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Found 3 results

  1. We have a double sided topic for this one, What Would You Do Different and Reconstructed Unite! In this case due to the lack of a lot of material for this series, both Series of ours are joined for Sonic OVA, the World of Planet Freedom and many things that look alike, such as Ice and Water, Stake and Cow. XP So rules for both topics both apply, we try to reconstruct any scenes, moments, or anything in the OVA that we feel that needed more of an explanation, as well as say what we would change in the OVA as well. So enjoy and let's ride our bike on a Sunday. 1. Why would Robotnik try to kill everybody and then try to repopulate the planet with Sara!? 2. How would you handle or make the world of Planet Freedom? What would you change about it?
  2. For this Reconstructed Topic...yeah it's gotta be done, we're going to try to make sense on several moments, scenes, and what not on one of the most polarizing received Sonic Shows ever to come out, I'm talking of course of Sega and TMS' attempt at their own show, Sonic X. In this case since while it was and is mainly an Anime, I feel that talking about the Archie Sonic X Comic can also apply to this topic as well as it saves up some room and takes place roughly in the same continuity, arguably. This half original, half Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 adaption needs to be talked about, otherwise how can we ever learn from what worked and what didn't. That being said I'll start off with a question and we can go on this ride together. We gotta go fast, let's begin! (I'm so sorry) WHY is Sonic so dang lazy and passive, it's like he barely cares about his friends and is reluctantly involved in them, what's his deal?
  3. In a new edition of Reconstructed, we look into the "masterpiece" of a rock opera known as Sonic Underground, we try to make sense of the moments, characters, and story of one of the most polarizing entry in the series. That being said I got 3 questions for this one actually, answer any or all of them and then we can go from there one or many questions at a time, let's begin! 1. Why is it that the Roboticizer turns some people into full Robians, or turns them into Partial, Cyborg Like Robians? 2. What the heck is Dingo suppose to be, and why can he shape shift with the push of a remote control? 3. Why did The Oracle tell Robotnik of all people about the prophecy!?! Just what's his angle!?
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