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  1. So, this is a topic I wanted to bring up for a good long while. As we know, remasters and remakes are all the rage these days; remasters are popping out of every possible place they can, remakes of older, popular games are also becoming a thing and even Activision has gone on to exploit them to such a disgusting degree I wish they weren't in business anymore. So they MUST have gone mainstream. Regardless, this is something that Sonic hasn't exactly been privy to; we've had the re-releases of the Adventure games and the endless ports of the first game like it's the best Sonic game ever made (it isn't. That's arguably Sonic 3...or Generations...or Mania. Maybe). Yes the first two games and CD got remakes, but they're IOS only for some stupid reason. So I was wondering...what games do you guys think could do with a remaster, remake or sequel? Here are mine, for reference; Sonic Shuffle (Remake): It is a testament to SEGA's complete and eternal stupidity that they managed to screw this game up. It should NOT be that hard; you want to make a clone of Mario Party? Fine. MAKE MARIO PARTY...and stick Sonic in it! But no, we need cards and a strange story and cheatsy AI that makes it just more snark bait in a franchise full of the stuff. If they made it more...logically and I guess fitting with the standards, it'd be better. Besides, no-one likes Mario Party since 9 'cause they removed the whole party bit, so perhaps SEGA could step in and fill that niche. They'd have to call it something other than Sonic Shuffle 2 or Sonic Party, though. Sonic 06 (Reinterpretation): Yeah, this one was kind of obvious. Unlike...ANOTHER rushed out awful game (COUGHRiseofLyricCOUGH), 06 has some potential to be...good. At least. If it was remade with more modern standards and a VERY rewritten story that doesn't take itself quite as seriously, perhaps then we'd get somewhere. At least make it so that Elise isn't a worse version of Princess Peach and...THAT scene doesn't happen. Perhaps have it that some new characters enter this broken timeline and try to make the events play out in a smoother and more logical manner. Basically improve 06 by making a PARODY of it. For example, take this scene after beating Silver before Radical Train; *Silver screams and and runs towards the character, freezing mid-punch* Character 1: Huh. I thought you said you didn't know Chaos Control. Character 2: I don't...he's still loading (points to the LOADING graphics at the bottome of the screen near Silver's feet) See? That'd be funny...sort of. Hell, Generations proved that a decent 06 IS possible and it CAN be well-designed and good. If anything else, SEGA just shouldn't pretend it never existed. It should LEARN from these mistakes...otherwise it'd repeat its mistakes all over again. Which it did. Sonic Adventure 2 (Sequel/Remake): Sonic Adventure 2. Great game, great story, but aged so poorly even my Gamecube copy has a beard growing on the disc. Imagine if they remade it with more...modern conventions. Sonic and Shadow's gameplay? Make it the Hedgehog Engine gameplay? Tails and Eggman? Make it a DOOM 2016 style shooter. Knuckles and Rouge? Well there's this little company called Platinum Games...all aside, SA2 needs an update to more modern standards, because one of the few great Sonic classics doesn't deserve to be left in the dust 'cause "it's old". Sonic Rush (Sequel): Whatever happened to the Sonic Rush games? Well...SEGA happened, we know that, but still I think the series needs another chance. A lot better than just making, no FORCING Dimps to make inferior versions of the home console games like Lost World and especially Generations on the 3DS. Make 'em make a game where they know what to do. Perhaps we could get some better closure about Blaze's world or her family. Sonic Rivals (Sequel): Anyone remember Sonic Rivals? That...strange little racing game where the plot revolved around cards? Story was...pretty dumb, but the gameplay has a good amount of promise. Like, a little downloadable party game on Steam or something, something to play at like a party with some drunk friends or something. That'd be pretty cool. Lost World (Sequel/Spin-Off): Now...don't get me wrong. Lost World is not a good game. It's gameplay is dumb, its characters are poorly written and the story is THE worst in a Sonic game to date. It's just too many freaking copouts for what could've been mature, game-changing stuff. It's the Freedom Planet of Sonic stories! So, when I say a sequel, I don't mean a game with similar gameplay or a direct contintuation of the original story. I mean more of...a What If? type of story. What If; The Deadly Six really were destoryed and whittled down to just Zavok? Eggman's plan to drain and remold the world worked and he now controlled it fully? Amy and Knuckles were both dead, never to return because of having their souls drained out? Sonic was captured by Eggman, depowered, transformed and forced to live a pathetic life under his regime in his new world? Like, a female burger fool in the captial city. Tails just didn't invent an ability to reprogram the robo thing with his tails and Zonmom's toothpick? I mean I don't understand when did Tails ever have this ability I mean he could fly using his tails but at what point was it made clear he had control over them to an extent he could just use a toothpick to reprogram a computer just out of the blue 'cause SEGA can't sell lunchboxe[f fpj/asofknhxcgnggngv AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-*static* Ahem. What I mean is a story that follows in a supposed "Bad Ending" of Lost World and makes tells its own story using that as a backdrop. A proper Sonic Resistence, if you will. Storybook Game (...Just another one): Great idea, AWFUL games. Don't get me wrong, Secret Rings is the utter worst Sonic game ever to me, worse than 06 or RoL. At least in those games going forward isn't a hassle. But the IDEA is great! Secret Rings screwed it up impresively, but what about Black Knight. Great idea, very mediocre execution, and they stopped as a result. Perhaps one more attempt could be done, in another setting. Have a cowboy setting, make Sonic and co all cowboys, give 'em guns! Bit like Cowboys of Moo Mesa...anyone remember that show. I don't. Also could we get a game based on SATAM, plz? Ta. Welp, that's what I've got. I've also got plans for a sequel to that RPG on the DS, but...yeah that's never going to happen while Penders is still breathing. Otherwise, thoughts?
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