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Found 1 result

  1. Hear ye, hear ye! By royal decree of her Imperial Majesty, Queen Sally Acorn, it hath been decided to open a public forum for the purpose of discussing works of animation from the distant island nation of Japan. These works, being many in quantity and bizarre in nature, have historically proven to be overwhelmingly popular with the "Nerd" social caste, a group found in both human and Mobian societies characterized by strong aversion to sunlight, fondness of video games, and an extraordinarily low chance of being anything but single. Though seen as a wretched, pathetic lot by the rest of the world, Queen Sally has, in her infinite and magnanimous mercy, taken pity on the local nerd caste, granting them this great boon so that they might be happy despite their loneliness, finding solace in the discussion and idolization of fictitious, idealized members of the opposite sex, the likes of which are said to be common in these foreign animations. These characters, known in nerd parlance as "waifus" ("husbandos" are said to be the alternative adored by female nerds, though such individuals are so infrequently documented that scientists continue to debate whether they truly exist), are the subject of great fascination amongst the nerd population, inspiring levels of devotion that have resulted in great works of art and majestic shrines. However, such fanaticism can breed tribalism if left unchecked, and many terrible, bloody wars have been shed over the embittering question of "Who is best girl?" In order to mitigate such chaos and prevent outright anarchy from taking root, Queen Sally hath stipulated that the Royal Guard shall ever keep a close watch on the proceedings carried out in this forum. Obey the laws of our land here as elsewhere, lest we have to intervene with great and overwhelming force. To be moderated here is to bring shame to one's waifu, and it is said that there is no greater crime a nerd may commit than this. With the reminder of our judicious watch established, I, Sorzo, Captain of the Royal Guard, do hereby declare the Free Scribes of Mobius Anime Discussion Thread OPEN! Enter all, and marvel at the majestic works of the Orient! Discuss amongst thine selves favorite characters and series, be they classic or current. Debate the merits of the many genres of anime, be they mecha or magical girl. And most of all, at every opportunity, request the input of @TheRedStranger , for he is unrivaled in his love and passion for the works of Japan. Surely his wisdom will be a boon to this community.
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