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Found 2 results

  1. From Game breaking bugs to hilarious exploits of a game's code, this is the place where we show off and talk about our hilarious (and sometimes unsettling) encounters with glitches throughout our gaming lives. I'll go first: Clearly as you can see, Snake is the best driver in all the Indian Ocean.
  2. There are some esoteric aspecsts of Skyrim that for one reason or another, you won't find much (if any) reference to online. Here's one of my personal findings: If you shield-bash a Dead Thrall 4 times in a row, they will turn hostile, but won't be flagged as an enemy. This means that you can wait while they're attacking you, so long as they aren't doing elemental damage or bleeding damage (don't equip them with an axe). Thus, it's possible to grind your defensive skill levels effectively, while ensuring that you won't die in the process. This is best done on the novice game difficulty, t
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