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  1. Not TOTALLY sure where to put this topic, but seeing as one of the biggest criticisms of Sonic Lost World I see is "every character apart from Sonic and Eggman is atrociously written", it seems to be an apt topic. That is, Sonic's friends. Even if, technically speaking, Sonic has very few friends, about two or four (Tails and Knuckles, four if you count Blaze and Chip, which I do). Everyone else is either neutral, a rival, Amy or trying to kill him. Regardless, a lot of people in and out the franchise see Sonic's friends as "worthless" or "useless". Sonic's Worthless Friends is practically another painful meme to be thrown on the pile alongside Sanic and Ow the Edge. How everyone wants it to just be Sonic and Eggman forever and ever and ever. Though that does make me wonder; Do you think Sonic's friends (read: the other characters) are worthless? If so, how so? And if not, why not? My Answer: No they're not. Such arrogance is how we got such a boring Sonic buried under mandates and NEVER allowed to emote in fear alienating a part of the already shattered fanbase. Can't sell lunchboxes of a guy who FROWNS, now, can you (even if the amount of Shadow merchandise they sell would prove one wrong)? In fact, now that Sonic has been flanderized into a sort of walking bunch of one-liners who never takes anything seriously (while Tails is a walking toolbox who doesn't do anything and Knuckles is...well, his Boom version is frankly an improvement to me), they're more important than ever. I'm not going to say EVERY character works (Amy really needs to leave this franchise for a while), but something as simple as having someone like Blaze help Sonic in the story in a meaningful manner would help the story and perhaps even the gameplay. It's one of the few things I have to give credit to Boom of all things for trying. It didn't work, because the focus was still too much on Sonic (who was even WORSE in Boom) and the 'New Generation' character Sticks isn't in a good portion of the episodes, but it was at least a step in the right direction. Oh god, I just complimented Boom. I have to go wash my mouth out now...
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