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Found 3 results

  1. https://hiddenpalace.org/Sonic_Month_2019 Welcome one and all to another Lost & Found topic, this time we cover the famous betas that are found throughout the years for multiple games in the Sonic Series. Of course the history of Sonic Betas is vast, starting off with the discovery of what is known as the Sonic 2 Beta found by Simon Wai. Lately however, those over at hiddenpalace.org has found multiple betas. We now have newly discovered betas for Sonic 2, Sonic CD, Sonic Chaos, and Sonic 3! All these new discoveries deserve to be talked about, so check them out and let us know your
  2. Welcome to The Next Level, Genesis Does what Nintendon't, this topic is for the Sonic games made for Sega's hit console! The Sega Genesis (also known as the Sega Mega Drive everywhere else) broke the stranglehold Nintendo had internationally over the game market, though while it did well it's thanks to the Blue Blur that made it a true hit. In here you can talk about all the Sega Genesis games Sonic has had, this also includes Sonic CD as well. So if you want to start discussions about the games that started it all, please do so. A few days ago, Sonic 2 had it's 27th Anniversary. It's
  3. I've been notified how on our unreleased/cancelled games section is rather lacking sadly, which there is no excuse for that, so I'll be making several different topics regarding those lost games, to warm things up I thought it would be best to mention the lost ports of the Sonic games for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. What many of you not know is how Sonic 1 and 2 were attempted at being ported to many other different systems aside from the Genesis, Sonic 1 most of all and in two particular cases for the Amiga and Mega-CD/Sega-CD. http://info.sonicretro.org/Sonic_the_Hedgehog_(Amiga) Not on
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