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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. Another fun thought experiment. Unlike Satam Reconstructed where you reconstruct and improve upon ideas from the original writers and artists of the show, this section is all about redesign. Start with a story element of the show and retool it in a new and way exciting way. I will throw the first morsel of food for thought: How would you do the Coupe differently?
  2. Since Wulfsbane made an Archie Sonic Reconstruction, I figured this would be a nice companion piece to it. This is exactly like Stranger's What Would You Do Differently? You redesign how certain elements from the comic would have been handled had you written for Archie Sonic, because let's face it; we would ALL change something in the comics, or several things really. XP That being said, I actually got 3 questions for you guys, that's how I roll when it comes to this. 1. How would you handle The Echidnas? Yes, of course this is the first question. 2. Since Sonic Adventure 1's adaption was half a straight forward adaption, half a complete mess, and Sonic Adventure 2's storyline was only a one issue promo for the game, how would you incorporate Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 into the comic? 3. Let's say, much like Ian Flynn did, you have to Reboot Archie Sonic. Reboot is literally the only option here, in that case how would you handle it?
  3. The next edition of WWYDD involves the show that everyone either writes off or can't make up their mind on what to think about it, Sonic Underground. Simply put, all you gotta do is retool an idea from the show or add something to it, then say how you would do it differently, then we repeat the process over and over again, it's fun for the whole hedgehog family! With that said let's start it off with the most puzzling thing in the show's premise. How would you handle The Oracle's Prophecy and The Oracle himself?
  4. Welcome to another edition of What Would You Do Different? The forum topic where we ask each other just exactly what would we change on our favorite and not so favorite stuff! Today's topic is Sega's own attempt at a Sonic Show completely under their control away from DiC, with help from the animation studio TMS, I'm of course referring to the show that's GOTTA GO FAST Sonic X. Now for this topic we're going to stretch things up a bit, see Archie Comics had their own Sonic X Comic as well somewhat after the show was over, It's arguably canon or non-canon, but for the sake of saving topic space the Archie Sonic X Comic is also allowed in here as well.at That being said, Sonic X is one of the most polarizing shows to ever be released by a lot of fans, but still we just can't put it into a corner and ignore it. Instead let's see how we would change the show if given a chance, or what we would do differently in this case. So, let's S-O-N-I-C GO straight into the topic. (I'll never be clean) Thorndyke, Chris Thorndyke, how would you handle him in Sonic X?
  5. We have a double sided topic for this one, What Would You Do Different and Reconstructed Unite! In this case due to the lack of a lot of material for this series, both Series of ours are joined for Sonic OVA, the World of Planet Freedom and many things that look alike, such as Ice and Water, Stake and Cow. XP So rules for both topics both apply, we try to reconstruct any scenes, moments, or anything in the OVA that we feel that needed more of an explanation, as well as say what we would change in the OVA as well. So enjoy and let's ride our bike on a Sunday. 1. Why would Robotnik try to kill everybody and then try to repopulate the planet with Sara!? 2. How would you handle or make the world of Planet Freedom? What would you change about it?
  6. Another in the popular series, WWYDD! Start with a story element make it your way, although we should say "story" loosely here anyway, as it's AoSTH. But despite popular belief, it does have it's own canonical story , and even had a few recurring and returning characters. With that say, let's begin! How would you handle AoSTH Sonic, whose probably the most good guy and paragon Sonic of all?
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