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Found 7 results

  1. How did they get that look? How did they get that sound? How did they make that song, graphic, or from where did that iconic idea come? Those questions are asked a lot by young developers inspired by past game design. Here is where we answer those general questions. When making a retro style game especially, to have verisimilitude, one must consider these resources and aesthetics in order to make a genuine product. There are many games out their that feign a nostalgic look, yet just don’t hit right. I strange mixed example of this would be Undertale. The sound fonts are from original
  2. Knew these existed, but finally found them online: http://www.milkcapmania.co.uk/Wackers/812-Sonic-the-Hedgehog.html http://www.milkcapmania.co.uk/World-POG-Federation-WPF/Canada-Games/63-Kool-Aid-Sonic-The-Hedgehog.html http://www.milkcapmania.co.uk/Wackers/1094-Sonic-The-Hedgehog-Auchan.html Kind of a real Blast to the Past.
  3. Being an anthro I wanted to see this one ever since I saw the trailer last year. So, the other day I finally got around to buying the movie and to say the least I was not disappointed in the latest mainstream take on furry anthropomorphic animals. Anyway, discuss and as always, make sure to mark potential spoilers.
  4. Hi everyone, figured I'd start a new topic regarding something so many of us have speculated during the down time when a new Sonic game hasn't come out in awhile. Lately, it seems that the gaps between game releases for the series grows more throughout the years (which makes me wonder if we should still celebrate Sonic 5 Year Milestones at this point). In any case, how about we do a WWYDD sort of topic for this? What sort of Sonic Game would you like to see? Let's see how we can come up with some brainstorms and see what sort of Sonic game, be it mainline or spin off, what some of us would
  5. This area is dedicated to retro games and how best to enjoy and play them! Think of it as a snobby wine tasting, except with more prestigious pixel art and evocative 8-bit soundtracks, all safe from those rambunctious and vulgar casual-gamers, old boy. I would like to start this off with a couple of videos on how to get a crisp look on your old SD-based consoles in a HDTV world as well as show some exciting new technologies that can possibly enrich your retro experience. Thoughts? Opinions? Advice?
  6. Thought many fans produce fan works from a labor of love and seek merely patronage, some folks are more insidious (Or desperate) and try to profit illegally despite copyright, usually with comically wretched results. A twin thread to our bootleg merch thread, this is where specifically discuss, review, and analyze bootleg games and the gray/black software market pertaining to our beloved hedgehog. Here is some examples: Hopefully, if any of you are from South Korea, China, or a country where it’s difficult to get Sonic Games - we can help you avoid buying this hilarious garbage
  7. Recently I purchased Dead Rising 2 Off The Record along with three of its four DLC packs during the 2016 Steam Summer Sale. I eagerly awaited for the game to download so I could get to my favorite pass time of smashing zombie brains while developing an ulcer from how stupid the survivors are. Well after I got the game started everything seemed okay for a few hours until I decided to try out the new DLC costumes I bought. I wanted to see what madness the extra skills would add to my zombie killing mayhem, but I was sadly left wanting as the DLC was not in the locker room of the game... I turned
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