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Found 8 results

  1. https://www.sonicstadium.org/2018/06/sonic-booms-original-creative-team-no-longer-working-on-the-show/ For those of you who are fans of Sonic Boom it sadly does not look too good for the series, the team who worked on it are no longer doing so and even Aaron Webber could not comment on the series. With that said guys do you think they'll be another season or will this be the End of Sonic Boom? Let us know your thoughts on this news as we'll bring you updates.
  2. For far too long it has not been told or seen, the epic that is Sonic Boom on WWYDD...if you can call it that, which it's not. One of the most polarizing and most recent Sonic Series outside of the games, a series that's more then endorsed by sega so much that it had a comic for a short time, a tv show, toy line, and video games! Which is a lot more then SatAM, and that makes me sad... However regardless with how we feel about Sonic Boom, we should dive into it and reconstruct it as it doesn't seem to know where it's going, and what better way to see how it could be better with us tackli
  3. Okay, just like many of our What Would You Do Differently threads. Except! You have to keep in mind changes in game design as well. First question: How would portray the villains of this series and how would you design the boss fights around them?
  4. Okay, here's something I'm kind of surprised wasn't a thing for a while - review the last Sonic Boom episode you watched. Now for me, that isn't exactly a regular thing, the only reason I checked out the episode I'll talk about is because a lot of people said it was actually good. I still hate Sonic Boom, because I feel like the whole thing was geared up for one thing and then changed outright in the name of marketability and toy-shilling. But I do still check out the episodes of Season 2 every now and again. And this is what I'm going to do here. It's simple really; just list the general
  5. You know the drill, WCHBD walks into the explosion, or should I say the BOOM? Either way you ask and answer a What If case scenario regarding the series as best you can and we keep on going till possibly forever. With Sonic Boom not ending up as we all thought it was going to be, whatever those expectations where I think this WCHBD has a lot of interesting potential. I'll start us off with one question that come to mind when it comes to Rise of Lyric and the changes it would bring. What if Eggman was actually a threat that could kill?
  6. According to a source on Sonic Stadium, which I'm trying to verify so take this with a grain of salt for the time being, Sega has been displeased by the prospects of Sonic Boom and Sega is ready to pull the plug on Boom upon the completion of Boom's Second Season. As some of you are aware, Boom was Sega of America's internal project, seen as a chance to make something more appealing to the Western audiences. It has gained ground in Japan, however, SoJ executives are rumored to be "displeased" with the returns, citing poor game sales + reviews, low merchandising sales, and a lack of interest fo
  7. Well it's finally here, the 2nd 3DS Sonic Boom game from Sanzaru Games is out now and despite some worries and them not working on it for months on end it looks like it turned out quite well, getting multiple decent to good reviews! So with that said, have any of you gotten to play the game? If so or not, either way what are your thoughts on mixing Fire and Ice? The answer to mixing them is Water BTW. XP
  8. I think it's safe to say Boom as a sub-franchise in general...didn't work. Not only were the games a complete mess (partly because SEGA didn't learn their lesson from 06 about rushing games), but the show was painful and drowned itself in memes (well, so does the main Sonic, to be fair) and the comic...well, the comic was alright. It was all set up to sell toys, and it shows; this sh*t feels like it was all from the 90's. But that does ask the question. I suppose. Did Sonic Boom do ANYTHING right? What made you laugh? What made you smile? What even made you go "Okay, that's actually prett
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