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Found 4 results

  1. I was looking to make a thread for upcoming animated movies, but decided the topic needed to be broader; so here we are. I'll open with this video that was posted by the FilmSpot Trailer channel on PooTube:
  2. I realized we needed a topic like that^ when I read this: Paramount confirms 'Sonic 3' movie and Knuckles spinoff TV series [Engadget]
  3. This thread is for news about lawsuits against movies/movie companies. I'll open with this: Netflix faces a criminal charge over controversial movie ‘Cuties’ {Edit: I found the Reuters article} This has been reported all over the Internet, even at Newsweek. ABL's comments/rant [video]
  4. There's some movies I've gone back to watch from when I was a child, but never got to see them or haven't seen them in ages. I'd like to discuss any movies as such that other might or might not remember. Please do not link to actual videos unless it's an official, non infringing source. Since most of us like Anthro/Furry stuff I'll start with one I remember dearly. Peter No Tail. Peter No Tail was one that my parents rented at the local video store along with a handful of other ones; that would be in about 1985ish, (when we got our first VCR). It was the "kid's movie" that we were to watch when we get home and then had more adult ones that they'd watch later. We'd also get to watch the PG-13 and such, but no R rated at that point. Anyway, I digress. Being that it was a wholly Swedish film the artwork was something quite different, very much the same feeling you get when seeing animé for the first time, but there was something great about the animation; and at least it was English dubbed. The movie revolved around a Manx cat both normal, and anthro (when no humans were around). The story revolved around this societal norm amongst the anthro cats that the length of your tail was a matter of pride and would give you station in the society. As you could probably tell, in a society as such a Manx would be low cat on the totem pole. From that basis of the story the main character perseveres against many bullying cats to become accepted. One of the interesting parts about this show was it was the first time I saw urination being depicted in an animated film, must be the European sensibilities; at least it didn't get censored and nothing explicit was shown of course. One other curiosity was how the feral dog's bark was depicted, it sounded more like a buzz saw than a bark; I notch this one up to artistic direction. Anyway, does anyone remember this show or have another one to share? Please post!
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