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  1. [Updated 2018] Welcome one and all, after much consideration it was about time this topic got broaden to not just Tokusatsu, but all Japanese Cinema and Television in general! Which does include Tokusatsu so there you go, if you've watched a Japanese TV shows or movies in general be that subtitled or dubbed then let us know. --- [Hi everyone, while this topic was originally about my crack pot theories on Godzilla, I decided to expand this topic to more then just my soap box for giant lizards and recycle it to a more broader topic, that being Tokusatsu in general! What's Tokusatsu? Generally it's a term to use for Giant Monster Movies and Multicolored Super Heroes that punch each other until they explode, any sort of Godzilla and Power Rangers stuff you see are perfect examples of it, though in Japan that also applies to shows like Star Trek and Doctor Who as well. However this topic should only be for those Tokusatsu Shows way over to the East, so if any of you watch those kinds of shows and just want to talk about it well here you go. I hope you like or rant about what you think of these insane shows we like to watch, until then also enjoy my original insane post. ] One of my favorite film series was introduced to me by my late grandpa when I was a little kid, he gave me a box of 7 Godzilla Movies, every since then I've been hooked on them and the series as a whole, I've seen nearly every single one of them, even Tristar's GINO (Godzilla in Name Only), or Zilla as he was dubbed in Final Wars now. I can't wait to see what happens next, I hope Godzilla 2 along with Skull Island and a rematch for King Kong comes out, and Godzilla Resurgence looks amazing with it's Nightmare Godzilla. On that note something occurred to me a few days ago and I just wanted to get it off my head, but since that can snowball into other topics I figured I'd join it with a whole topic dedicated to Godzilla Theories, I don't think anyone else will anyway. If anyone has their own theories go ahead and post them, also there are spoilers to every Godzilla Movie ever made so if you don't want to be spoiled you may come back later, if you've seen a lot of them or just don't care then join me as we go go Godzilla. *shot* Godzilla Final Wars takes place during The Heisei Era For those who need to be refreshed in the matter, there are 5 different eras to Godzilla, the Showa Era lasting from 1955 to 1975, the Heisei Era lasting from 1984 to 1993, the Millennium Era lasting from 1999 to 2004, the Legendary Era lasting from 2014 up to now if it's not completely cancelled as it might actually be, and...whatever Era Godzilla Resurgence starts, I hope they use the same Godzilla in this new Era, or at least have a continuity like in the Heisei Era. The very first Godzilla film from 1954 is the jumping off point to every era so far, sans Legendary Pictures Godzilla from 2014, The Millennium Era had the odd distinction of all the films not being connected to each other at all and always used 1954's Godzilla as a jumping off point, the only exception being the Godzilla and Kiryu/Mecha Godzilla films with the 2nd film taking some time after it. A stark contrast to the Showa Era and Heisei Era, which had a somewhat easy continuity to follow. Each Era had a ending as well, timeline wise the Showa Era ended with Destroy All Monsters, but release date wise ended with Terror of Mecha Godzilla. The Heisei Era however ended in a big way with Godzilla vs. Destroyah, Godzilla at his strongest and most vulnerable as Burning Godzilla, his most fearsome and powerful foe Destroyah, the apparent death of Godzilla Jr. (yes really, though it's actually pretty nice compared to Minilla), and in the end both monsters bite it as the JSSF barely prevent Godzilla from having a Nuclear Meltdown killing everyone and finish off Destroyah. However as the dust settled a new Godzilla appeared just before the credits rolled, Godzilla Jr. was revived from Godzilla's remaining power and a new Godzilla was formed...TOO BAD Toho didn't continue the series from there! People like to think and say that after that comes Godzilla 1999/2000 afterward, then Godzilla vs. Megaguirus but that's simply not the case, granted we got some really good films from it despite Godzilla vs. Megaguirus being a bit of a weak entry, thought that one isn't as bad as people say it is. GMK and The Kiryu films are some of the best Godzilla Movies ever made, Final Wars could have been better though...speaking of which... Final Wars beings with EDF fighting Godzilla in Antarctica sometime in the future I guess, with them trapping and freezing Godzilla much like in the film Godzilla Raids Again, if you've seen it you know how it goes, he gets freed by the Human Good Guys, Fights a whole bunch of monsters, and goes on to have a showdown with a familiar looking 3 headed monster. What does any of this have to do with The Heisei Era if it takes place in a different Era? Well, I finally get to the meat of the bones here. Excluding GMK due to being a revived Original Godzilla from the souls of people who died in the Japan Bombings (I'm not even kidding), each Millennium Godzilla looks similar with much more sharper spikes on it's back and similar shape, if it wasn't for a different color scheme in almost each film, and if it was connected with each other you could pass them off as the same Godzilla and have a continuing story. The only other exception is Godzilla from Final Wars. http://godzilla.wikia.com/wiki/MireGoji http://godzilla.wikia.com/wiki/KiryuGoji http://godzilla.wikia.com/wiki/FinalGoji See the difference? One of these things is not like the other here, that being FinalGoji's Design, however as stated in the link above it's stated that Godzilla in the film design was based mostly on the Godzilla from the Heisei Era as seen here. http://godzilla.wikia.com/wiki/MogeGoji Looks a bit more similar to FinalGoji doesn't it? But what if that doesn't end there...what if FinalGoji is actually the same Godzilla Jr. that we saw revived at the end of Godzilla vs. Destroyah? I can back this up though, for one each Millienium Film gives a subtle showing of Godzilla doing his Godzilla thing, swimming or about to walk on shore, either way in the beginning of a Godzilla film he's never usually shown in the mists of a big battle at the start...Final Wars on the other hand he's in the mists of a big battle against the EDF's Gotenga, why such an odd jumping off point? This Godzilla hasn't even been established yet right, so why the big battle? Here's where my theory kicks in, at the end of Godzilla vs. Destroyah Godzilla Jr. is revived as the new, grown up Godzilla, and as the old fisherman stated in Final Wars, he states that humanity did a terrible thing to Godzilla long ago, now this could be and probably is a heavy handed message about nuclear arms, as is the common theme of Nuclear Weapons being an act against nature, but what if he meant that literally? After all The JSSF did finish off Godzilla, and even though he was going to die anyway, did Godzilla Jr. really know that? For all we know Jr...or should I say Godzilla thought that the humans he once liked and cared for killed the only other Godzilla and Father he ever knew, thus being the terrible thing to spark Godzilla to rampage for who knows how long against humanity. Hence the jumping off point of Final Wars being a fight in the beginning of the film, it's a continuation of how This Godzilla was born under a Nuclear Frozen Wasteland, only to be defeated and contained in a Frozen Wasteland. That's not enough proof? There are contradictions? You sure about that? What about Rodan being in Final Wars, Rodan died in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla? It is a different Rodan, besides could they REALLY, ABSOLUTELY be sure that Rodan in that film was the last of it's kind, I mean how we get Little Godzilla is a bit screwy but there's something to do with Godzilla being around the egg that changed that Rodan's Egg into a Godzilla Egg...didn't fully understand that, or we could assume Godzilla and Rodan had a one night stand. Hey, no one ever said for sure that Rodan in that film was male, they just said it was male and ran with it. What about Mothra? What about Mothra, she survived her Heisei appearance, and even then she dies and gets reborn all the time, if your going to complain about her being the same Mothra due to looking different that really doesn't matter in this case. As for Battra if your wondering he didn't leave any larve behind at the end of that film anyway, hence no Battra. What about King Ghidorah and Kaiser Ghidorah? How can we have two Ghidorahs!?! Didn't stop the Rebirth of Mothra films. But I have a theory to support my theory, theoryception. Which is why I now have to talk about the Heisei Era King Ghidorah film, Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, a cool film sure but one of the most confusing time travel and time loop stories ever made. Basically people from the future find the remains of Mecha King Ghidorah, go back in time and convince the Japanese Government of the present to change time and make it so that the 2nd Godzilla was never born. They do so, only to replace the Godzillasaurs with their own creations known as Dorants, born from Ghidorah's remains, which when the nuke is dropped created King Ghidorah. Long story short one good future girl changes it back so that Godzilla is alive, and now stronger thanks to dropping a better nuke on him, then going on to kill Ghidorah, wrecking the city, and Future Girl then convinces her Future People to revive Ghidorah into Mecha King Ghidorah, temporarily stopping Godzilla's rampage for now. Only for the people in the future to find Mecha king Ghidorah's remains, and go back in time t-*explodes* Now what bugged me most of all about this movie is that EVERYONE remembered the previously unaltered timeline of Godzilla doing his thing, even after King Ghidorah replaced Godzilla in the 2nd timeline, granted you get Godzilla again in the new and steady 3rd timeline but still. But that just raises more questions, as in in the 2nd or 3rd timeline, did Godzilla fight Biollante or did King Ghidorah fight Biollante? See where I'm going with this, in the 2nd timeline, or the 3rd who knows, Biollante was made with King Ghidorah's cells, same conclusion, Spores go up past the atmosphere, which if you are a fan of Godzilla would know that is one of the possible origins of Space Godzilla! So in this hypothetical timeline altered by The Futurians, yes that is what they are called, that happened resulting in somewhere out there, floating in space is the hypothetical Space King Ghidorah...until the Xillians got a hold of him, and altered him into what is now known as Monster X/Kaiser Ghidorah. But Space Godzilla existed in The Heisei Era, how can there be two- I actually have no idea, okay? I can admit that but not through my own fault, oh no not at all. Because we all know that time travel in The Heisei Era is completely screwed! Well, unless the Xillians could time travel just like...oh...wait a second...theoryception! The Xillians and Futurians are one in the same! Only possible explanation, after all Xillians are close enough to humans, have M-Base, and lived on the Earth in the past. Whose to say they aren't Futurians from further into their future, ended up turning in mutants which in turn have them ending up becoming The Xillians. After all the Futurians we're just as emotionless as the Xillians, except for that one girl. Whose to say they aren't? Anyway, that's how I feel this once simple but now very confusing theory goes down. If any of you got anything to say, other then Godzilla being Beyond Confusing, please do so, thank you.
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