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  1. Wiggle your antenna invaders! The mighty Irkin empire is back. At least we hope so. Many sources such as Nickelodeon themselves dropped a huge surprise on people today with the reveal of a teaser trailer for a 90 minute long Invader Zim movie. Such news has made many fan's wet there pants in excitement. Who can blame them since we haven't heard from our green overlords since nickelodeon dropped the show back in early 2000. Although such great news comes with some doubt. Nick dropped the show back in 2002 blaming budget cuts as the culprit for not seeing a season 3. However, series creator Jhonen Vasquez claimed that Nick was basically bullying him into making new episodes by locking him in a cubical and forcing him to work like a slave. Vasquez even stated that he would never work with Nick again...however, that seems to no longer be the case since we have just received a teaser trailer along with confirmation that Vasquez will be behind the creation. They also are bringing back the original voice actors such as Richard Steven Horvitz (Zim) Rosearick Rikki Simons (Gir) and Andy Berman (Dib,) how could anything go wrong? Well considering that Jhonen stated he never would work with Nick again makes you wonder why the sudden change of heart? Vasquez decided to give there relationship one last chance? Nick become more open-minded to Vasquez's work schedule, Or maybe money has become tight and they both figured they could make a buck by riding the newest money-train of reviving long dead shows from our childhood like they were injected with T-Virus. We will be waiting with eagerness to see if this 90 minute long movie will be all that us fans have been waiting 15 years for. -Nagol
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