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Found 6 results

  1. https://github.com/Rubberduckycooly/Sonic-1-2-2013-Decompilation Wanted to share this with all of you, it's a fan project that allows you to play the Christian Whitehead Android Ports on PC and other consoles. It allows you to doggle options such as having 7 Emeralds in Sonic 1, Insta-shield, Drop Dash (a new addition), and more much more easier to go with save files of your choice. Just some good quality quality of life changes, plus mods! It's similar to what Sonic 3 A.I.R. did some time ago, and I'd highly recommend you to check out the best ports of Sonic 1 & 2. All you need is the Android ports themselves and you are good to go, which are very cheap and easy to find. Edit: Broadened out the topic more so.
  2. This is our topic for the games that follow suit during the Adventure Era. What sort of challenges, self made or otherwise, have you completed? Let us know if you've had an Adventure for the ages.
  3. This topic is for any Beta music made during the Adventure Era that didn't make the cut for the final games. This piece here was revealed recently due to a successful charity drive some time ago. Not sure if it'll be the only beta music from this era, but we'll have this up just to be sure. If you know of any beta music from this time, just post it on here and let us know. I can think of another from this era as well.
  4. http://chao.hippotank.com/ So recently I found this site that's kept rather up to date regarding how to raise those lovable squishy...floating ball head things known with affection as The Chao. Yes those lovable pets that you can raise in Sonic Adventure 1, 2, it's remakes, and in some regards with Sonic Advance 1 and 2! Considering they were a big part of some fans game play as some of said to have spent more time raising Chao then anything else in the Adventure Series I gotta ask what are your experiences regarding these strange creatures that popped up around during the new, redesigned era of Sonic? This topic is for those who want to recollect memories raising these things, what they might be currently doing with them, asking questions regarding what they exactly are, and what's up with their connection to Chaos? For discussions and speculations regarding Chao this is the place to be!
  5. Talk about everything Sonic & Dreamcast related here! Considering this is a rather short era, you'd think we wouldn't have much to talk about. However, with both Adventure games I think it warrants this topic. Just yesterday for the US marked the 20th anniversary of both the Dreamcast and Sonic Adventure. So how about we start off with a question that kicked Sonic off to the 21st century. What was your first experience with Sonic Adventure and/or the Dreamcast like and how was it?
  6. As the first ever post of Mobius Obscura, welcome aboard as we look into the few and far between, the most unknown of the Sonic Series, and some of the most hard to find. Today I bring you all a comic that many of you I know have not read, I'm talking about the Sonic Adventure Comic...from France! http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/Sonic_Adventures Actually it's called Sonic Adventures but I thought that title sounded better, this is a comic that takes place on a Mobius much similar to the one seen in Fleetway's Sonic The Comic, a good doctor gone bad, and a Sonic with much more of an attitude problem, also known as the best official Sonic. Anyway despite lasting only one issue, this comic has several differences compared to say STC, for one and most noticeably, The Echidnas are not as extinct as everyone thought they were, with an entire tribe of Echindas on Angel Island lead by a Princess named Alucion, an Orange Echidna who looks very similar to Tikal and Shade in some regards. In fact Alucion predates Tikal and is believe by some as the inspiration of her as well as the Echidna Tribe of SA1. With a cartoony style similar to something you'd see in an Astirx Comic, it's a very intersting read and a fascinating piece of history that won't be forgotten, especially since it was translated to English some years ago, the translated comic which I am linking to this topic right now as a matter of fact! My only real complaint...no Antoine, come on France what do you got against your own, seriously!? Sadly this is as I've said the only issue, as the 2nd Sonic Adventures book despite having a cover of Sonic and Knuckles, is only just a French Sonic & Knuckles Strategy Guide. On that note, Sega where's Alucion in Sonic Boom? Still, this is why I'm here, so that none of us forget even the most Obscure of Mobius and Sonic around. Check it out, discuss it, and enjoy! SonicAdventures_1.pdf
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