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Found 12 results

  1. One of the creators of Sonic 1 & 2, Hirokazu Yasuhara, spoke at the Poland game industry conference Digital Dragons and revealed never before seen concept art and maps of Sonic 1 and 2, showing and completely confirming the concept of Sonic 2 originally having time travel aspects. This was wonderful to finally see, and it shows just how far they were considering Time Travel as the base concept for Sonic 2. I always figured that it was a brief consideration with only Rock Zone as a mild footnote for it as a plan but I'm so glad to be proven wrong. Just goes to show you Sonic 2 could have been this close to be a completely different game then what we got, by extension Sonic CD as well. With that in mind perhaps this is the perfect time to discuss not only the concept art that has just been revealed to us now, but concept art of that past we have found and that has been released over the years! So any thoughts everyone? Would you have liked or wanted a Sonic 2 based on Time Travel then what we got? Is thre other concept art do you wish they ended up going with instead? Let us know what you think of these concepts Lost & Found.
  2. It took Generations to get here but all good things come to those who wait, such as this WWYDD! We explode this very transitional time in the games from highs to lows and how we would do things differently. Now for this first question I've got a special one for ya, something that could blow your minds on how this would be different... How different would Sonic Mania and Forces be if they took place in the opposite's era and what would the end result be? (Mania in the Modern Era and Forces in the Classic Era) What I mean is what would the games be like had they taken this very different approach, so now Sonic Mania is the 3D Modern game and Sonic Forces is the 2D Classic game. Just how would they change and what sort of aesthetic and style changes would that entice? I'm really looking forward to your answers for this one folks, good luck!
  3. In this WCHBD we take a gaze upon what if such changes were to have effected the most critical and polarizing era of Sonic's history. To bite the bullet with this one I'll ask one simple thing... What if the game Shadow the Hedgehog never happened?
  4. Welcome to WWYDD, this time regarding everyone's favorite swan song to Sega's Hardware life...the Dreamcast. Specifically that of Sonic's brief time on there and the games made around this era, so what could have been different for our favorite blue hedgehog in this era? Well let's see here... How would you handle the whole "Faker" plot that got Sonic captured by GUN at the beginning of SA2?
  5. From the ashes of the Dreamcast Sega returned as a 3rd party developer, in this WWYDD we ask how this turbulent time of Sonic had ended up if one of us would have taken the reigns. Now that is cleared up let's begin. To start things off we'll talk about the 3D Sonic game that became a turning point for the series after Sonic Adventure 2... How would you have done Sonic Heroes? What would you change and why?
  6. Welcome to the another edition of WCHBD, today we'll ask how our favorite ivory box the Dreamcast could have gone along with the Sonic Series as a whole. With that said let's kick things off with a rather particular one I've wondered in my life. What if the Dreamcast used DVDs for storing their games instead of their own disk format?
  7. Hello everybody! So we here at Free Scribes have a brand new series of Forum Topics, you can thank The Red Stranger for that (with some help from yours truly XP) Welcome to What Could Have Been Different, think of this as a flip side of WWYDD, where we ask what would have been different if certain things went a another way, think of this as a What If Topic of sorts. We each ask a question proposing an alternate possibility and then we each answer how we think it would have played out, then after that we ask another question and go on from there. So sit back and enjoy as we see what happens when the characters and worlds we know take a different turn, and try to answer what the end results would be. So for the first question, What if Shadow stayed dead after Sonic Adventure 2?
  8. I was made aware that we didn't have this topic, which is odd I thought we already had it. Well this is where we can all talk about our Sonic Collectibles and Merch, even stuff that hasn't come out yet. So what do you guys have and what's coming out everyone, let's see them here.
  9. The 2010s of Sonic brought about many changes, some that a lot of people would have wanted to be different. There are the sort of questions we ask here at WCHBD. For starters let's look at the rather polarizing game Sonic Lost World... What if Sonic Lost World was a Modern "Boost" style Sonic game? How would that have changed it's reception along with it's future title Sonic Forces?
  10. We've had this topic on just about every Sonic Series that has a topic on it, so naturally it's about time we had this for The Games itself. Now in WWYDD we can see just what would we do and change to Sega Sonic itself, so get creative, grab those rings, and clear these questions and answers we post and see. I'll start us off with a very tricky question, one that's almost unthinkable for many. If you made Sonic and he couldn't be a hedgehog for whatever reason, what would you make Sonic be?
  11. So the founder of Travellers' Tales/TT Games and one of the developers of Sonic 3D Jon Burton in his spare time is making a Director's Cut patch of the game so it can run smoother and overall better than the original game in his spare time. Already from the video below you can see there's been some great progress and changes already made that I think you'll guys like, any of you excited for this new revision of the classic game? Let us know. Also I'd like to recommend you guys his youtube channel this video is on, GameHut, as it shows a bunch more prototype footage of TT's previous Sonic games and other titles they've done in the past.
  12. So everybody I gotta ask you, so about 5 years ago we got Sonic Generations which gave us Classic Sonic again right. Now this was a big surprised when the game was announced, and generally everyone liked that Classic Sonic was making a comeback. The hype of this still resonated after the game came out with it being the biggest hit the Sega Sonic games have had in years next to Colors. I mean what's not to love here you had retentively the same gameplay albeit different physics, but mainly everyone was on a nostalgia trip binge from that and afterwards, thing is though it seems like this binge has been going on for Over 5 Years now and a good chunk of fans seem to not get enough of it. I mean I knew there was going to be a market with Classic Sonic stuff again during and afterwards, that's not a surprise there but it's been going on for so long now and doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. Classic Sonic just had a boom of marketing, artwork, even a few cameos here and there to up until the 25th Anniversary Announcement where some good members of the community from Sonic Retro were gathered by Sega to make Pure Classic Sonic game with Sonic Mania, having both Classic and a few New Levels as well coming out. Kind of a like a Sonic Generations Classic Only with Accurate Physics, which was a big surprise and very well received by nearly everyone. Not only that but the newest mainline Sonic game will have Classic Sonic too, which was a huge surprise since this was announced a little bit after Mania's announcement. This brings me to a conundrum, now don't get me wrong I do like Classic Sonic, but the thing is Generations was suppose to generally be a Time Travel story with the Past Sonic meeting the Current Sonic and having an adventure. But now it seems like both Sonics are now separate characters on their own, and it's just a theory here I mean Sega is CLEARLY marketing them as different Sonics, you have Sonic and Classic Sonic now. Which brings me to question... Are Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic from separate timelines? Because considering how this has been going in recent years there's now a huge divergence between the two not only in terms of style but more importantly marketing, despite the Time Travel plot of Generations it seems like both have become part of their own Series. We have the Classic Sonic Series and Current/Modern Sonic Series making up Sega Sonic now. So I ask you guys what do you think? Do you think this is a good idea, a bad one, should Classic Sonic remain in the past or spin-off into it's own thing? Leave your thoughts guys, because honestly I can't make heads or tails on this one. XP I don't know if I'd prefer it being one whole continuity or two separate ones myself, after all there were a good number off differences to the characters during the Classic Era before a chunk of the cast got transferred over to Sonic Adventure. For example in the Classic Era Sonic was 16 and Knuckles was 15, whereas since Sonic Adventure their ages were switched, Tails has remained the same age but Amy almost seems like a complete new character from the transition going from 8 to 12.
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