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Found 8 results

  1. I figured I'd go ahead and make a thread for people to vent about things in gaming they would want to change, but also things that they believe is positive about the current state of gaming. Anything goes that is gaming related. http://playstationenthusiast.com/article/why-isnt-online-free-for-consoles/ I'll start with one that I find a bit puzzling; two of the main console companies putting online play behind a paywall: Xbox Live, and PSN+. Why do the users of these consoles, myself included, pay upward of $60 a year for it when Nintendo and PC are free? For me personall
  2. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FightingGame http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BeatEmUp Hello again everyone and welcome to a topic that was long overdue, in here we get to enjoy talking about our favorite Brawlers & Fighters! I mean really I'm surprised I didn't do this one sooner as like Shmups I'm a huge fan of both genres myself and unlike Shmups chances are many to almost all of you have brushed into them and didn't even realize it. I mean you have you're standard 2D Fighters (Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Guilty Gear), 3D Fighters (Virtua Fighter, Tekken, D
  3. [So much like my Godzilla Theories Topic, this was also another soap box for my insanity. However that wouldn't be fair to this genre of video games I'm so fond of so I'm expanding it to a full on discussion and appreciation of this niche genre. So on here we get to chat about these games and I can also inform you guys and others about various series and games from it. I hope you guys enjoy as I share my love for this genre that's been around since the dawn of video games themselves. ] http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ShootEmUp Welcome one and all to theories regarding video
  4. Here's an idea I had, similar to the Reconstructed stuff. That seems to be more about the stories themselves, but I want to discuss the most important part of the story: The characters. Let's be honest, Sonic characters aren't the most fantastic out there. I generally see them as characters that have oceans of potential, and most of them are very good ideas, but they're hamstrung by SEGA's practices, and particularly in the modern era, but as I've said on another thread, the troubles really began around Sonic Heroes. That said, maybe you'll want to go back to the beginning to rework it
  5. So after perusing sonic retro a while back in search of interesting and unique mod's, I came across this image here: from what I could surmise it was some conceptualised artwork from when sonic heroes was being developed, in particular the creation of a flight type character for team rose who would be later known as cream the rabbit. In the end this led me to try my hand at drawing each of them, which inspired me to challenge myself by creating the following images ; first up is a drawing of cream quite, heheh, "beside herself" : (aren't I just hilarious?!) And the sec
  6. Well of course metal sonic and shadow have been included in Sonic Boom along with the rest of the classic sonic cast but recently news of other characters will make an appearance as well. And well it's confirmed. Vector has now been confirmed and will officially appear in an episode. This thread will devote to characters of the Sega sonic cast that may make an appearance. Also, discuss if they add anything new for boom or are just bait for pandering to Sega sonic fan.
  7. *disclaimer: the opinions and commentary from this piece does not in anyway reflect those of the Free Scribes of Mobius or any other individual on this site.* Archie Sonic: A Post Mortem from a Longtime Fan As most Sonic fans have already heard, Sega and Archie have decided to go their separate ways and, even though Sega has stated they will find another publisher, we’ll have to wait and see if that holds out. Even if the comic does make a comeback with another comic book publisher it will most likely be a hard reboot and with how Sega is with its stepchildren, the Freedom Fight
  8. According to a source on Sonic Stadium, which I'm trying to verify so take this with a grain of salt for the time being, Sega has been displeased by the prospects of Sonic Boom and Sega is ready to pull the plug on Boom upon the completion of Boom's Second Season. As some of you are aware, Boom was Sega of America's internal project, seen as a chance to make something more appealing to the Western audiences. It has gained ground in Japan, however, SoJ executives are rumored to be "displeased" with the returns, citing poor game sales + reviews, low merchandising sales, and a lack of interest fo
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