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  1. arc 1: sonic and tails chase after omelette to stop her from finding the chaos emeralds using them to create the ultimate weapon, but this was a distraction for something more sinister, while sonic and tails were taking the bait eggman was getting ready to destroy acorn kingdom ( or knothole i haven't decided yet.) sally would keep an eye on eggman only to fail and replaced with a robot version of her. the chase arc is a very loose interpretation of the games but it will keep every zone of that game, how long it will be i'm not sure but the games that will be adapted are sonic 1, sonic 2, and sonic 3&k. mini arcs: the tails doll arc: tails was very lonely before he met sonic so when he got even lonelier he decided to make a doll of himself out of spare parts, one day it gained free will and tried to kill tails, luckly tails was able to take him down and sell him at a pawn shop, 1 year later tails calls sonic, bunnie, and violet to test out his new invention: game land, as they are about to test it out tails doll hacks into game land and uses it to create sick, twisted death traps now sonic, tails, bunnie and violet must escape game land and destroy the tails doll for good. the birth of the chaotix arc: mighty decides to start his own detective agency so he searches for members. (yeah this one's really short.) days of future silver arc(wip title): this story is about how silver ends up in the present while learning small hints about the world, with a new villian being introduced.
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