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Found 5 results

  1. Here is a fun thought experiment from my good old days at FUS: You ask a question about a plot point, issue, or anything that left you confused or nit-picking from the original Satam series. Then, everyone else tries to come up with an interesting, exciting, and intelligent answer for it. It's not a game about criticizing - it's all about improving. I'll go first, revisiting my very first old question and spinning off of it from there. In a world where the majority of the population is Roboticized, why does Robotnik consume so much resources and builds so much industry? What needs are being met by all this industry in a world with only Robians (who don't sleep, eat, drink, buy yo-yo's, ect.)?
  2. In the next line up of Sonic Reconstructed we have...AOSTH!?! How is this possible you may ask? I DARE YOU THAT'S WHY!!! @_@ But seriously I do think this show does have some merits, it's completely insane but hey it's also really fun, like a cracked out version of Road Runner cartoons, that being said let's begin. Why didn't Robotnik make more badniks for his SSSSS Squad like Scratch, Grounder, or Coconuts?
  3. For @WarTraveller a question many fans like himself deserve to have considered. Pushing petty lawsuits and EA mergers aside, how would you design and write Chronicles if you were at the helm of Bioware at the time? And, if you could, how would you continue it?
  4. Hi everybody and welcome to Video Game Recreation! So in this one an interesting thought came to my mind, considering we here at Free Scribes support, encourage, and make our own interpretations of Sonic despite mainly being based on those outside of the games technically we are making an interpretation of a video game series. So that brings into mind a question that I would like to see all of you answer. If you could Recreate and Remake one Video Game Series, what would it be and how would you do it? I'd like to see you guys go in and get into it here, the rules for this is that it can't be Sonic for rather obvious reasons as that's a very broad question for other topics. You can't pick more then one series as I'd rather see you guys choose one and after someone else do their own post you can choose another one. So go nuts here and don't be afraid to go completely out of bounds here! After all SatAM was made by the creators of it viewing Emerald Hill Zone and the Sonic Bible and going along their own vision for it from there, good luck folks! I'll go first, the video game series I'd like to recreate is one that has a very broad history and a completely scattered continuity almost unlike any other, that being Final Fantasy. Now I know that there's a LOT of different worlds and continuities in it, but it can be done. For one I'd use the World of Ivalice (Tactics, XII) as the backdrop and main world where just about all the main Final Fantasy games would take place in. Then I'd have it so that the World itself would have a grand, spanning history of different eras, lores, and mythology happen. I'd use the spine of RPGs as a whole to make Final Fantasy coherent, much like how Elder Scrolls, Wizardry, and Ultima handles their worlds. You can literally fit every mainline game in this world, though they wouldn't obviously happen in order from I to XV. I'd make it so that people are surprised in what would happen and how things would go, keep people guessing to see the fates of some of their favorite characters, for good and for ill. That doesn't mean you can't have other realms and such in this FF Reboot, but I'd keep things down to a minimal as to not over clutter the series which is what happened to Final Fantasy as a whole. I'd make it with the mindset of Western RPG development, you would be dropped into the first game as either a character of your own creation (aka like Final Fantasy I and Elder Scrolls) and go through similar events of one of the first 3 Final Fantasy games, however how that would go would be up to you. Not ot mention I think a deconstruction of the "Silent RPG Protagonist" would have to be in order as you find out who you REALLY are. Now not every game would give you a Custom Character, you would have games in the series that have you start of as say Firion, Cecil, Bartz, Terra, Cloud, etc. but how certain characters and what their rolls are would be quite different, some characters might not even be in the same era as each other. This would make for a much more interesting series, not to mention there would have to be an end game of sorts, along with diving into the odd Final Fantasy moral of bad guys wanting to end everything, turning that on it's head as well. That's how I would do Final Fantasy, I'd make it into an actual continuity with history that would keep players guessing on who they would play as or create. So how about you guys, what Video Game Series would you want to Recreate?
  5. Seeing how these have been on here for a while; is there anything you guys would do way differently? Is there any apparent plot holes you would like to fill?
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