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  1. [So much like my Godzilla Theories Topic, this was also another soap box for my insanity. However that wouldn't be fair to this genre of video games I'm so fond of so I'm expanding it to a full on discussion and appreciation of this niche genre. So on here we get to chat about these games and I can also inform you guys and others about various series and games from it. I hope you guys enjoy as I share my love for this genre that's been around since the dawn of video games themselves. ] http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ShootEmUp Welcome one and all to theories regarding video games in the Shoot Em Up Genre, also known as SHMUP. It's a personal favorite genre of mine in video games with a TON of history ranging all the way back to Space Wars, Space Invaders, Galaxian, Galaga, Scramble, and a bunch more. Now originally I wanted to make a whole topic in the Video Game Section but I wasn't sure if that would gain any traction. On that note and the main reason why I made this topic is I have a few theories here and there, mainly two for now regarding two particular Series, that being R-Type and The Tale of Alltynex Trilogy. Now bare with me as in order for these theories to work is that they have to cross over with other SHMUP Series made by other publishers and developers, but I have my reasons for these theories and how they make sense to me, I hope you guys enjoy and let me know what you think about these theories and if you guys want me to make a SHMUP Topic in the Video Game Section. I mean that would save a lot of space rather then having seperate topics for EVERY shmup series, regardless here we go. And of course, spoilers are involved. R-Type Theory: The Other Civilization...are from Gradius!? This is going into some very obscure territory but for Clarification they are a 3rd faction for the Japan Only game R-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate. Funny name I know but let me go on. http://rtype.wikia.com/wiki/Other_Civilization They are an apparent alien race that was never established until this recent entry in the R-Type Series. In R-Type Final, the last SHMUP R-Type it is found out that the mysterious Bydo Empire that you have fought throughout the entire series are in fact a man-made Biological Weapon designed by us in the 26th Century to wipe out our enemies. The Bydo ended up going rampant of course so we transported the Bydo into another dimension, which led to them finding us in the 22nd Century kickstarting the whole series. Now Humanity's Enemies are never mentioned by name but since the release of Tactics II it's theorized that this Other Civilization as they are only known as are those enemies we end up fighting in the 26th Century...but who are they? We are never given any other info regarding them sadly but since then fans have left that as that and called it a day, except me anyway. What would you say that I have an idea on who these enemies are, in fact they might be..the Gradians from Gradius! If you look at one of the particular ships from them in the link I provide you, one ship suspiciously looks like that of a Big Core from Gradius, which sparked this whole theory for me. Now that's not enough I know BUT as seen in the Gradius sub-series Otomedius there is an organization of Gradians who travel from other dimensions to establish defense forces to fight their own enemies The Bacterians. It's not too crazy to assume that they could be from Gradius or are at least related to the Gradians, though Core Weapons however are a weapon of Gradius' enemies, unless you look into the obscure Gradius game Gradius NEO, which is an Older Cell Phone game taking place long after the Bacterians are defeated where the Lars Empire separates itself from the Gradius Union and uses both Gradian and Bacterian Tech to fight against them. The way I see it this Gradian Faction or The Lars Empire got attacked by The Bydo in Tactics II, ended up finding Earth around the 26th Century and ended up causing all these events to happen, I like the idea of them getting wiped by a very similar threat to what they once faced. That or this Other Civilization is Humanity from further into the future which would just be the ultimate irony right there. X_X The Tale of Alltynex Theory: The 5 Missing Alltynex Units are actually Super Computers from other SHMUPs Unlike in the first theory I'm going to keep this much more shorter then the previous theory because there is WAY too much backstory to explain in this series even for shmup standards, as in some of the biggest lore I've ever seen a Shmup Series so much that you can by a PDF book regarding everything that goes on what the details are. Basically this Senate on Earth plans their Illuminati like scheme of a new world order by using Humanity's super computer Alltynex OS to wipe out a majority of mankind, they powered it using an artifact called the ZODIAC Core...and by using the OS and Core to connect with 6 other Alltynex Units from different dimensions in order to do all this. It ends up going rampant for real though sparking the events of Alltynex 2nd. Now the 2nd stands for what The Tale of Alltynex Continuity refer to this Alltynex as this Senate call theirs the 2nd. Now Alltynex 2nd is in fact a remake of the FM-Towns game Alltynex, and it's been said that the original game's Alltynex is in fact the designated 1st Unit...but what about the other 5? Heck you could make a whole series off of the Alltynex games alone aside from the Tale of Alltynex Trilogy, however I'd like to offer my own take on what these missing 5 units are. The 1st unlike the 2nd does not have a ZODIAC Core as the ZODIAC Weapons don't exist in the original, so you don't need one for it to be an Alltynex device. What if the other 5 Units aren't called Alltynex in Their Worlds...what if we've been fighting off The Senate's After Effects of their plan the whole time throughout the years in other SHMUPs, here's a list of what these "Alltynex" Units/Super Computers could possibly be. 3rd - Xaerous Brain (from Gradius) 4th - System/Unknown Named AI (from Zanac/Aleste Series) 5th - Bydo Core (from R-Type) 6th - Cha OS (from Thunder Force) 7th - Con-Human (from The RAY Series) These are ALL Super Computers, most of which have Biological Components (some more or less then others, or none at all) and sparked the major conflicts of their respective series, now you can replace or completely redo this list if you wish, but ever since listening to the Tale of Alltynex's wonderful soundtrack again it occurred to me that whenever a Shmup has a Rampant Super Computer AI, I could be possibly still fighting the after effects of The Senate and their twisted plan, if you take this theory with a grain of salt then that could make them one of the greatest antagonists in SHMUP History. Even now the effects of Alltynex could still be felt across space and time... Thank you for reading this and if you have your own theories then post them if you like and please respond afterwards, later!
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