but fully conscious, if they failed a mission. Or if she failed one and decided to shift the blame.The sharp beeping of a radar roused him from his contemplation, and he looked over at the screen. A single target, racing toward them at high speed. Too small to be an aircraft, too fast to be one of the Freedom Fighters' fliers, at least as far as he'd been informed."Hey Rich, you seeing this?" He shouted, turning out toward the tundra again. He tapped the metal side of his face, trying to get his cybernetic eye to focus. It had been sticking in the cold, not being designed for temperatures this low, but it broke free and zoomed out toward the likely location of the blip."It's on the radar, what is it, Reggie?" One of his comrades, an eagle, yelled back. "I'm trying to get a bead..." Finally, his eye picked something up. A blue figure, perhaps a head taller than him, a column of crimson fire driving him forward. "Looks like a blue bot or suit of some kind. Kinda hedgehog-shaped...""One of Lord Eggman's?""I'm not sure, looks better-made than his...""Heh, don't let 'im catch you sayin' that!"Feh, I'm not scared. What does he care about us? We don't matter to him until we fail." Reginald shrugged. "It's closer now... Yeah, no way that's a suit. THe proportions are all wrong. It's got a sort of visor-face, though... Weird.""Alright. I'mma go call this thing in. Might be a problem." Rich stood up and walked out of the room. "Won't be ten minutes."No more than a minute later, the figure landed with a heavy clang, before rising to its feet. Reginald coughed, wafting away the smoke from its engines, in time to see the newcomer staring at him. The machine had a masculine build, mostly encased in cobalt blue plate armour, with just his chestplate, muzzle, upper arms, cuffs and fingers being a paler blue, and his thighs, palms, and soles being black. Across the bottom of his upper torso ran a bar that held the same colours as his visor, crimson with a gold core. Its legs were long and bulky, its arms the same, and its shins and back contained rocket engines."Is the Doctor in?" His voice was deep, smooth, and not at all like a typical mindless automaton. "I need to see him.""Sorry, he's busy with his Egg Bosses, so he won't be disturbe-""I know, I want to see them too. That's why I came now." He waved his hand dismissively. Reginald growled at the machine's impudence, pointing his rifle at him. Wouldn't do anything with the safety on, but it might convince the machine to back off."Even if you do want to, we don't just let anyone in!" He narrowed his eyes. "And how did you know about the meeting?"The robot stared at the weapon for a moment, before casually swiping it. Heturned it over in his hands briefly, testing how well it fit, before squeezing it, mangling it into an unusable shape, casually tossing it over the side of the fortress. Reginald didn't hear it hit the bottom. The robot turned toward him fully, stepping closer, as it stared down at him. He gulped, one hand instinctively going to his holdout pistol."Surely, you must be aware of how lax the security is? How simple it is to get into the systems?" He folded his arms behind is back, head tilting slightly. The horse stroked his chin, metallic fingers grooming his beard. It was true, the droid was correct about the computer security. The vast majority of computers in the Eggman Empire used simple, easy to guess passwords, often the word itself with a number. "I just logged in checked the schedule." He shrugged. Despite the lack of mouth, Reginald practically felt him smiling."Who are you?""I am Mecha Sonic, a creation your master abandoned. I awoke from stasis when his Final Egg Base lost all power, and I've spent two years watching his "Empire" while I repaired and upgraded myself." He replied, spreading his arms. "Suffice to say, I'm not impressed. And you are?""Uh, Sergeant Reginald Marshall. I joined up because my region's Egg Boss, helped us. She says that, if we work with Eggman, we'll be better off than prolonging the war and getting more people hurt.""In your specific region, perhaps, but to the rest of the world, you're traitors and quislings, siding with the tyrants to save your own necks.""Nephthys has the local Freedom Fighters on her side, people believe in her.""And who is more foolish? The fool, or the fools that follow her?" The android sounded smug. He snapped his fingers, and Reginald's cybernetics jolted, his entire body locking up, freezing in place. "You're probably wondering what's happening, how I can trigger your failsafe... Well, with a system as poorly-defended as Eggman's, it was easy to find the killswitch. Then it was just a case of copying the signal and sending it."He circled around to Reginald's side, putting one hand on his shoulder. "It's a shame, really. You've shown some level of intuition, but I have no need for the gullible and the easily led."With that, he gave a push, sending the horse's locked body over the edge of the hangar, watching him plunge into the frozen abyss, before turning back toward the exit, stalking out of the hangar into the corridor. The warren of tunnels, passages, and hallways would've been a nightmare for an organic, and even the soldiers, who had been given maps, struggled. Mecha Sonic, however, had the complete plans in his processor. The design was hardly a practical one, deliberately designed to funnel an invader toward a large central room. The paths toward the areas like the bridge and the engine room were hidden, made to look less like the way to important parts of the station. The whole thing was a giant maze with an arena in the middle. A trap for the Freedom Fighters. But he was no Freedom Fighter, and he knew exactly where to look."HALT." He looked up from his musings to see a line of Eggpawns pointing their oversized blasters at him. His shoulders sagged slightly at the sight of the newer machines. "These are what he uses now... A bunch of children's toys." He raised a hand toward them, bypassing their meager defences and lodging his own programs in their processors, blue optics turning crimson. "Still, for now, they will have to suffice, and destruction would be a waste of material."The robots fell into step behind him, escorting him up to the elevator. With the new entourage, he passed by without a second glance. He looked to be just another part of the scenery. The sign on the door read "Conference Centre" in binary- At least there was some indication of where the correct path, and it would be infinitely more useful once he was finished. As the doors slid open, he sent a mental command to the Egg Pawns.'Stay here. Allow no-one to enter or exit until I am finished.' With that, he stepped inside, and found himself being propelled straight upwards. He lowered his head slightly, pausing for the brief moment of quiet. The day had been coming for so long, that his waiting and rebuilding could finally come to fruition. Everyone he needed to remove or change in one place. All the pieces on the board, so to speak. He looked at his own hands for a moment, clenching them into fists. 'Prepare yourself, my old master...'***In the conference room itself, Eggman placed himself at the head of the table, with the twelve Egg Bosses lined up on either side of the table. Orbot sat beside him, holding a screen, as the rotund scientist addressed his underlings."Welcome, my loyal servants, to the Death Egg!" He spread his arms wide. Reactions were varied. Most of the group looked suitably awed, Maw seemed to be grinning, while Clove and Nephthys looked apprehensive, Conquering Storm looked completely unamused, and Thunderbolt had an expression that he'd rather not inquire about. "I trust you're all comfortable?""Uh, boss, we're getting reports of a disturbance, and the cameras-""Silence, Orbot, there are more important things to discuss." Eggman pressed the spheroid robot's head down. "What do you all think?""It's certainly impressive..." Clove began."It's simply perfect! A magnificent testament to your genius, Doctor!" Thunderbolt interrupted. The pronghorn frowned at her, but before she could so much as clear her throat, Maw joined in."Indeed. With a weapon like this, no-one will dare challenge us.""Boss, I-""I must admit, I do have some concerns about the application." Nephthys spoke up. "This is the third Death Egg, is it not? The previous two did not exactly deter the hedgehog...""A good question, Nephthys, what makes this one better than the last ones? Simple: The shield cannot be penetrated by their aircraft." Eggman grinned."In theory." Orbot cut in. "Boss, I really must-"The diminutive robot was cut off when Thunderbolt threw her coffee mug at him, knocking him off the table."The station is very impressive, Doctor, but why did you call us away from our fronts to visit this place." Conquering Storm tented her fingers."I thought it was necessary to bring you all here, so you can see the nerve centre of the empire. The ground base is something that can be invaded by the Freedom Fighters and their allies, whereas this station requires aircraft to even reach, and, as I just explained, such an effort is futile.""All well and good when the station is flying, Doctor." The voice echoed from the corridor, as the door to the room slid open. "But alas, you are currently still grounded, with the shields down.""Who is that!?" Hood's eyes widened."Why did the door open!?" Eggman roared.A cold, harsh, grating laugh filled the air, followed by the sound of heavy, leaden footsteps, clunking ever closer. Slowly, the glowing visor and chest of Mecha Sonic became visible from the gloom, and Eggman began to hear someone panicking, trying to break himself free."I... don't believe it..." The doctor stood up slightly. "Mecha Sonic?""So you do remember me..." The robot replied, stepping into view, his right hand gripping the head of a flailing Cubot. The door slid closed behind him, locking itself."Why are you active?""The power in the Final Egg failed, and my stasis container deactivated, allowing me my freedom.""And you came straight here to rejoin, I imagine." He relaxed back a little."No, I got out two years ago. Since then, I've been waiting, watching, rebuilding myself, seeing how your Empire has progressed." He replied. "The verdict: Disappointing. Wasting your time with soldiers that fight amongst themselves, or fail to grasp the core requirements of their mission. Those that serve you for ulterior motives, and would ditch you in a heartbeat if another side offered them the same. And your creations... My... siblings... How are you meant to conquer anything with the most recent crop?" "Mecha Sonic,-""This one, for example." He hoisted Cubot up. "A defenseless, lazy, stupid machine that serves no purpose beyond providing half-baked criticism of your plans, which you immediately dismiss. In other words, a worthless waste of time and resources." He tightened his grip, metal screeching and crumpling, until, with a sharp crunch, the smaller robot's head compacting into a small lump, optic sensors popping out between his fingers. He dropped the limp machine to the ground, stepping over it. "How dare you insult your Master!" The pompous statement came not from the Doctor himself, as he had expected, but the small robot beside him. Thunderbolt hopped onto the table and began to storm toward the cobalt droid, teeth bared, sparks flying around her. She tensed, electricity arcing out at him, but none of it even darkened his paint, rippling over him without any effect. As she closed the gap, he raised one hand, and snapped his fingers.Immediately, the flow of power stopped, and the chinchilla's body locked up, arms frozen by her sides, face twisted into a terrified silent shriek. He reached down, and picked the tiny Mobian up. "I could crush you just as easily... But I'd rather not make a mess." He casually flung her away, keeping his optic trained on the others. She flopped stiffly to the ground, unmoving."WHAT!?" Eggman roared, as the other bosses began to rise, preparing their weapons. "How did you-""Come now, Doctor... With security as lax as yours, getting into your systems to recover the code was child's play. In fact..." He snapped his fingers again, and immedately, the other eleven Egg Bosses became frozen in place. "Far be it for me to question tactics, Doctor, but I do believe that using a device which can cripple every single one of your soldiers via wireless signal is not a good plan. Imagine the chaos that would've resulted if Nicole had found it."Eggman recoiled, as his predicament became frighteningly apparent. He was trapped in the room with Mecha Sonic, with only Orbot for protection. He had but one card that he could play, but if he did, unfreezing the bosses would likely be a bad idea. Fortunately for him, however, the mechanical hedgehog continued talking. Perhaps he could stall a little..."Of course, your tactical prowess has always left something to be desired.You have no grasp of the subtle and quiet, everything must be done with as much spectacle as possible. In your mind, there's no point in doing anything if they don't know it was you. Everything needs a whole army of people dressed like you to march in, as far as you're concerned. All that does is advertise your presence to the Freedom Fighters, and that is why you fail. So many plans would've suceeded if you'd done it covertly, but you didn't... Because what you want, really, is to fight Sonic. And that's all that truly matters to you. You wouldn't know what to do with yourself if you actually succeeded.""And what, exactly, do you intend to do after lecturing me?" Eggman straightened his moustache."I think I'll take over. You will be scanned and disposed of, your soldiers will be vetted, reprogrammed, and restructured. The Death Egg will be a decoy, while I work on my plan underground.""Hm, I see... Well, in that case... Orbot... Activate Failsafe Level X." He would have to do it. THe one way he had to stop this machine from taking everything that was rightfully his. Not that it would really matter in the long run, but finding replacements would be difficult."But boss-""Do it!" Eggman shouted. "Now, Mecha Sonic, if you don't stand down immediately, and allow yourself to be reprogrammed, I will trigger Level X, and you will die.""Oh, really now?" He titled his head."Yes! Did you honestly think paralysis was as far as the failsafe went? That's merely Level 1, a punishment for failure. Level 2 is a memory wipe, useful in the event that I need to prevent an interrogation. Level 3 burns out the subject's brain, an excellent way to dispatch traitors. And Level X is a powerful cherry bomb!"Mecha Sonic laughed again, metal hands clanging together. "I know. I just needed you to explain it for your twelve friends here. THey wouldn't have believed me, but now they have it straight from the horse's mouth.""It changes nothing!" Eggman grinned. "Ask yourself, Mecha Sonic. Do you want to be in here when all twelve of them go off?""Do you?"He froze, as the robot began to laugh again. That one very obvious point, likely what Orbot had tried to warn him about. Mecha Sonic was between him and the door, and even if he wasn't, he was much faster. "Which of us is more likely to survive if you do trigger it? You, the soft and squishy humanoid, or me?" He asked, raising his hand again. A bolt of energy rippled out of his palm, as Orbot's cranium blossomed into a fireball. "Especially now that I am the one with his finger on the button? Deactivating Level X.""Are there any other things you wish to lecture me about?" Eggman growled, as his wayward creation stepped up onto the table, and walked down it, grabbing him by the collar and pulling him out of his seat. "Perhaps you can tell me how you went from being just another of the very failures you reamed me over, to being the apparent authority on leading an empire and fighting a war.""It happened when Snively reactivated me. After I destroyed his EggRobo suit, I came in contact with the Master Emerald, and it empowered me... But it changed things. It introduced illogic to my systems... and finally, I could think outside of the box. You programming was no longer my end-all-be-all... I became sentient, and now wield the power of Chaos myself. That is something that did not fade when you rebuilt me. With that capacity, my logic functions became that much more defined, and no longer limited in their applications. I could address any issue, not just the ones you provided. And that was why I studied you. So I could see where you failed, and account for that in my own schemes." He threw his creator to the ground, standing over him. "That is why I will win in the end. Your theatrics and need for attention are things I do not have. By the time the Freedom Fighters know that I am here, my plan will have already been completed, and they will by mindless automata.""I knew that little goblin would be the death of me...""Oh, but he won't. You'll die in battle, when, in your Empire's final stand, your ejection systems fail, and your mech explodes with you inside it." The robot crowed. "It has to be convincing, after all, when you disappear. They'd investigate if this place just exploded overnight."He turned on his heel, looking down at the paralyzed Egg Bosses, arms folding behind his back."I know all of you can hear me. Fret not, I will not harm you, nor any that happen to be dear to you. In fact, no harm will ever come to them again. I will remove their ability to become ill, hungry, elderly, or otherwise infirm, all will become steel. In turn, I shall remove their capacity to harm each other. Freedom is a burden, and it shall be stripped away from all. You shall be my first twelve." He spoke. "However, I do believe a name change is in order. I am no mere copy of Sonic. I am above him, in every way. Hence, I shall now be known simply as Metallix, and you are all part of my brotherhood. I'll speak to you all after your... reconditioning." *** *** *** Well, this appears to be the first story post on the site. This is the first and only of my stories set after the reboot of the Archie timeline, everything else I've done is set pre-SGW. I wrote in response to how dumb I thought the whole "Eggman Empire" thing got in the comics. Initially, I'd wanted to use Metal Sonic for the role, but I always wanted to do something with Mecha Sonic, as well as address the misconceptions about the second robot in Final Egg's lobby in SA1. My decision to use him was solidified this peice of art: http://cerberean.deviantart.com/art/Worthless-toys-499029448 and that gave rise to this take on him. I imagine him sounding a lot like James Spader's Ultron. Hope you enjoy. I've got some minimal ideas about expanding this, but for now, nothing concrete.
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