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  1. So I had a weird dream last night, I dreamt that a group of teenagers or college age people were retro gamers who took a fancy to Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64, we hear that one of these friends die so to honor this friend's memory they decide to make a Nintendo 64 DD Expansion of Smash Bros N64. Also in this dream one of they streamed and played classic video games like Metal Gear Solid through a Cable Provider by plugging in a USB Controller in the back of the cable box. I say this because we've all had strange dreams like this one...well not exactly like that one but I was wondering what or if it meant anything, also what dreams have you guys had and woke up wondering just what happened?
  2. Appendix ------- [Appendicies] ________ [Mood music.] Prologue - Trek through The Thorned Ring. Mujammed felt the sting of sand as it whipped against the delicate ivory scales of her face. Her inner eye-lids instinctually blinked away the irritating grit and she let out an icy huff through her sun-scorched snout. She gave her pack-mule a spurring whip and egged it onwards to keep a steady pace whilst towing her covered carriage. She had been out here too long and her mouth was uncomfortably dry, the heat was taking its slow, gradual toll on this strange draconic traveler. It was her fifth day on the road from the green forests and fields of Celtivayne and already the world had become a much more dusty place. The uneven mountains that lined the thin band of this land had a tendency to drink up the rain in uneven ways, arbitrarily allowing some showers to slip passed one moment only to greedily drink all a thunderhead's bounty during the next. To Mujha', an amature (but by all means talented) merchant by trade the rough, uneven mountainscape reminded her of a crooked tax-collector, one garnering tariffs without a solid standard. The wadis were either as water-glutted as a floodplain or as dessicated as a mummy's corpse. One would be easy to cross, a gradual depression of sand speckled with dry-rotted driftwood around easy inclines out and in on either side. The other would be a mucky mosquito-bogged marsh of clay where brackish water pooled after the waters stilled after a long rain. And others, swiftly transformed by a torrential flood, malformed into a rabid rip-tide whose only intent was dragging you to death downstream. Truly this isthmus of Hâr-wâdí'géshar (or the "Whip of Water and Fire" as sung by Celti bards of the northlands) was realm of harsh extremes, a tenuous, fickle ring of land that chained civilizations together and bound continents like joint and sinew. Mujha knew that she must press through this whip-like sprawl in spite of its caprice and treacherous wiles. She had a singular goal, a driving muse, a grandiose aim that she would no longer be slaked by dreams or supressed by skeptics' demurres. She would she reach the heated sands of Qadesh, explore its history, culture, and ancient wonders, be a part of its conflict and chaos, and, just maybe, reap the wealth of its whirlwind. There was saying in her clan - Crisis is tinder, conflict is flint, when the spark alights those prepared find warmth, the foolish and flat-footed are burned. She would be neither flat-footed or foolish... --- [Pick white or black = 25. The weather remains fair.] [D20 Con check = 11; fail.] --- Hours of travel passed like shifting sands in an hourglass, a slow, bottlenecked trickle of progress. She urged herself up until the evening hours, withstanding the blazing sun of the afternoon. Fortunately the weather was fairly merciful besides the heat, but nevertheless she still knew deep down she would need to rest soon. Her throat was as parched as bleached bone and her tongue felt as dry as cotton. It was time for cool water and perhaps a good warm meal... Her stomach seemingly rumbled in agreement at that thought. The night would come soon, and with the night came the deceiving nocturnal chill of the dessert, a piercing cold hiding underneath the baked sands like a scorpion waiting for sun-down. With all this in mind, still the thought of setting up camp stubbornly weighed against her temptation to press onwards. She felt the urge to press into the night even if she must, each night unmoving was a day further away from Qadesh. [Feel free to do as you wish. Remember to your equipment list.]
  3. {I will be putting a Canonical Glossary of terms and places here as well as full map before we start. Expect material soon, as well as our introduction to the game. This glossary will be updated for future reference, chronicling what you have experienced in your adventures. There will also be a link to the rules for clear reference. You will be updated when this is unlocked.} ______ Synopsis: Glossary: Map: Locations: Continents: Celtivayne: Oretollia: [One you are in Now] •Kiamasturia - History/Culture: Factions: Characters: •Players - Indriell Istui (Played by Sorzo): A human cleric, Indriell is an Associate Professor of History at the Seminary of Hellensia. She has traveled to the city of Kiasmastauria in Qadesh in order to study at its famed archives and do research for the doctoral thesis she was been working on for the past two years, which explores the influence of geography on the art of various cultures. Jarvis "Dawnbreaker" - A swarthy ranger who's father was a great warrior of the South-kingdom of Kerma and who's mother was a fair skinned Bacahri Gypse roaming the northern coasts of Khiamasturia. Once a proud and seasoned tomb-raider, Jarvis life and memory has become a jumble of dark visions and abbothent visions. Haunted by a wretched darkness and a tragedy that took several he loved, Jarvis seeks only to secure the present world from the evils of Qadesh's ancient kingdom - at cost to even his own life. [Mike's character] [Ben's character] Caleb Kayne (Played by VHS): A youthful and aspiring half-elf wizard hailing from the fair and green forestlands of Celtivayne. [Perry's character] [F073's character] [Possibly Bytor] [Possibky Arcan] •NPC's - Xanadar the Liberator - [The Shah] [The Sultan] [Inquistor] ["The Cleric."] [The Insurgance Leader.] Noteworthy Items/ Treasures: --- Journal: ---- Prologue: The Galen. Jarvis & Layla. Jarvis "The Dawnbreaker stood at the edge of the cost-line, cerulean eyes afixed on the thin band of silver light from the waining moon. Quickly he decipher the omens men of his practice could keenly divine. Thick clouds were swirling about the struggling light, the same way jackals circle wounded pray. The waves were crashing with a push of chilly north wind. A tempest was brewing on the inky, writhing horizon. With a strike of lighting, he saw two struggling ships, clashing against the waves. In tow, tethered by a well knoted rope, a dusty woman fumbled at Jarvis's booted feet. She struck her knees against the slippery salt-stone. Her hands tied and her eyes wrapped in poultice-stained bandages, the new terrain made the once simple task of walking a painful chore. He sighed as he watched her fumble, knowing he would have to tend to her. Her lips were cracked from scarcity of water from their long journey. The women was foolish - she had lost her own waterskin when escaping the old filth-crustedcrypt which he caught her trespassing inside, clutching at her eyes as if they were seared by the sun. He hoped his poultice had done its work, and that the Galen was truly equipped with supplies as he hoped, especially medicine. ___ [Jarvis & Layla can now socialize. Jarvis does not want her meddling around here anymore - half tempted to get someone to ship her out of the country for messing with an ancient tomb.] [Everyone else make a perception check.]
  4. I will be gathering up some previews and exscripts from some of my original works. Stay tune for that when I dig through my Deviant Art and Hardrive of stuff I have done through the years.
  5. Hello everyone. I was invited here, so I don't really know many users or have much of a presence, but I just started this new series that I'm posting over on my deviantart profile. I call it "Dreams of Imaginings" and it is a monthly thing I will be working on. The idea is that I write a short story/chapter, and then later in the month, I post a poll to see where my story will go. I've already posted the first of these stories, called "Clutter." I haven't really heard from too many people about it, but what I have heard has been positive. http://mavrickindigo.deviantart.com/art/Clutter-612645442 On the 15th, I plan to make the first poll for the series. I like to look at peoples responses to see what I should be looking at, you know?
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