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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there. My name is MJ Knight. I am a 9 year Entertainer since being on YT in 2007. I know it will say differently on my YT channel, but that's because I switched channels last year. I think of myself as youthful, but with some wisdom. I've made some bad decisions in the past but am wiser for it. Furthermore, I believe learning the hard way pays more dividends as you appreciate the lesson more rather than learning the easy way or by listening to someone else's experience as then you haven't really lived it. If that makes any sense to you. I got my start on YT as mentioned in 2007 when I was the voice of probably the only Knight Rider video series called Knight Watch. The Second Generation (aka KR 2008) was building up to air the SG Pilot in February of that year and I was gaining a following because of my input and passion. I would later form RawDown Rebound with Oni Rokaku that covered Raw & SmackDown on a weekly basis. We're currently on our second hiatus. First was in 2014 after the Authority style was getting on our nerves. We took a break a second time because Raw was just bad again and I went back to SmackView for it's 4th Season but covering NXT instead of SmackDown where I covered 3 Seasons of it. I love movies, 80's music. As well as podcasting and film-making, I really enjoy photography - particularly cars and Steam Trains. I do retrospectives from time to time. Of which this year I did a 16 part retrospective on 25 years of Sonic The Hedgehog of which I thought was ok, but could have been better. I am going back to Knight Rider next month with the return of Knight Watch as it's the 8th Anniversary of SG. I think that will conclude my introduction. Thank you for having me.
  2. Hello, I am FunnelVortex. Some here may know me already, but many others might not. I am most active on my DeviantART account under the same name. I am also one of Ben's friends from DeviantART (don't know what his username is here). I mainly joined the forums because Ben invited me. My experience with Sonic makes me a rather latecomer to the Sonic fandom. I got into Sonic when I was 11 (almost 12). Playing the original games on Mega Collection and Sonic Heroes for the PS2 is how I was introduced to the franchise. Even though I was technically a 'fan' since I was 11, I only *really* got into the Sonic franchise when I was 15, mainly from being exposed to the fanbase on DeviantART and learning about the SatAM cartoon through the Nostolgia Critic. I finally played the Adventure titles, storybook games, Unleashed, and Colors when I was around 15-16. I read the scans of the comics on SonicScanF out of curiosity (plus I was intrigued by the controversy surrounding them), and for those of you knew me from DeviantART, you knew what my thoughts were. For those that don't know, my opinions were rather negative. I stopped reading the comics around #115 and I mainly get my info and updates from summaries and reviews of the comics others posted online. As for my current stance on the comics? I just don't care about the comics anymore. My favorite games are the Adventure titles, Unleashed, and Sonic 3 & K. My favorite Sonic show is SatAM, of course. However, during the past couple years my interest in the Sonic franchise has been dropping, but I am not ready to give up on the Blue Blur just yet. Recently something has been pulling me back in Sonic's direction again, and even though I am not into Sonic as much as I used to be, I hope the next major Sonic game is enough to rekindle my love for the franchise once more. Outside of Sonic: My hobbies include being a writer and an artist. I am also trying to get a YouTube channel going. I created a few fancharacters during the peak of my involvement in the fandom, who by now I have converted into original characters for my original novel I'm trying to write. I am also a digital artist who is good with Blender 3D and does reasonably well with Gimp. I am also into soft sci-fi, movies, Star Wars, some books, some anime, mature cartoons (i.e. South Park, Simpsons, etc). I am also into other games like Mario, TF2, Kerbal Space Program, Minecraft, Half Life, and a variety of many other games. What am I not into? Well, comic books and tabletop games have never exactly been my thing. I also mainly game on the PC. I am glad to be here, so hello everyone!
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