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Found 6 results

  1. Howdy my friends. :-) I also decided to make a topic about my arts. UncleBen59 asked me to show my arts here as well, so I thought myself “ Yes, sure. Why not? :-) ”. ^^ I love dressing Sally Acorn in Blue Jeans clothes. I believe that I can say it is my personal taste of clothing style for women, which attracts me. I made the first picture just as a new kind of beginning with my arts, because the currently account on DeviantArt., called SallyAcornLover4Life, is actually my second account on D.A.. Since my friend Class (short form for ClassicSonicSatAm) had birthday, I mad
  2. The following thread is for all discussion of The Princess and the Demon, a story that can be found here: In addition, the opening post contains a series of appendices that I have written for the purpose of fleshing out my personal take on Mobius. These appendices are by no means final, and will be expanded on over time. Please note that, though the story and appendices are based on the SatAM continuity, they are not meant to be set in it. This is essentially an alternate universe story. THE APPENDICES A GUIDE TO THE WORLD OF THE PRINCESS AND THE DEMON
  3. As the guerilla war against Robotnik and his mechanized legions drags on with no end in sight, the burdens of leadership begin to take their toll on Princess Sally. When an all-too-routine sabotage mission encounters an unexpected complication, she finds herself alone in Robotropolis, where she undertakes a harrowing journey that brings her face-to-face with her most terrifying adversary, a cunning and ruthless being that threatens her very soul. Content Rating: T (Violence, mild language, and dark thematic elements) Disclaimer: This thread is for story updates only. A discussion
  4. ToaArcan


    Fiona strode confidently into Casinopolis, eyes flitting across the various patrons under Mammoth Mogul’s protection. She glanced at her watch- Several hours had passed since she left Freedom HQ, so any hope of rescuing Scourge before the combined force of the Freedom Fighters and Suppression Squad overwhelmed him was looking thin. She’d need to at least go to Moebius in order rescue him, putting her options for new minions much narrower. A thought crossed her mind, that the Squad might not imprison him, but instead kill him- They’d made no secret of their contempt for him, and had even tried
  5. Figured I should post this here since there might have been a few of you who haven't seen this yet. This takes place in the reboot of Heroes of Arcadia shortly after Robotnik's defeat. It's a bit of an experimental piece which looks at one possibility of what happens when those that create the fiction find out the worlds are real. Sadly...I couldn't post this on FF.net due to prohibitions against using nonfictional people. Anyways...hope you enjoy! Oh yes...and before I forget... (P.S.: That sound you hear is the fourth wall completely shattering!) ---------------------------------
  6. Spark of Life Review part 1: (Looks across a scorched landscape.) This burnt landscape was a direct result of fans whom raged over what they read over the work of an arc written by Aleah Baker. Real choice actions over a new writer of her own arc. Aleah Baker is an artist and writer for the sonic the hedgehog comics. She is also the wife of current writer, Ian Flynn. She was tasked with writing the arc known as Spark of Life. Just to say, she has a familiarity with the series not only because of her being the writer's wife, but she had also wrote back up issues for the series not l
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