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Found 2 results

  1. Technically a thread for all things Dragon Ball, though I think discussion is going to be heavily geared towards Super. For those unaware, a new anime and manga series in the Dragon Ball franchise, Dragon Ball Super, has been ongoing for almost two years. It is almost up to 100 episodes in the original Japanese, with the English dub about 70 episodes behind. Dragon Ball Super spends about 25 or so episodes adapting the two hit animated movies, Battle of Gods and Resurrection F, before forging its own path and having a completely original storyline. The main premise of Super is that of multiversal exploration; having established himself as one of the most powerful mortals in his universe, Goku finds himself regularly facing off against rivals and threats from other timelines and universes. The current arc is focused on 8 separate universes sending their strongest fighters to compete in a battle royale; any universe that loses will be erased from existence completely. I don't want to get too bogged down in the details to avoid scaring you away, but I'd highly recommend it. While there is some division on where it stacks up compared to the other three Dragon Ball anime, it is extremely popular so far, having a right mix of seriousness and humor that keeps you invested in where the plot is going. It generally isn't as serious as Z, but can certainly be so as necessary. Case in point: one of the main characters of the show is Beerus, introduced as the God of Destruction in the Battle of Gods saga. Despite his scary title (and his tendency to blow planets up at the slightest annoyance, such as his food not tasting right), he is a constant source of comic relief, being as much as a goofball as a world-destroying deity. It is through Goku's interaction with Beerus and various other Gods that the plot of Super is often driven. Despite originally appearing in the show as an antagonist, he has since befriended the Z fighters, though he claims he only spares Earth because of its delicious food. Because of his absurd amounts of power (he is capable of destroying the entire universe by himself, and has the ability to destroy a person's soul if he so wishes), the dynamic of the show has been changed, as Goku and co. cannot simply hope to overcome any obstacle through brute force alone. This is particularly true given there are beings far more powerful than Beerus himself that have forced Goku and his friends to rely on their brains as much as their brawn. Let's have some appreciation for some of the show's theme songs, as well. This is the current theme song, having been used since the start of the recent arc: Dragon Ball Super airs new episodes in Japanese every Sunday morning in Japan (so Saturday evenings in the USA), and every Saturday evening in English on Adult Swim. P.S. If you're a member of the furry fandom, the show has become a gold mine for anthropomorphic characters, as can be seen here: While cartoon animals have always been a part of Dragon Ball, Super gives them real plot importance, having several as extremely powerful fighters as well as Gods of Destruction.
  2. What happens the Day after Doomsday? Sonic The Hedgehog: Edge of Tomorrow seeks to answer the above question in detail. Edge of Tomorrow is a direct episodic spin-off of Satam (Saturday Morning Sonic), the cult-classic Sonic cartoon that defined the distinct American/Western sonic canon. Satam was known for contributing the most substantial lore within the Sonic franchise and is still the inspiring foundation for most stories outside the rather sparse and vague Segasonic narrative such as Fleetway's Sonic The Comic, Archie's Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic Underground, and fanworks like Sea3on and STC-O. Staying utterly faithful to its source material, EoT continues the morning after the infamous cliff-hanger episode Doomsday then meticulously explores and expands on the unique world of Mobius Satam founded. Though Doomsday abruptly capstoned Satam, EoT continues the narrative seamlessly with its own first episode Day After Doomsday. From here onward, EoT expands on the unique and nostalgic world of Mobius fans were first introduced two decades ago. There will be new arcane secrets to discover, old and new villains to face, and a narrative that has grown and matured with its old audience. Come see the old familiar Freedom Fighters in new exciting situations as they find their place in world much bigger than Robotnik, and much more complex than the safety of Knothole and smog of Mobotropolis. Crank your old CRTV back on, or come to the series fresh-faced as a young fan after a Satam You-tube/Netflix binge; this is not just a mere third season of Satam, this is a fully fleshed out episodic continuation with several seasons in the making.
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