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Found 9 results

  1. TSSZ has been chronicling the beginnings of Sonic Boom and how it changed throughout development. Today, they revealed that Boom was supposed to be Sonic Origins Here's some of the big notes from the article: Storyline wise, it revolved about Sonic origins: Sonic and a young Eggman were close friends, but during a time travel sequence Eggman messes with something at the past, breaking their friendship. Ancients were very important in this storyline, because they were related with Sonic’s origins. Eggman was once planned as a playable character but it was discarded. Tentative title for this was “Sonic Origins” Storyline wise, they made them discard the Sonic origins storyline as SEGA denied it, due to them planning to tell Sonic origins in the future ( or at least, that is what they told Big Red Button.) One of their main goals was to create an organic and natural looking environment for Sonic, using handmade textures for a cartoonish look. It was not rejected, but result is poor at the final game because of Wii U’s lower capabilities. TV show also helped destroy their original idea. A designer pitched Sega the idea of a Sonic Tv Show. It was unrelated to the game, but 8 months before the game launch SEGA gave total control to the show team to change the game, making big changes to the storyline and making Knuckles dumb. They also asked for a richer universe with lots of characters that were totally absent in the series, along with filler cutscenes and levels due to the storyline change. No info on the previous storyline was revealed, except that ancients had a huge importance there.
  2. https://www.sonicstadium.org/2018/06/sonic-booms-original-creative-team-no-longer-working-on-the-show/ For those of you who are fans of Sonic Boom it sadly does not look too good for the series, the team who worked on it are no longer doing so and even Aaron Webber could not comment on the series. With that said guys do you think they'll be another season or will this be the End of Sonic Boom? Let us know your thoughts on this news as we'll bring you updates.
  3. For far too long it has not been told or seen, the epic that is Sonic Boom on WWYDD...if you can call it that, which it's not. One of the most polarizing and most recent Sonic Series outside of the games, a series that's more then endorsed by sega so much that it had a comic for a short time, a tv show, toy line, and video games! Which is a lot more then SatAM, and that makes me sad... However regardless with how we feel about Sonic Boom, we should dive into it and reconstruct it as it doesn't seem to know where it's going, and what better way to see how it could be better with us tackling it! First few questions here to warm us up. 1. Where is the rest of civilization? It seems like Bygone Island is the only place aside from a few scattered and rather bizarre villages to have any amount of civilization around them, where is everyone? What do you think is up with the world, why is it like this, and how would you handle it? 2. So some fans were quite not happy with how Knuckles is portrayed, I can't necessarily blame them but I saw this characterization coming a mile away, I mean it's a logical conclusion for how Knuckles was represented in previous games and shows since after Heroes. So I ask this, how would you make Knuckles funny but not completely stupid and not bound by any guardian duties? 3. If you could add or change one character in Sonic Boom, who would you put in or how would you change them?
  4. Okay, just like many of our What Would You Do Differently threads. Except! You have to keep in mind changes in game design as well. First question: How would portray the villains of this series and how would you design the boss fights around them?
  5. Okay, here's something I'm kind of surprised wasn't a thing for a while - review the last Sonic Boom episode you watched. Now for me, that isn't exactly a regular thing, the only reason I checked out the episode I'll talk about is because a lot of people said it was actually good. I still hate Sonic Boom, because I feel like the whole thing was geared up for one thing and then changed outright in the name of marketability and toy-shilling. But I do still check out the episodes of Season 2 every now and again. And this is what I'm going to do here. It's simple really; just list the general, spoiler-free synopsis of the episode, why you took an interest in it, the pros, the cons and a rating. For this specific thread, I will be using a Rating System using popular quotes from the franchise in general; the more badass the quote, the better the episode, and the more boorish the quote the worse the episode was. Here it is; +3: “No Copyright Law in the Universe is going to stop me!” +2: “As long as I can still strangle a Zeti, my hands are fine.” +1: “Aww Yeah, this is happen’!” 0: “Yosh~” -1: “That Tornado is Carrying a Car!” -2: “Bounce Pad!” -3: “GOTTA GO FAST OLOLOLOLOL” ...Okay that last one is probably a little off, but still. EPISODE: Give Bees a Chance Like I said, I only really watched this episode because it was said to be good. I certainly found it interesting, though - an episode written by Cindy Robinson, who obviously is more of an actor than a real writer, instead of a more...predictable choice like Ian Flynn. So I supposed I'd sit through it and see if Ms Robinson can write like she can act. As it turns out? She sort of can. Synopsis: After fighting off Eggman for the latest plot coupon, the Fregosi Sapphire, Amy finds a damaged but still ticking Bee Bot among the rubble. Having Tails fix and repair her, she and the robot become best friends, with Amy treating the robot like a pet. Pros: The Jokes. Seems Robinson can write better jokes than Flynn or any of the other writers on this show. They're still childish, sure, but they're a bit smarter and a bit funnier this time 'round, which is nice. Plus it's kind of funny to see the normally composed team run around screaming when they burn the cupcakes in the middle of the episode. This joke specifically. I dunno, it's kind of clever and kind of hilarious. It was the kind of fourth-wall, surreal comedy I WANTED to see from this series but alas never got. Also paints the picture that Sonic is actually a lot older than he wants to be and tries to act younger and hipper, and that's funny. Amy's relation with Bea. It's...surprisingly genuine, for what is shown. Thing is, not a lot of it is shown, owing to the whole "11 minutes" thing - we don't even see WHY Amy wants to revive the broken Bee Bot - but still, what they do show is surprisingly well-done. It's not GREAT, of course, but it's...good. For what it is. Eggman. Well, it's Boom Eggman. He's still funny. S'about all you can say, really. The bit with the Gogobas is mercifully short. Seriously, why do those things keep turning up? Knuckles' interactions with the Fregosi Sapphire. Short, very short, but very amusing too. In the same way Amy's interactions with Bea are good in that they're well-written, Knuckles taking care of the sapphire like a baby (complete with pouch) is good in that it's really funny. Cons: The Fregosi Sapphire itself. Seriously, just use the damn Chaos Emeralds already. You've already hinted at their potential existence seeing as Knuckles still comes from Angel Island, so there MUST be a Master Emerald. Also, it's a reference to a show (The Munsters and their Fregosi Emerald, if you must know) that no kid is going to get and no adult is going to sit through to see. Cindy Robinson's acting. Don't get me wrong, she's probably a nice person and very much a decent actor but be it SEGA's mandates or the character herself she just can't get a good grasp of it when Amy has to act emotional. Which, being Amy, is a regular thing. The moment the clinched it for me is when Bea is told to "play dead" and she promptly explodes - admittedly a funny scene - where Amy lets out the most awkward cry of anguish I've ever heard. It sounds like if someone stomped on a duck, it just didn't work. Same with the sad scenes - it can be hard to fake cry, trust me I've tried, but I still feel like another take was sort of needed. Rest of her acting was okay, though. Amy turns into an idiot in the middle of the episode. Like, I get it, sentimentality and all that but seriously she stops the group from fighting a horde of Buzzbombers - oh sorry, BeeBots - because one of them MIGHT be Bea, taking the Sapphire and allowing Eggman to put it in his Recycled No-Budget Model-Reuse Robot #280. It might be because I lack empathy, but...well, it was a BeeBot. There's millions of others she could have befriended. Also, she KNEW Eggman could recall the thing at any time, since she saw him try it. The only reason it didn't take was because Eggman didn't know his password. So...why not get Tails to remove that bit of code from the thing's memory? Or, I dunno, put a sticker on her or something? She KNEW Eggman could do it at any time...so why didn't she DO anything? This Line: "People have been complaining that I don't guard enough rare stones!" Uh...that's actually a legit problem with Knuckles' character. In ALL incarnations, not just the Boom version. It's just more galling seeing as its coming from Sonic Boom, which throughout season 2 has sort of been dusting off a lot of legit complaints and embarrassing circumstances with statements (not jokes, STATEMENTS) about how awful they are. It kind of made sense with mocking the use of "Blast Processing", seeing as its the most buzzwordy buzzword that's ever been buzzworded, but this is an actual problem with the character of Knuckles throughout the entire franchise - subverting what he's supposedly supposed to be for the sake of the story OR for the sake of comedy. And that's something a lot of people say you should never do. Overview: Turns out that, for someone who is primarily an actor, Cindy Robinson is actually pretty good at writing, too. It's not really all that great, I mean there aren't as many cons but I personally think they're very severe issues, but considering some of the pure trash I've seen from this show this is extremely satisfying. It's even an episode I might watch again! And again, that's no easy feat for this show. So...yeah. It's good. Check it out. Rating: +2: “As long as I can still strangle a Zeti, my hands are fine.” Well, that was my review. Got an episode of Sonic Boom you want to talk about? Well come on down and post about it right here!
  6. You know the drill, WCHBD walks into the explosion, or should I say the BOOM? Either way you ask and answer a What If case scenario regarding the series as best you can and we keep on going till possibly forever. With Sonic Boom not ending up as we all thought it was going to be, whatever those expectations where I think this WCHBD has a lot of interesting potential. I'll start us off with one question that come to mind when it comes to Rise of Lyric and the changes it would bring. What if Eggman was actually a threat that could kill?
  7. According to a source on Sonic Stadium, which I'm trying to verify so take this with a grain of salt for the time being, Sega has been displeased by the prospects of Sonic Boom and Sega is ready to pull the plug on Boom upon the completion of Boom's Second Season. As some of you are aware, Boom was Sega of America's internal project, seen as a chance to make something more appealing to the Western audiences. It has gained ground in Japan, however, SoJ executives are rumored to be "displeased" with the returns, citing poor game sales + reviews, low merchandising sales, and a lack of interest for the Cartoon (though this could be to the early air times for the first season and moved to Boomerang for the 2nd season). It appears Sega is ready to just pull the plug on everything Boom related. The Original plans seemed to be there was going to be a trifecta of sorts for Sonic: Modern, Boom, & Spinoffs. This would have been alternating every year (so one year a Modern game, next a Boom, then a spinoff, repeat.) The rumor states that Boom will be replaced by Classic, due to how beloved the classics seem to be as of late. If this is true, it appears Classic Sonic will remain a large part of the franchise going forward. If Mania does well, then we will probably seeing more of Classic Sonic. Again, take this with a grain of salt for the time being, I'll try to verify and we will see how things go. THIS INFORMATION WILL CHANGE AS SOON AS I GET UPDATES, SEE UPDATES, VERIFY, OR FROM SEGA THEMSELVES. Do you think it's right to pull the plug on Boom? Thoughts on Boom? How do you feel about more Classic Sonic? Tell us in the comments.
  8. Well it's finally here, the 2nd 3DS Sonic Boom game from Sanzaru Games is out now and despite some worries and them not working on it for months on end it looks like it turned out quite well, getting multiple decent to good reviews! So with that said, have any of you gotten to play the game? If so or not, either way what are your thoughts on mixing Fire and Ice? The answer to mixing them is Water BTW. XP
  9. I think it's safe to say Boom as a sub-franchise in general...didn't work. Not only were the games a complete mess (partly because SEGA didn't learn their lesson from 06 about rushing games), but the show was painful and drowned itself in memes (well, so does the main Sonic, to be fair) and the comic...well, the comic was alright. It was all set up to sell toys, and it shows; this sh*t feels like it was all from the 90's. But that does ask the question. I suppose. Did Sonic Boom do ANYTHING right? What made you laugh? What made you smile? What even made you go "Okay, that's actually pretty cool..."? Say below and see if there's anything worth salvaging in Sonic "Memes and Merchendise" Boom. I'll start; 1. The episode with the Eggman's tomtato soup. A funny episode in and of itself, with a rather amusing twist. That, and I think the interactions between Tails and his plane were VERY funny (still would've preferred the Tornado, though. I mean come on, it was in the first episode and you made a model for it! I thought this show was supposed to be on a budget). 2. Eggman himself. Not the BEST incarnation of Eggman (that's honestly still up to debate), but certainly one of the funniest. Sure he's not in any way capable or competant (indeed, he's quite pathetic), but he was a blast to follow. And Mike Pollock's voice for him is irreplacable. And, well, compared to the Archie version of Ivo Eggman "The only reason I'm not a thin stain on the ground is because SEGA gave me Plot Armour" Robotnick, he's practically a godsend. 3. Tails x Zooey. It's not the BEST romantic relationship for sure, but the fact Tails got another shot at romance with SEGA's poor history to it in the first place is intruiging. Especially compared to Sonic (whose romances nearly killed both the games and the comics and is now locked behind a mandate), Knuckles (his got scuppered by legal issues), Amy (who SEGA is perfectly fine with having all the brains of a bag of bricks) and Sticks (...unlikely to get into a romantic relationship, to say the least). 4. I also kind of like Zooey, even if she's just a female version of Tails with no personality beyond "Tails' Girlfriend" (and even that didn't last long). But she's still not FINO, she's not Cosmo the Talking Vegtable ("ME. IT'S ALL ABOUT ME. I HAVE BECOME CHRIS, DESTROYER OF FOCUS!") or Cream (did those two share ANY sort of chemistry in the main canon?). 5. Perci. Just a shame they never used her. Properly, that is. 6. The concept of the entire village being Mobians like Sonic and the others (and not those weird alien things like in Underground). A lot easier to beleive than it being just Sonic and Tails (and whatever friends are allowed this week) and the rest being humans; that is NOT enough for a stable population of Sonic's kind. Though this IS sullied by the fact that, uh, EVERY SINGLE ONE of those villagers is hopelessly dumb and beyond unlikeable. That's...about it. Any others you wish to add to this list?
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