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About Me

Found 9 results

  1. Definitely an ancient topic from all forums all the way back to the beginning of the interwebz. Used to be "What's in you tape deck?" or "What's in your CD player?" So, what song are you listening to or on your mind? Here's what I'm listening to:
  2. This is an idea I've been toying around with. Music has always been a part of my life. And I sometimes find myself thinking of songs that reflect my life and/or the lives of various characters of mine. The rules of this topic are rather simple: You may only choose up to 22 songs per post. This is to prevent giant lists. The number is chosen as per the topic. A typical CD maxes out at 22 average length songs. So, pretend that you're making a CD of the songs that reflect your life. You can add more in later posts, if you feel the need to do so. I expect this topic to evolve as we go throug
  3. This topic is for any Beta music made during the Adventure Era that didn't make the cut for the final games. This piece here was revealed recently due to a successful charity drive some time ago. Not sure if it'll be the only beta music from this era, but we'll have this up just to be sure. If you know of any beta music from this time, just post it on here and let us know. I can think of another from this era as well.
  4. As a sort of sister thread to the Music-themed "What are you Listening to?" thread, this is where you share any odd, inspiring art that you may find across the interwebs and show it in front of everyone present, as well as showing why you think it may be inspiring. I'll start; https://creators.vice.com/en_us/article/pgq8zk/typewriter-steampunk-machine-guns Basically, an artist took a bunch of typewriters, disasembled them, and then reworked the parts into non-fuctional guns. It's a good message on how weapons could come from anywhere, how a gun is a machine like any other, and a good
  5. All of us have dreams, many of us have the resources today to fulfill them more than ever in all of human history. The world is not the land of the Ancient Greeks, where only few could have the free time away from the fields to be philosophers and artists. You can fully self-actualize at level never seen before in all of our existence. There really are no excuses out there, even for the disabled among us. Years of working with special needs persons have show me that. I have seen amputees run the 400, autists grow from barely verbal to able to tell stories and broaden their vocabulary, and see
  6. http://www.bravewave.net/sonicadventure The soundtracks of the Sonic Adventure games are getting an EXCLUSIVE vinyl release, with specially selected tracks being included! Check out the tracklists: I personally cannot wait for these to come out! :DDD What do you think? Will you be purchasing these vinyls for your collection?
  7. As you guys know, I am working hard to get my B.F.A with a concentration in Graphics Design and am also branching out to audio-design/music as well. I will be sharing some of my portfolio as well in all my various classes. I got a lot to organize but here are some I can share right now: 1. This is a Set Design Piece for my Intro to Theater Class I made for the finale for the stage play of Dracula. - I wanted to go with a minimalist design as to make it applicable for the University setting, focusing on stark colors and monolithic shapes to give it the imposing finality needed to
  8. Anyone here a vocalist, instrumentalist, music writer, foley artist? Here we discuss music and audio design to learn together. Here is something you guys might like to discuss - Beginning Material - More Advanced - (Every one get the hidden joke in the last video? XP)
  9. The other day I looked into Video Game Music, we all love it and the way it sounds from the NES to Genesis and beyond, however myself and others don't generally know the technical side to creating the music for it. While you can discuss your favorite soundtracks from any games you like and such this topic is also and mainly for the technical side to it, on how the music of it was developed way back during those days and specifically what sort of software and hardware was used to develop it. On that note I have several links here that can shed a little light on this topic, specifically one link
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